Cordyceps is known as a rare herb originating from Tibet. Bringing enormous uses for human health such as prevention and treatment of incurable diseases. However, natural cordyceps are now becoming very scarce, so people have grown cordyceps to create a perfect alternative. So artificial cordyceps Is it good? Should we use artificial cordyceps? Let's find out soon.

Artificial cordyceps 

Learn briefly about Cordyceps

Cordyceps is an herb with the nature in the form of Ophiocordyceps sinensis parasite on the larvae (caterpillars) of some butterflies of the genus Thitarodes Viette. This rare herb has been found in the highlands at an altitude of more than 4000m above sea level. This fungus is widespread in Asia, Australia and most commonly in Tibet, China.

Cordyceps cultivation 

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The process of formation of Cordyceps like?

Cordyceps found in the winter, this fungus parasitizes into the body of the larvae and absorbs all the nutrients. Whether the butterfly larvae have eaten the spores of the fungus or they are suffering from parasitic fungal diseases, until the fungus thrives and begins to absorb all the nutrients from the larvae.

In the summer, mushrooms begin to grow into yellow plants. Fungi grow and develop in about 2 to 3 months and start spreading spores, which are responsible for flying everywhere and parasiting into other larvae. Because of this speciality, this rare and precious herb is called Cordyceps.

Over the years, there have been many scientific studies on cordyceps mushrooms. And realize that this is a rare herb that has tremendous effects on human health.

Because of its superiority and rarity, cordyceps is very expensive. Therefore, by the development of modern biotechnology, people have successfully cultivated artificial cordyceps.

So should we use artificial cordyceps?

Compared with the natural cordyceps, the cultivated Cordyceps still retains the rare nutrients and has a relatively reasonable price. Therefore, now you do not need to spend a large amount of money to use cordyceps. And absolutely can use without having to worry about the quality and price.

What are the uses in oriental medicine of cordyceps?

Since ancient times, Chinese people have been aware and communicating about the effects of this rare medicinal material. Not only natural cordyceps, including artificial cordyceps.

Artificial cordyceps is mild, the sweetness is good in nourishing the body. Not only that, cordyceps can also be used in cases such as: Curing cough with blood, backache, knee pain, kidney damage, hemostasis ...

The uses of modern medicine of cordyceps?

In modern medicine, it has also researched and pointed out a lot of great uses of artificial cordyceps. Specifically as:

  • Artificial cordyceps actively support in the treatment of various types of cancer.
  • Supporting treatment of heart, lung, liver and kidney diseases.
  • Helps support increased resistance, boosts the immune system
  • Support treatment of sexual disorders, impaired sexual function
  • Support treatment of diabetes control and blood sugar control.
  • And many other uses for health such as reducing fatigue, support HIV / AIDS treatment ...

It can be seen that artificial cordyceps bring a great effect to the human body. That is also the reason why today, artificial cordyceps is being frequently used as a method to support the best disease treatment and health protection.

Uses of cordyceps sinensis

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Where should buy artificial cordyceps ensure credibility?

As one of the addresses providing cordyceps farming ensure the most prestigious quality on the market. Linh Chi Nong Lam with a variety of cordyceps products from dried form to water form, tablet form. Suitable for all needs of customers.

Cordyceps Linh Chi Nong Lam

Proud to be a reputable unit that is accredited by the Ministry of Health to ensure food hygiene and safety and trusted by many consumers. Linh Chi Nong Lam commits that all cordyceps products are of high quality and does not use any excipients that affect the quality of products as well as the health of users.

It is not only natural cordyceps that work well artificial cordyceps also bring great health benefits. Through this article, I hope to provide you with useful information and from there, you can easily choose for yourself a quality cordyceps cultivation product that is suitable for your pocket.

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