In 1957, after many studies discovered a substance called Cordycepin is good for health. What is Cordycepin? How does Cordycepin support healing?

What is the structure of Cordycepin?

Cordycepin is an ingredient found in some healthy foods. The structure of Cordycepin consists of the purine nucleus bound to the ribofuranose sugar by the ribofuranose conjugate. The substance has a molecular formula of C10H13N5O3 and the chemical name is 9- (3-deoxy-β-D ribofuranosyl) adenin.

The chemical structure of Cordycepin

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Unexpected healing effects of Cordycepin

Prevention and inhibition of the growth of cancer cells

After many studies, scientists have concluded that Cordycepin is an extremely rare pharmaceutical substance in science. This drug has the ability to interfere with the reproduction of RNA - the active substance related to cancer. Also pharmaceutical substance Cordycepin also disappear a large number of T cells and phagocytes. Therefore, Cordycepin inhibits nucleic acids of tumor cells. And prevent the formation of GMP prevent cancer.

In addition, this substance is also used in medicine a lot as supportive treatment of cancer such as cervical cancer, throat cancer, blood cancer ... because this substance has the ability to control the development of cancer cells.

Cordycepin - precious substances that make up the value of Cordyceps

Helps improve immune system, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral

Especially Cordycepin is also very good for those who have a weak immune system, those who are sick, or tired ... When used, it will help strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, anti-inflammation, improve resistance for users. In addition Cordycepin also helps users fight off the attack of bacteria, viruses, toxins and supports the treatment of a number of diseases: diabetes, heart disease, asthma ...

Thanks to the miraculous effects of Cordycepin, now this drug is used a lot in medicine. Make healthy drugs. All of the above uses are not only on theory but also have a lot of practical proofs. 

How to add Cordycepin to the body daily

After much research and searching, Cordycepin was found in Cordyceps. From the time when we all know that cordyceps is a valuable herb and has a very good effect on health.

As known, cordyceps has the effect of supporting the treatment of many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung diseases, kidney diseases ... In addition, this disease also helps users reduce cholesterol levels, Enhance physiology, help limit chronic diseases of old age.

To assess the level of value of Cordyceps will rely on the content of Cordycepin. There have been many scientists and doctors claiming to have effects on human health of Cordyceps. 

MSc. Dr. Tran Minh Hieu, Head of Science Department of the Central Traditional Medicine Hospital, affirmed that: “Cordyceps is the number 1 herb used to nourish the debilitated body. And support health, improve the body's resistance, especially good for the sick. This product has been recognized by Oriental medicine for a long time ”.


Cordyceps is heavily used in supporting the treatment of diseases

It is the same reasons that Cordyceps is given the most valuable and valuable herbal name. Recently a lot of consumers have been looking to buy to use.

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Where should buy Cordyceps 

On Vietnam's market today, there are many types of Cordyceps that have different prices and origins. There are many imported products from countries such as Tibet, Japan, Korea ... advertised divine. But you should remember that you do not always believe in those advertisements. These products should be carefully considered before buying and using.

Currently, technology has developed and Vietnam has produced a lot of cordyceps, which meet the quality standards. There are many places where successful farming methods have been applied. Which must mention Cordyceps Nong Lam has been confirmed by many doctors and hundreds of consumers.

Cordyceps Nong Lam Raised and processed according to a strict international standard process. The stages are strictly supervised and have strict requirements. Therefore, this herb still retains the necessary medicinal properties, especially the content Cordycepin according to standard requirements.

Certificate of the Ministry of Health food safety for Ganoderma lucidum products

Cordyceps products of Ganoderma has helped a lot of users after taking to improve the resistance, the disease situation is also improved. Especially cancer patients have greatly improved after use. It proves Cordyceps Nong Lam quality standards.

Cordyceps With Health

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