During this time, the disease spreads with increasingly complex situation, the adjustment of daily nutrition is extremely important. To combat disease, the best way is to strengthen the immune system and resistance for yourself. Right below are the nutrients to be supplemented to ensure nutrition improve resistance that everyone should know against Covid-19.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for increasing our body's resistance. Vitamin C has the ability to boost the body's immune system against attacks by viruses, bacteria that cause infectious diseases, ... Because it has the effect of increasing white blood cells in the blood, which can protect the body in a way. effective.

Get Vitamin C from oranges and grapefruit every day
Get Vitamin C from oranges and grapefruit every day  

You can supplement your body with vitamin C by eating or drinking more orange juice, grapefruit, and apples every day. It is also possible to use effervescent C tablets every morning. Not only this new season requires Covid vitamin C, but daily, you should supplement to keep your body healthy in all cases!

+ Note: Strengthen the immune system during pandemic flu COVID-19

Make use of garlic and spices

One of the indispensable ingredients for flavorful dishes is the garlic onions in the kitchen. Some people may not know it, but garlic has a good ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. Not only that, eating a lot of garlic can reduce the risk of flu, sneezing, runny nose every day. 

Garlic with effect increases resistance
Garlic with effect increases resistance

According to the research of famous doctors, the composition of garlic contains iodine and important anti-inflammatory substances, which have a safe bactericidal effect. 

Every day, you can use 4 to 6 dried garlic cloves to help your body have more energy, more resistant to disease. 

Supplement nutrients from Mushrooms

Medical studies have shown that the ingredients in mushrooms help to fight off the attack of viruses. The component that produces cytokine is a very strong antiviral property. It has the ability to optimize the immune system effectively. 

The fungus has the effect of strengthening antibodies 
The fungus has the effect of strengthening antibodies

The types of mushrooms good for daily meals are Ganoderma, dancing mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, ... You can use it as a soup or you can make arbitrary stir-fries to ensure high nutrition without being boring.

Supplementing nutrition to improve resistance from green vegetables

In the composition of green vegetables contains a lot of vitamins C, E, ... and a lot of antioxidants. It is possible that green leafy vegetables will not have the effect of quickly reducing and blocking viral attack, but it has the ability to support immunity against the attack of the virus in the long term. 

Eating green vegetables not only makes the body has the ability to increase immunity and fight viral diseases but also supports good functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, adding green vegetables every day is very necessary that we should not overlook.

In this season of COVID 19, you can refer to some additional fruits and vegetables with high nutrition: cauliflower, vegetables, pumpkin supplement to enhance more vitamins, ... 

+ Note: Cordyceps Enhances Immunity With Corona Virus

Cordyceps - enhance long-term resistance

Cordyceps is a food that has been safely tested to boost immunity and restore health. Cordyceps is known as a mushroom that has the ability to help strengthen white blood cells in the blood, optimizing the body's ability to protect the immune system. Not only that, there are also great uses that are: 

Cordyceps - enhance immune system COVID season
Cordyceps - enhance immune system COVID season
  • Promotes and enhances the mechanism of blood circulation activity to help the body full of energy
  • Increasing the ability to absorb nutrients, good for digestive system activity through amino acids.
  • Sedative, which helps stabilize brain circulation, helps to sleep deeper and better sleep
  • Strengthen the immune system, additional energy for the elderly

Cordyceps for the health of the elderly, immunocompromised, newly ill people, people in the stage of cancer treatment are extremely important.. Therefore, this functional food is a safe and effective tonic for us with the function of increasing high resistance for this season. 

Note: Cordyceps mushrooms appear on the market more and more categories with different prices. However, one product that you need to consider carefully when buying is deep filamentous cordyceps. Because the price of the real product is more than 1 billion / tael, while in Vietnam only a few tens of million for 1 kg, the quality will not be guaranteed.

Artificial cordyceps mushroom in Vietnam Today is also preferred to use more because of the low price, relatively good quality.

You can find cordyceps mushrooms in prestigious and quality places. Some places can be consulted to buy cordyceps mushroom such as: Cordyceps Agroforestry (Former member of Incubation Center for Technology Business Incubation of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry), Gkin, Hoang Gia ...

In the time of this outbreak, please grasp the knowledge of health care yourself and your family effectively. You need to know the additional guidelines nutrition improve resistance in the "season" of Covid-19 (nCoV) translation full, right way! In addition, it is necessary to keep the body warm, eat and sleep at the right time to have a healthy body against disease. 

Cordyceps With Health

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