Nong Lam Herbal Rice Purple Agriculture Agriculture Rice - Functional Purple rice is a hybrid of pure AC5 rice, Functional Purple Rice with the medicinal content of OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 9, anthocyanins and very rich in vitamins and calcium, 

This type of functional rice helps improve health because of its inherent nutrition and medicinal ingredients. The product is beneficial for dieters, people with blood pressure

Purple Rice, Nong Lam Herbal

Purple Rice, Agriculture And Forestry When cooking rice, soak gently soak for 15 minutes. Then cook with the amount of water in the ratio of 1 rice: 1.2 water (Then can be adjusted as you like)

Nong Lam Herbal Rice When cooking rice will be purple (as shown in the picture) and especially very very fragrant, pleasant aroma, customers have commented that the aroma of rice cooked from Nong Lam herbal rice is like pineapple leaf, or the smell of sticky rice charcoal. These are completely natural traits of the Nong Lam herbal rice variety.

Herbal Purple Rice, Agriculture and Forestry University

Purple Herbal Rice When cooking rice will be relatively difficult to eat for those who are not used to using brown rice (brown rice, striped rice, gao lut, gao luc) but when used will be very tasty, when eaten hot rice will be very delicious! Great with many greens, soups, soups or salted roasted peanuts, cotton flakes ... or you can create your own culinary preferences.

Herbal Purple Rice, Agriculture and Forestry University, HCMC

Use rice from Nong Lam herbal rice forget the feeling of hunger, beneficial for dieters, overweight. Vitamins, iron and zinc have a good blood tonic effect for newly ill people, newborns, the injured blood loss, pregnant women and postpartum to help the biological balance. Herbal rice rich in cholesterol-free vegetable fat is good for people with cardiovascular disease.

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