Currently on the market there are many different strains of Ganoderma, but not all strains have medicinal properties. Ganoderma is only quality when harvested at the right age, the right type, the right substrate and suitable soil.

Meanwhile, wild Lingzhi mushrooms and wild Lingzhi mushrooms are harvested randomly, the substrate is also random, if anyone meets, they will be collected immediately so they can meet young Lingzhi. , or Old Lingzhi, is not guaranteed to reach the right time for Ganoderma subdivision and reaches the maximum number of spores.

Moreover, when Lingzhi grows wild, it is also attacked by microorganisms such as molds, worms that eat decay, radioactive substances ...

Therefore, to be able to use Ganoderma lucidum ensuring and uniform quality of medicinal properties, we should choose Ganoderma to grow according to scientific process, right strains and safe hygiene. Ganoderma lucidum has only been effective for health improvement, Increases resistance and the highest support for healing when it is the product that guarantees the most advanced scientific culture process.

Red Lucid Ganoderma has been recognized by scientists around the world as the highest medicinal mushroom of the remaining 5 and most used. Red Lingzhi mushroom It is most appreciated for its bioactive content (Polysaccharide and Triterpenoid) that positively affects human health.


NVietnamese red reishi warmth:

  • Check origin information when buying Lingzhi:

You need to check the origin information before deciding to buy Ganoderma. Moreover, to choose the best quality products, people should choose to buy Reishi Mushroom without using growth drugs, this can not be recognized by the naked eye without expertise.

  • Identify and select through external rankings:

Standard reishi mushrooms will have a kidney-shaped, round or thick fan-shaped. From 5 to 20cm in size, the stalk is skewed, the upper surface of Ganoderma has concentric circles, wavy edges and brown wood, the underside is milky, smooth and not bruised. The cross-sectional fibers of the mushrooms are firm, not soft and porous.

  • Identify quality and choose through taste

When choosing to buy Ganoderma, try smelling of Ganoderma, it will have a pleasant characteristic smell, similar to the smell of Chinese medicine and have a mild sweetness if the mushroom is harvested at the right age and dried. Standard humidity (12% humidity).

Vietnamese Ganoderma when chewing a small piece to chew will taste a light ring and cause. When cooking bitter and causing water will fade, not lose after 1 cooking, but the 2nd will be much lighter and dark yellow almost tea

  • Identify and choose through colors

Red Lucid Ganoderma is only in the growing stage, meaning that it is still fresh (from 1.5 to 2.5 months of age), there will be yellow and white lotus veins, glossy, beautiful like a flower. Ganoderma matures on the underside retain their natural opaque white color, the upper surface is dark reddish brown, lightly covered with brown spores. When sliced (or crushed), the Lingzhi fruit is solid, the face is smooth.

Do not choose to buy Lingzhi present on glossy, dull brown. underside of patchy color, yellowish green, or strange colors, light, spongy, porous fruits.

  • Identify and select through the spores on Mushroom ears

Should buy Lingzhi mushrooms still have many spores in the fruiting body, because in addition to Ganoderma Ganoderma, the pharmaceutical substance is also concentrated in the spore of mushrooms.

Do not choose the number of products currently sold on the market of cheap prices of unknown origin, strains, maybe just the remains of Lingzhi after being extracted from all pharmaceuticals ... or there are many types of mushrooms growing on raw materials. Toxic, not true purebred will not work even though looks very similar so can not be distinguished.

  • Identify and choose through moisture

Should buy Ganoderma dry with a moisture of about 12%, when dried do not use high temperatures, only dried at temperatures of 50oC - 55oC, can take the underside of 2 Ganoderma knocked together, dried mushrooms less moisture will give crunchy cries.

Ganoderma should not be purchased at too high a temperature (losing all valuable herbs in the mushroom). Absolutely not buy dried mushrooms through some preservatives like sulfur ...

  • Identify the stages of development & formation of Ganoderma quality

Young mushrooms stage Mushrooms are growing The mushroom has fully grown

- The size of the ear is small

- Is pale orange brown, uneven

- There is a pretty big white border around

- No spores have been formed (notice the color on the body of the bag)

- No fragrance yet

- Relatively large size

- Brown but not even

- And the white border

- There are spores but they are not evenly covered (notice the bags will have different colors)

- Mild but still fragrant fragrance.

- Big size

- No more white borders

- Spores are thick and evenly covered (notice different colors on the body)

- There is dark brown

- Unique sweet scent

- Same colors

- When drinking the taste of characteristic aromatic rings, less bitter


Young Lingzhi mushroom (with white border and not having spore layer yet)

Ganoderma lucidum to harvest age (one type remains and one type loses its spore layer)

For imported reishi mushroom (Japan, Korea, China)

  • Buy Ganoderma of good quality, the two sides are not mites, on the face of the fungus and spores.
  • Buy Ganoderma in the right time to harvest for the highest content of pharmaceuticals.
  • Choose Reishi Mushrooms have a pleasant aroma, not dark. When cooked to drink will have a bitter taste and pleasant aroma. Ganoderma imports are more bitter than Vietnamese mushrooms. In which Japanese and Korean mushrooms are the most bitter and next are Chinese, Vietnamese mushrooms are the least bitter just have a mild taste.
  • Ganoderma should be purchased with clear origin, origin; select reputable establishments with full papers of competent authorities.
  Lingzhi Nam Institute Lingzhi in Korea Lingzhi Ganoderma China
About the external shape

– Diameter: 5-20cm

– Thickness: about 0.4cm

– Soft

– The underside: white opaque.

– Weight of each mushroom from 10g-40g


– Diameter: 15-40cm

– Thickness: about 0.8 cm

– Stiffest

– Top: brown with thin sporulation

– The underside: lemon yellow

– Weight of each mushroom is from 200g to 1.2kg

– Shape similar to Chinese Ganoderma

– Diameter: 5-20cm

– Thickness: about 0.4 cm

– Hard

– Top: dark reddish brown, with a thin layer of spores

– The underside: lemon yellow

– weight per ear from 15g to 50g

– Diameter: 15-45cm

– Thickness: about 0.8cm

– Hard

– Top: brown with thin sporulation

– The underside: yellow turmeric

– Each hand weight from 150g to 1kg

Taste Less bitter bitter Very bitter Quite bitter

Effects (In conditions that Ganoderma retains the original nature, has not been smoked with medicinal substances, has not been counterfeited ...): Compare the effects of Ganoderma in Korea, Vietnam, Japan and China: The quality and value of Ganoderma is mainly influenced by the following factors: pure mushroom varieties, quality of embryos or culture substrates, the environmental conditions where the mushrooms grow and the farming process.

In general, if there are similar conditions for testing Ganoderma species of different countries, all have the same medicinal properties and the same effect but with different content, the growth in different environments with different conditions and rules. Different care programs also create significant differences in pharmacological values, so the best comparison is in the same climatic conditions, substrate, culture techniques ...

(Korean Ganoderma)

Japanese Lingzhi (with a less thick spore layer than Vietnamese Red Lingzhi)

Chinese Ganoderma is very similar to the eye


  MUSHROOM MUSHROOM (poor quality goods)
About the appearance

- The face of the mushroom has dark red color due to many spores

– The bottom of the mushroom is light yellow or ivory.

– Reishi Mushrooms are really good mushrooms, with the typical aroma of Lingzhi, so as not to be termite, mites.

– There are no or very few spores left on the mushroom's ears

– Mushroom's underside also has turmeric yellow color, but when looking carefully for a long time, Ganoderma loses its shine, sometimes there are holes in the needle tip due to the opaque mites, and even the feces in the mushroom.

How to distinguish by taste

– Ganoderma Việt Nam tastes ring, pleasant aroma, not sour. Vietnamese mushrooms are easy to bend because they are not hard

– Ganoderma Korea and Japan have a bitter taste and pleasant aroma, not sour. Mushroom ears are very hard, cannot bend.

– The mushroom has an unusually bitter taste, a little or no aroma, may have a sour taste

– Sometimes no taste

The origin

– Certified of clear origin (In Vietnam, licensed by the Ministry of Health)

– Products are periodically tested for quality

– No brand, no clear origin

– Products are not periodically tested for quality

Price – Relatively high price from 1.4 million to 4 million depending on the type

– Very low cost of 500,000 to 1 million

(Sometimes counterfeit labels of branded products and sell at the same or lower price) Packaging is Korean Ganoderma but Chinese is very popular, it is easy to confuse

The medicinal content of Ganoderma

– Having pharmaceutical content calculated according to the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health

– Not available or very low, not meeting the standards set by the Ministry of Health
Chemicals, growth drugs - Do not use - Yes Use

Therefore, the gold standard for distinguishing true reishi mushrooms is that the qualitative and quantitative characteristic active ingredients in the composition of the mushrooms and moreover must also have specific standards for each species of reishi. different chi. So consumers should buy Ganoderma.

Ganoderma lucidum has a clear origin in reputable facilities and units, has legal status (including domestic and foreign), avoids buying products floating on the market, especially is Ganoderma packaging foreign packaging very easy to fake. In Vietnam Linh Chi Nong Lam is one of the prestigious brands of medicinal mushrooms.

Mistakes when you choose to buy instant noodles

Better imported mushrooms Ganoderma Vietnam

  • This is almost the common opinion of many consumers when deciding to buy Lingzhi, but in fact many scientists have proven that the medicinal properties of Vietnam Red Lingzhi have a similar pharmacological composition to Imported Ganoderma like Korean Ganoderma and Japanese Lingzhi.
  • Different living conditions or production methods Ganoderma differs in biological activity, Triterpenoids range from unspecified to 7.8% and Polysaccharides 1,1-5,8%, so It is important that the method and skill of the engineer when breeding cultivated rather than exotic are better.
  • Not everyone has the opportunity to go directly to the host country, so it is difficult to verify whether the product is cultivated according to scientific procedures. In countries with extreme climates, Ganoderma is hard to grow naturally, so they will use many artificial methods to grow mushrooms, especially if non-purebred mushrooms are difficult to control. Look with the naked eye and the quality will not be as good as pure hybrids do not cross.
  • Vietnamese Lingzhi strains sold on the market must be certified and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and then be certified by the Ministry of Health about their medicinal content. Before being recognized, Lingzhi must be cultured and tested. Ganoderma samples will be tested at the National Institute of Medicinal Materials, as well as put into clinical trials in humans in traditional and modern medicine hospitals.

Fungus age

It is not that Ganoderma lasts as long as possible, depending on the type of Mushroom, climatic conditions and soil conditions that Ganoderma harvest time varies. In terms of conditions of cultured mushrooms in Vietnam and abroad such as Korea or Japan are completely different.

We use the method of growing on rubber sawdust bags with a tropical climate so the mushrooms are able to grow faster than the method of planting wooden logs covered with cold weather, with planting and climate. as opposed to our country, it takes a lot longer for mushrooms to mature.

Even Ganoderma has some kind of life to more than hundred years old but almost no substance because of wood chemistry.

Mushroom spores

Not all Ganoderma species have many spores. Currently, only Vietnam Red Lingzhi has the most spores. Next is Japanese red Lingzhi and Korean Lingzhi also has spores on the surface of the mushroom but are thinner

Hardness / weight

Many people believe that the harder the mushroom is, the higher the quality is incorrect because this is a unique feature of each variety. Each type of mushroom will have its own characteristics such as light and soft Vietnamese Red Chi, while Japanese red chi is heavy and hard. When testing the same type of red Ganoderma, the medicinal properties (active ingredients) / weight of different types of Ganoderma together have the difference in the active ingredient content but not too large.


Ganoderma has a very light woody aroma depending on the type of mushroom, but it must be thoughtful to be able to feel this fragrance and not always able to smell. Therefore, it is not important for people to rely solely on aroma to control the quality of mushrooms.


Many notions that Ganoderma Lucidum is good is wrong, like Vietnamese Ganoderma is not bitter only has a slight ring taste but good quality is easy to drink, so it is favored by consumers, saying the bitter bitter medicine must always be true for all cases.


Mushroom Linh Chi Distorted or defective

This is very normal and absolutely does not affect the quality of the mushroom because in the process of planting sometimes some mushrooms grow too high to reach the upper ear or the mushroom grows out of the way to the ear. next. In those cases, the two ear fungus will stick together so when the manufacturer separates it, it will have such defects that can be used normally.

Lingzhi has a heterogeneous color

Ganoderma color on the top is almost the same but the difference is that on the lower side is completely normal, there will be a yellow color that seems to be stained by the process of watering. slightly colored or the mushrooms grow too close to each other so some places lack of light make the spot discolored.

Or the case of the same Lingzhi but the mushroom surface is different with opaque white ears or yellowish ears on the underside is due to the time of culture environment. These cases are still used normally without affecting the quality of Ganoderma.

Big and uneven mushroom ears

Ganoderma Lucid Ganoderma but has big and small ears, the Lingzhi is still quality and completely used normally as long as it is collected at the right age. As well as the color of the mushroom above, the culture environment at each time will produce a different product.

The taste of Ganoderma

Depending on the weather and climate changes during the year, Ganoderma sometimes has a slight aroma and slight bitterness, sometimes it is slightly more bitter and more aromatic. This does not affect the quality of Ganoderma.

Remember not always the bitter smell, the aroma of Ganoderma must always be the same, depending on the weather, humidity, degree of drying ... will be much different so do not need to worry,

On the market today there are many types Ganoderma different as well as many different supply addresses. Due to the use of products that have been known and known by many consumers, many locations have taken advantage of customers' trust to sell fake and poor quality Lingzhi products.

These products are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye so customers need to be very careful.

When you need Use Ganoderma, customers should not buy products from individuals or organizations that are not reputable, of unknown origins or products, which are not guaranteed. Ganoderma should only be purchased from reputable manufacturers, large distributors, have a position in the market, imported or domestic products are hygienic, accompanied by papers. At present, LINH CHI AGRICULTURE is one of the leading production and distribution units, highly appreciated and trusted by consumers.

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