Currently, medicinal herbs Cordyceps no stranger to us Even in Vietnam, this product is also very popular. However, it is not easy to buy this "miracle" because the cordyceps market is increasingly "chaotic". Because natural cordyceps products no longer guarantee quality, output is scarce, and the price is expensive. To meet the needs of use, cordyceps has been studied and grown successfully. Here it is 4 things to know about cordyceps artificial culture but Ganoderma want to send to you.

1. What is Cordyceps actually?

Cordyceps is an extremely valuable natural medicine. They are formed from the parasitic form of the fungus Ophiocordyceps sinensis combined with larvae of the caterpillar. Perhaps because it is made up of two types of animals and plants, the composition of cordyceps contains rare substances of both types.

This rare drug is often found in high plateaus or mountainous areas with extreme weather. This rare mushroom is discovered on continents such as Asia and Australia but the most common ones are in Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Tibet ... of China.

Cordyceps is commonly found in China
Cordyceps is commonly found in China 

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2. The process of forming artificial cordyceps

This naturally occurring and formed fungus is found in the winter. A fungus called Ophiocordyceps or Cordyceps Militaris parasites into the larvae (larvae) body and absorbs their nutrients. A thriving mushroom will eat up the larvae 'nutrients and until the summer, the fungus grows from the ground like a milky or yellow goose. The fungus parasitizes into the body of the larva in the winter, and in the summer from the ground will grow mushrooms shaped like young worms. So people call it cordyceps mushroom.

However, the production of this species in the wild is not much, so with the development of biotechnology. Vietnam is also one of the countries that breed and artificialize cordyceps in larvae. In addition, we can use other substrates such as brown rice, green beans, corn and probiotics suitable for each type of mushroom. In particular, the popular type is Cprdyceps Militaris has an orange-yellow shape.

Cordyceps are cultured artificially in Vietnam
Cordyceps are cultured artificially in Vietnam

3. Is it good for artificial cordyceps?

Cordyceps is considered a medicine to treat "panacea". They are most commonly found in Asian countries, the most popular of which is China. In addition, Vietnam and Thailand are also in the initial stage of researching and cultivating artificial cordyceps. However, this mushroom is not like other common mushrooms, not easy to grow, so the number is quite limited.

The artificial Cordyceps Militaris mushroom has the same medicinal properties as the natural fungus. But procedures and ways of care must be methodical and have a lot of experience to give the best value. It is impossible to use the naked eye to distinguish good quality products, so it is necessary to choose reputable places to choose the best products.

The natural farming environment will determine the quality and productivity of this medicine. In Vietnam, Lam Dong and Gia Lai are the two provinces with relatively suitable climates in aquaculture.

Artificial cordyceps is a medicine to treat "panacea".
Artificial cordyceps is a medicine to treat "panacea".

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4. The use of cordyceps

According to ancient Chinese medicine books, Cordyceps is a medicine that can only be used by kings. Today, both western and western medicine, this herb has been shown with countless uses such as:

  • Supporting treatment of diseases related to heart, liver, kidney, lung
  • Support for cancer treatment
  • Support treatment of impaired type disorder and improve sexual function
  • Support to strengthen the immune system
  • Helps regulate blood sugar, control diabetes
  • Reduce fatigue, use for children growing up
  • Support treatment for HIV / AIDS

Currently, even in Vietnam, we are not too difficult to find artificial cordyceps. To find and buy the best effective products, customers can ask for expert advice. To choose a reputable and quality product in Vietnam, customers no longer have to worry about buying fake products, "money is lost and disabled". Come with, you will be consulted by a team of professional sales staff, well trained and experienced in product selection. Customers will be advised on how to choose and use the product properly and especially to ensure safety and quality. Be a smart customer when buying!

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