Dubbed the "herbal king" - Ganoderma not only supports the treatment of many diseases but also enhances health and beauty. For people with neurasthenia, reishi mushroom brings many positive effects.

Neurasthenia: Signs and danger level

What is neurasthenia?

Depression is a common disease today. According to some studies, statistics have shown that in Vietnam, there are 3-4% of the number of infected people and in Western European countries, the figure is up to 5-10%. Accordingly, this is a pathological syndrome belonging to the group of dysfunction of the cerebral cortex and some central subcortical triggers. The disease is caused by stressful working brain cells, producing overload and weakness, affecting the recovery and resting process of the body. The cause of the disease is mainly caused by prolonged psychological trauma.

Depression is a common disease today

Signs and severity of neurasthenia

Depression is a common symptom of insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks, evasion and reluctance to communicate. At the same time, the patient tends to lose pleasure, be easily agitated, lose concentration, suffer from memory loss, dull headache, etc.

According to many studies have shown, neurasthenia will have an impact on the heart and increase the risk of hypertension, vasoconstriction, stimulating sweating. The above disease causes insomnia and makes the patient lose health, mental, poor concentration, reduce work efficiency. People with neurasthenia are also susceptible to emotional disorders, affecting behaviors, emotions, increasing the risk of depression, increasing the risk of suicide.

Asthenia has a major impact on health and life

Ganoderma red and anti-depressant effect

Ganoderma has many uses for health and supports the treatment of many diseases. Among the types, red Lucid Ganoderma is best evaluated with its high pharmacological content. The composition of Red Lingzhi contains more than 400 beneficial substances for the body. Including 110 types of amino acids, many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, ... Especially 5 components: essences of ganoderic Acid, Triterpenoid, Adenosine, Organic Germanium, Polysaccharides. These are all highly active pharmaceutical ingredients and have many effects in strengthening the immune system, working for many organs in the body.

Ganoderma has many uses for health

The components in reishi mushrooms are very beneficial in combating neurasthenia. They help improve health, improve the morale and functioning of many organ systems. Ganoderma is good for the nervous system, helps reduce fatigue, stress, sedation, relax muscles. At the same time, using this reishi mushroom also has a prominent effect in supporting the treatment of headaches, insomnia, nervous breakdown, stress will have good effects.

Use Ganoderma mushrooms Supporting the recovery of nerve cells, avoiding long-term injuries. They also stimulate appetite, improve sleep quality, have sedative and analgesic effect, and prevent smooth muscle spasm of the heart. In addition, Lingzhi also has anti-inflammatory effects on nerve tissue, so it improves memory as well as helps people concentrate, achieve better efficiency at work. Ganoderma lucidum helps in stabilizing the nervous system, avoiding overloading activities, reducing stress, fatigue and getting a good night's sleep.

Using Ganoderma mushrooms helps support against neurasthenia

In addition to fighting neurasthenia, Lingzhi also supports the treatment of many diseases, good for the circulatory system, respiratory, digestive, excreted, urinary, ... At the same time, they have the effect of strengthening Immune system, useful for pregnant and postpartum women. This is also a herb that brings many uses for the elderly.

Uses And Distinguishes Real Fake Ganoderma Red

Use red Lingzhi properly

To combat nervous breakdown, cooking water or making Ganoderma tea is the simplest and most effective method. Use about 5-7g of Ganoderma sliced mushrooms and cook with about 1.5 liters of water on low heat for about 20 minutes, then can use water (Should cook again 2 times and then mix with water 1 times and then use ). In addition, using red Chi Linh mushroom crushed powder and mixed with boiling water and let it cool, drinking is also a simple way. This method is suitable for busy people. Drinking tea, reishi mushroom water helps detoxify the body, fight nervous breakdown and many other health benefits.

Choose quality red Lingzhi and used correctly

However, the choice of how Lingzhi is best is still an issue that consumers should be concerned about. Ganoderma quality, medicinal ingredient standards guarantee will bring many uses. In Viet Nam, Ganoderma Ganoderma - Former Member of Agriculture and Forestry Business Incubation Center is a prestigious brand. With the above-mentioned quality products, CCI International Certificate 2015 has been granted, food safety and hygiene certification, high-quality Vietnamese goods certification, etc. At the same time, many people are conquering and being a brand. Island consumer choice and trust nowadays.

Effect Of Mushrooms On Health

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