Use Ganoderma mushrooms The right way to bring out their wonderful effects on health. Besides Ganoderma lucidum, combined with some other herbs will create a remedy to support the treatment of many diseases.

Learn about Ganoderma and its amazing effects

The scientific name of Ganoderma is Ganoderma lucidum. This is one of the herbs containing hundreds of beneficial active ingredients, bringing countless uses to humans. With 5 particularly important ingredients including: Polysaccharides, organic Germanium, Adenosine, Triterpenoid, ganoderic Acid essence along with a series of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, beneficial substances for the body, etc. Great for strengthening the immune system, resistance as well as preventing and supporting the treatment of many diseases.

Ganoderma has many uses for humans

Ganoderma lucidum has a good effect on the cardiovascular system, improves digestion, breathing, circulation, nervous system, urinary system. secretion, ... Besides, they have the effect of preventing and supporting the treatment of gout, osteoarthritis, diseases related to the kidneys, ... At the same time, they have a protective effect, reducing the risk of diseases of liver. Ganoderma enhances the immune system, resistance as well as effective effects in the prevention and support of cancer treatment.

Using Ganoderma mushrooms is good for pregnant women and women after giving birth, bringing many uses for men, improving the health of the elderly. It is also a good herb in weight loss and anti-obesity. At the same time, they have the effect of nourishing the skin, fading dark spots and effective anti-aging. Using Ganoderma lucidum brings many uses. Even in the book "Shen Nong manuscript" also refers to Lingzhi as a superior medicine, than ginseng.

Use Ganoderma mushrooms to sliced

+ Note: Effects and Mixing Some Types of Reishi Mushroom Tea

Attend the list of remedies from Lingzhi

Exercise 1:

Ingredients: Lingzhi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, white wood ear mushroom, nostalgic paint, western ginseng, jelly, 30g each

How to do it: Put all of the above ingredients into a well-mixed powder and use every day about 2-3g to mix with water and drink.

This is a remedy to help strengthen the spleen blood, has the effect of eliminating inflammation, reducing pain and positively supporting cancer patients during treatment.

Exercise 2:

Ingredients: Ganoderma about 2-3g, chrysanthemum tea

How to do it: Bring Ganoderma powder and mixed daily to drink about 2-3g, using water with Australian camellia tea.

This remedy works well in supporting the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis.

Reishi mushroom remedies support the treatment of many diseases

Exercise 3:

Ingredients: Ganoderma about 60g, knitting ginseng about 90g, ginseng 30g.

Usage: Bring all crushed ingredients into flour and mix well together. Each day use about 2g of flour to mix with water and drink.

The above remedy is good for the heart as well as the respiratory system. They have the effect of relieving a painful ache in the chest.

Exercise 4:

Ingredients: Ganoderma 100g, white wine 500ml

Method: Lingzhi is sliced and then soaked with white wine. After about 7 days (For longer than possible) and then drink about 15ml (divided into 2 times).

This is a very good remedy for people who are mentally depressed, eat poor sleep, help improve health and improve mental efficiency.

+ Note: Is Reishi Mushroom Powder Good and Usage

Exercise 5:

Ingredients: Ganoderma 10-12g, virgin 15g, chicken gizzard membrane 9g.

How to do it: First slice and add it to sharp water to drink. Boil for about 60 minutes and decant the drinking water 2 times in the morning, afternoon and drink when warm water is best.

This remedy works well for patients with hepatitis due to kidney damage. At the same time, they work well in strengthening the body's immune system.

Use Lingzhi mushroom juice with herbs to drink

Exercise 6:

Ingredients: Ganoderma 10g, juniper 10g, ceiling packaging 8g.

How to do it: The ingredients are sliced and then sharpened with water and drunk daily.

Patients with bronchitis, asthma, asthma, ... and respiratory problems should use this remedy to reduce the situation as well as improve mental.

In addition to 6 remedies that combine Lingzhi and some other ingredients, Ganoderma is also cooked with drinking water, mushroom powder for making tea or using them to prepare dishes is also a way many people use. . How the dosage is used depends on the body condition as well as the disease of each person.

Need to choose quality Lingzhi before use

However, choose good Lingzhi, quality is the problem that definitely needs attention. Quality Ganoderma ensures the medicinal content as well as the value, uses for health as well as supporting the treatment of many diseases. Currently, on the market there are many Lingzhi brands that make consumers bewildered to find prestigious products.

Accordingly, mushrooms Ganoderma - Former Member of Center for Technology Business Incubation of Agriculture and Forestry University is being trusted by many people. The above brand has obtained CCI 2015 International Certificate, certified food safety and hygiene, certified high quality Vietnamese goods and is always a brand that has received high appreciation, trust and choice of consumers. .

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