FAMILY MUSHROOM OF CHINA FAMILY SOUND OF KOREA At BuSan Market in South Korea, a shop specializing in selling Ganoderma, a famous mushroom for health, is caught at the scene because of selling Chinese Ganoderma. get the label is Korean Ganoderma. This is an extremely Korean event to lose face to foreign countries because this is a place where foreigners often frequented to buy Korean ginseng and Ganoderma.

The market management team suddenly entered the Busan market, which sells Korean ginseng and lingzhi to check out the stalls. Interrogated by the market management team, one shop owner said that the real Ganoderma products are packed in Korea, and the packaging of Korean products but the intestine (Ganoderma) is Chinese.

The reporter asked the seller: "Is it true that Chinese goods changed their labels into Korean products?". The seller acknowledged: It is true that Chinese goods (where production) but the Vietnamese request to do so, because now is the season of high-end customers. Receipt of imported goods (China) is hidden in the cabinet and in the briefcase of the seller and the certificate of "Korean Ganoderma" is scattered on the counter.


Imitation of Korean imitation wood - From Chinese Lingzhi

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In order for the buyers to distinguish between Korean Ganoderma and Chinese Ganoderma, they also put imitation jasmine oil in Chinese Ganoderma, which is then packaged with the brand of Korean Ganoderma for the real Korean genus. . Mr. Choe Wo Gyo (Busan Agricultural Quality Management Expert), who accompanied the inspection team of 60 stalls, discovered 15 Korean reishi mushroom sold to customers. So 4 stalls have 1 Chinese Ganoderma tea stall to sell.


How to choose good reishi mushroom - linh chi nông lâm

It is difficult to distinguish Korean and Chinese Ganoderma


Distinguishing Korean and Chinese Ganoderma is not easy. So the stalls at Busan market took advantage of this point to mix Chinese Ganoderma into the market. To ensure the interests of consumers, when customers buy Ganoderma, they should go to reputable establishments. Using Ganoderma cultivation in Vietnam also has a good medicinal properties that are not inferior to foreign mushrooms but reasonable prices. Close-up video of Chinese Ganoderma imitation of Korean Ganoderma.


Video clip at Busan market - Korea:

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