“Cordyceps is a plant or a tree” is one of the most frequently asked questions by consumers when they want to know about cordyceps. So Cordyceps is a tree or a child? The answer is cordyceps are neither children nor trees. Let's find out more

What is cordyceps?

According to research Cordyceps called the parasite of Ophiocordyceps sinensis in Ascomycetes group of larvae of some butterflies found in genus Thitarodes viette. 

Cordyceps has a special development process

Do you think cordyceps is a tree or a baby?

  • To answer this question, "Dr. Duong Van Hop, Institute of Biotechnology, VNU, said:" Cordyceps "has two stages of a life, it is both a tree and a child. 
  • According to research, there is a butterfly in the genus Thitarodes that comes in the summer, fly, date and lay eggs. Then winter comes the eggs begin to hatch deep and begin to live in the soil.
Cordyceps is a tree or a child
Cordyceps tree or animal?
  • It is possible that the worms of the cordyceps fungus parasitize the inside of the breathing holes, after which they are invaded by the fungus.
  • The mycelium is growing stronger by absorbing nutrients from the young worm's body then gradually growing. The nutrients are then eaten by the fungus, and then only the outer shell leaves the worm unable to molt and become a butterfly.
  • When spring comes if the temperature is stable and suitable mycelium grows out of the beard of the worm, plunging into the soil. The mushroom's head bulged, shaped like a stick. On the surface, many small spores, spread in the air ... then look for moths and parasites to start a new life.
  • Cordyceps are called rare pharmaceuticals, so they are collected, dried and then sold.
  • Because these fungi are commonly found in Asia, Australia or highlands 4,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level such as Tibet, Qinghai, cordyceps are found in this area.
  • While still alive, cordyceps, we can see the worm clearly. Its tail is a branch and grows leaves. To the finger-like leaf, about 3.5 to 10 cm long, the mycelium grows on the tip of the young worms. Young worms like silkworm shape are about 3.5 to 5 cm in length, about 0.33 cm to 0.8 cm in diameter.
  • Outside is dark yellow, golden brown with about 20 to 30 stripes, the head is reddish-brown, the tail is almost like a tail of a silk worm, with 8 pairs of legs, however only 4 pairs in the middle are the clearest. Curved mushroom buffer is produced by the larvae, longer than the larvae.
  • The young worm is very fragile and the inside of the intestine is full, then white to slightly yellow; The fungal buffer is slightly long, the intestines are slightly hollow, ivory-white.
Cordyceps quality

+ Note: Cordyceps extremely effective cardiovascular protection

Cordyceps are classified like?

Sort by origin:

Cordyceps classified according to their origin are divided into 2 types: cordyceps, which grow naturally and grow artificially. Currently in Vietnam has been successful in cultivating artificial cordyceps.

Cordyceps are cultured artificially

Classified by local origin:

According to local origin, up to now, there are 6 types of cordyceps: Tibetan Cordyceps, Vietnamese Cordyceps, American Cordyceps, Japanese Cordyceps, Chinese Cordyceps and Korean Cordyceps. 

Classification by processing method:

Cordyceps is divided into 2 types: Fresh Cordyceps and Cordyceps drying.

Classification by shape:

According to the shape, cordyceps is divided into 4 types: whole cordyceps, watery worms, cordyceps and capsule cordyceps.

The amazing effects of cordyceps on health?

Endocrine system effects: According to research by experts in cordyceps is capable of restoring kidney function while preventing kidney failure, weak kidney. Not only that, it also helps to treat the physiological abilities and infertility diseases, infertility in both women and men.

Effects on the immune system: Cordyceps is considered to be a panacea that enhances immune activity as well as modulates lymphocyte responses, improves and enhances the body's resistance.

Effects of cordyceps

Effects on blood circulation system, heart: If your cholesterol is high then cordyceps is the perfect choice. It helps to lower Cholesterol in the blood while increasing blood circulation, stabilizing and correcting cardiac arrhythmia.

Effects on the respiratory system, lungs: Acid-rich cordyceps helps treat cough, clear the lungs and protect the lungs from harmful agents from the environment.

Anti-fatigue, debilitating effects: Cordyceps help users stay healthy, help the body not tired and weak. It also helps to increase ATP and oxygen in the body

Beauty effects in women: If you use cordyceps regularly, it can slow down skin aging and at the same time regenerate the skin, helping the skin to be full of vitality, reduce wrinkles, dark circles.

+ Note: Cordyceps For Sexual Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction

Cordyceps buy address reputable, quality

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Cordyceps Nong Lam

So above is very useful information about cordyceps. From there help the copy understand "Cordyceps is a plant or a seed" as well as the origin, origin as well as the great effect of cordyceps.

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