As you know, there are many good products for human health on the market today. In it can not fail to mention cordyceps products reputable quality brings good effects for the body. So let us try to find out!

Benefits of cordyceps with the body

Classification of cordyceps

Most of us know the cordyceps but to understand the origin, not everyone knows. To be able to classify specifically and accurately, you need to rely on the following factors:

 According to the source

Natural: Cordyceps is a rare traditional medicine with many great effects and also brings very high economic value. Cordyceps is often seen more in the summer in high mountains than 4,000 meters above sea level like Tibet

Artificial: After many years of final research, scientists have successfully researched a model of artificial cordyceps transplanted artificial transplant technology parasitized in the environment of plant and animal larvae such as caterpillar, caterpillar substrates from green beans, potatoes…. Types of cordyceps in Vietnam, Korea, USA ...

According to preparations

Currently on the cordyceps market is prepared into the following major forms. 

Bottled water: The product is chosen by many consumers because of its fast, neat and convenient usage.

Capsules: Functional foods made from pure natural cordyceps up to 100%. Easy use every day, just taking 1 tablet will greatly improve the cardiovascular system as well as blood pressure.

Powder: With this form, consumers are looking to buy a lot, cordyceps are cleaned, dried, then carried away to be finely processed into powder. Users can use many forms such as processing nutritious food, drinking water ...

+ Note: Secret of Using Cordyceps Properly Highly Effective

According to status

Fresh form: Cordyceps will be used in their original state without being pre-processed when fresh. However, attention should be paid to the maximum use time of this fresh form is quite short (only <1 month).

Dry form: Cordyceps cordyceps preserved for longer time. Before use, soak cordyceps with water to make it swell. However, compared with fresh cordyceps, the use of dried cordyceps is not as good.

How fresh cordyceps?

How cordyceps is good for health ?

According to Cordyceps research, it contains 17 amino acids as well as trace elements containing many important minerals in the body. Adenosine, Selenium are essential trace minerals and are very good for the body if used properly will promote the wonderful benefits of cordyceps for human health. 

- Enhance the body's immune system: Cordyceps helps regulate, enhance immunity and phagocytic capacity of immune cells in the body. Improving anti-cancer capacity, promoting metabolism to enhance liver function, fighting diseases.

- Cordyceps enhances resistance, anti-fatigue: Effect regulates hormones in the body, enhances circulation and blood circulation, quickly eliminates toxic Lactic acids and residues in the body.

- The effect of tonic kidney for men: Cordyceps bring effectiveness for men to support and improve physiological functions such as impotence, sperm, back pain, knee fatigue, premature ejaculation ...

- Anti-aging in women: Women taking capsules of cordyceps can reasonably eliminate harmful Radical in the body to help fight aging, improve skin, prolong life ...

- Prevent cardiovascular disease: Cordyceps has a good effect in lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, fighting arrhythmia as well as regulating oxygen for blood.

Cordyceps good, choose number 1 for the heart 

- Dissolve phlegm, reduce asthma: Cordyceps bring excellent effects on lung benefits, hemostasis, improve lung function, chronic bronchitis of the elderly ..

.– Against chronic diseases: If used for a long time, cordyceps will work and improve diseases such as chronic hepatitis, chronic gastritis

In addition, cordyceps is also used as a tonic for thin people, people who have difficulty gaining weight, new people from dangerous diseases, etc. 

+ Note: Reasons Should Choose Buy Cordyceps Agroforestry

Using cordyceps like?

Cordyceps stewed pork ribs and vegetables

Materials to prepare:

  • Carrots: 1 bulb, potatoes: 2-3 medium sized bulbs
  • Flower onion, 1 ginger branch, nostalgic painting
  • Young ribs: 500g
  • Cordyceps (8-10 strands)
  • Spices needed

Cordyceps are prepared like?

Steps to make soup from cordyceps good for health

Step 1: The first is preliminary processing of raw materials

Young ribs, after being bought, are washed, then cut into bite-sized pieces, boiled over boiling water, then washed with water.

Potatoes and carrots are peeled and washed then can be cut into squares or trimmed flowers.

Cut flowers and then wash them, cut into small pieces from 1-2cm.

Hoai Son chopped thin pieces and washed them.

Ginger peeled, washed, sliced or crushed.

Step 2: Processing

Pour the ribs and ginger into the stew pot, submerge the ribs with the salt, add a pinch of salt, put on the stew for 1 - 1.5 hours until the rib is tender.

Next, add ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, and almonds to boil for another 30 minutes.

Then put the cordyceps fiber in and boil for another 10 minutes, then season the spices to fit the last onions and turn off the stove.

Note when using cordyceps should consult with experts on dosage and how to promote the most effective and safe effect.

Cordyceps is products you should use to improve your health and everyone in the family. If you want to buy and use Cordyceps reputation and quality, please contact us. Ganoderma Confidence is one of the units that bring the number 1 quality to consumers.

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