The concept of "nutritious" is to use herbs to process into nutritious and nutritious dishes for health. As you probably know, cordyceps carries in itself rare and precious trace elements, extremely necessary for the human body. If we eat healthy food made from cordyceps, it will make our body healthier. Let's process The food is delicious and nutritious with cordyceps To treat your family to a quality and nutritious meal right now with the following recipes!

Delicious and nutritious with dishes from cordyceps

Recipes delicious, nutritious food with cordyceps

Processing delicious and nutritious food from cordyceps is no longer a strange thing for people who regularly use cordyceps. Recipes for delicious dishes are numerous. However, in this article we would like to share only a few simple, easy-to-implement dishes with high efficiency as follows:

Cordyceps cooked soup with chicken feet:

  • Ingredients include: 10 chicken feet, 250gr pork rib, cordyceps, biomass 20gram, dried orange peel 1 fruit, goji berries 10 grams, seasoning seasoning.
  • Steps to be followed: preliminary processing of all raw materials. Bring cordyceps soaked if dry for about 15-30 minutes. Chicken feet must be washed and salted thoroughly, removing all nails and membranes. Pork ribs also need to be washed thoroughly, then cut to taste. Start to boil the pork and chicken feet, then add all the ingredients in the pot, season with spices and let marinate for about 5-10 minutes. Next, cover all ingredients with water and a large lighter to cook. When the water boils strongly, lower the heat, let it sit and simmer for about 90 minutes. In the end, season to taste and scoop it to bowl.

Cordyceps cooked hot pot:

  • Ingredients to prepare: pork bones or chicken bones, if you want a cool taste, you should use chicken bones, fresh or dried cordyceps, choose fresh squid shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots or dried bamboo shoots. optional, vegetables dipped hot pot, seasoning.
  • Proceed to perform: after preparing all the ingredients, cut the chicken or pork bones into bite-sized pieces. Shrimp can be left intact, can remove the sugar on the spine. Squid remove the bag and follicle and cut into pieces. Cordyceps, mushrooms and bamboo shoots, if used dry, soak in warm water for about 15 minutes. Put 1.5 liters of water in the pot with the chicken bones or pork bones as above, take on the stove and boil for about 30 minutes. Next, add the mushrooms and bamboo shoots to cook for another 10 minutes, season to taste the spices, turn off the heat and serve on the plate like other hot pot.

Recipe cordyceps recipes with chicken feet 

+ Note: Correct Use of Cordyceps With High Efficiency

Recipes for delicious food, Cordyceps with cordyceps

With the above recipes you just need to apply and follow the instructions exactly, you will have a delicious and extremely nutritious dish. The skill of a cook is the key to whether the food is delicious or not. Besides, the raw materials used for processing are the secret to delicious food and more value. Therefore, all ingredients need to be carefully selected, otherwise the dish will lose its inherent nutritional value. Not only that, it can also adversely affect user health. 

In conclusion, the biggest secret to getting good and nutritious food is the source of raw materials that must be guaranteed to be fresh. Quality must be of good quality, especially for cordyceps. Should buy cordyceps in reputable places with leading brands today. You can come and consult at Nong Lam Linh Chi - the supplier of premium cordyceps, genuine and reputable in the market.

Cordyceps is the secret to delicious and nutritious dishes

+ Note: Cordyceps, Precious Medicine Taste Now

Nutritional value of cordyceps

Dishes made with the main ingredients from cordyceps, must be called gold dishes for health. Because the active ingredient in cordyceps has been proved to be extremely rare by scientists. Can help special dishes more valuable with the following benefits:

  • Liver failure, kidney failure are serious diseases that always cause concern for people. If you use foods that contain cordyceps as herbs, it will limit the risk of these diseases.
  • From the inner antioxidants, cordyceps has the ability to keep the skin bright and rosy. Repel aging extremely effectively.
  • Extremely helpful for those who need replenishment and quick recovery. Strengthen health, resistance, prolong life.
  • Cardiovascular, blood pressure are regulated stable. Reduce risk of stroke to a minimum
  • If used for children, it will support a more comprehensive development process. Help children develop brain, improve the ability to focus in the best way.

Health is the most valuable thing, so do not regret the money to serve the health. We have the health to be able to build a career and succeed in life. After this article, wish you will do it The food is delicious and nutritious with cordyceps To serve the health of the whole family

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