Cordyceps is an extremely rare medicinal herb in the world. Cordyceps has become a medicine in the history of kings. In cordyceps contains many ingredients that are extremely rare to health and human life. Currently with advanced modern technology, medical scientists have extracted valuable ingredients of cordyceps and extracted in the form of Cordyceps in the water Very easily absorbed by the body. 

Cordyceps in the form of filter bags mixed with Nong Lam water
Cordyceps in the form of filter bags mixed with Nong Lam water

The following article will give you about the uses as well as how to use cordyceps.

Watery cordyceps Used by many people today, cordyceps products are the most convenient for busy people who often travel far. Cordyceps water after buying does not need to prepare or do other jobs, just mix with water and drink.

The use of watery cordyceps 

  • Cordyceps juice has a strong supportive effect on cancer treatment to reduce tumor size in the body. In addition, supporting the treatment and restoration of many functions of diseases and symptoms related to kidney failure, chronic kidneys, damaged kidney functions, strengthening the body's immune system. .
  • Watery cordyceps miraculously stimulate the immune system, which can suppress the entire immune system.
  • For patients treated for cardiovascular disease, cordyceps will stabilize and correct the arrhythmia, improving the quality of life for patients with chronic heart failure.
Watery cordyceps will quickly enter the body more quickly than other forms
  • Water Cordyceps has the effect of regulating blood sugar levels, helping people with high blood fat or diabetes to control the situation of cordyceps juice has many uses for patients with asthma, occlusion. Chronic obstruction, bronchitis and help regulate tracheal spasm.
  • Cordyceps water supports the treatment of physiological disorders for women and men, cases of reduced libido or infertility in women.
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol, normal blood cholesterol is considered a very dangerous disease, this is a sign that your body is suffering from metabolic dysfunction and lowering the blood Water-based herbs have a beneficial effect on lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • Cordyceps juice also energizes every cell activity and oxidizes the cells in the body to help you stay healthy, without the symptoms of fatigue, stress after work or activity. .

+ Note: Effects Of Cordyceps In Tubes

How to use cordyceps water 

  • For weakened body, use cordyceps from 10 to 20 days at a time; asthenic and physically strenuous, use 20 to 40 days at a time; People who suffer from terminally ill physical illness take 30 to 90 days at a time. 
  • Depending on the age and physical condition of the body as well as diseases to adjust dosage and duration of use so that reasonable.
  • Note the time to drink cordyceps drinking water in the early morning when hungry or in the evening before going to bed because this time your body absorbs the nutrients best. 
  • Shake well when drinking and use daily health protection. Dosage for children will be reduced to half the adult dose.

How to preserve watery Cordyceps

Put cordyceps in a cool, dry, cool place.

Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius.

Water-colored cordyceps require more strict storage than the dried form
Water-colored cordyceps require more strict storage than the dried form

Subjects used

  • Elderly people, people with debilitating health problems, loss of appetite, impaired memory, aching bodies, etc.
  • Men, those with weak physiological impairment of sexual function, alcohol, tobacco, infertility, premature ejaculation.
  • Women: those who want to maintain adolescence, treat disease and beautify their skin. 
  • Patients who suffer from diseases such as acute and chronic cirrhosis, people with high blood pressure heart disease, atherosclerosis patients suffering from stroke.
  • People with kidney disease, weak kidneys, kidney failure, people with diabetes, people with cancer who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy for people with respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, etc.
  • Students, students, those who study tired, stress or manual work due to manual labor
  • Office workers who are under pressure of work, stress, healthy people, normal to use to improve resistance to prevent and limit disease.

Cordyceps water is not an effective panacea. The ingredients are beneficial in Cordyceps water When entering the body and want to promote all the panacea in it, it must have time as well as the accumulation of a certain amount of medicinal properties in the body.

Usually for cordyceps water to use must be persistent use from 1 to 3 months of age with a tonic and yang tonic effect to improve the sex life. But you need to pay attention to your age as well as your health condition to determine the appropriate dose, if overdose can occur many conditions such as insomnia, nosebleeds.

+ Note: The Truth About Cordyceps Helps Increase Physiology

Cordyceps - the first successful unit in Vietnam with artificial cordyceps

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Certificate of cordyceps agricultural products in Agriculture and Forestry
Certificate of cordyceps agricultural products in Agriculture and Forestry

Thus, the article has provided you extremely useful information about cordyceps. Please contact us to quickly own food Cordyceps in the water This rare friend!

Cordyceps With Health

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