Cordyceps is one of the rare traditional medicines with many benefits for human health, especially for people who are often sick or sick. Let's find out all about it Uses of cordyceps with human health!


Cordyceps products for people often sick

What is the composition of cordyceps?

According to the study, there are about 17 different types of amino acids in biomass of cordyceps: D-mannitol, lipid, many trace elements (Al, Si, K, Na etc.). 

The most important is that in the biomass of cordyceps, there are many important bioactive substances that bring high medicinal value and good health effects are cordiceptic acid, cordycepin, adenosine, hydroxyethyl-adenosine. .

The main ingredients in cordyceps are good for health

The active group HEAA (Hydroxy-Etyl-Adenosin-Analogs) also plays a very important role in that. Especially in the composition of cordyceps also contains many vitamins such as vitamin B12; vitamin A; vitamin C, vitamin B2 vitamin E, vitamin K ...

In addition, the best amino acids found in cordyceps are lysine, glutamic acid, proline and threonine. Cordyceps is also very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, accounting for about 70% of total fatty acids. Unsaturated acid is linoleic acid.

+ Note: Instructions for Processing and Using Cordyceps Cordyceps properly

Cordyceps with wonderful uses

From ancient to present, cordyceps has always been called the No. 1 panacea, because of the benefits it brings to human health is really great.

+ Cordyceps has an important nutrient composition that enhances, improves and supports the blood circulation system. Moreover, it helps prevent related diseases such as fatty blood, atherosclerosis.

The active ingredient is good for health 

+ Restoring and improving the function of weak parts such as lungs, liver, heart, kidney ... supporting the prevention of lung cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis ...

+ Support to regulate and lower blood sugar, help stabilize diabetes, great choice for people with diabetes.

+ Increasing the protection of the body's immune system, helping to eliminate and prevent the viruses that cause infection in the body: HIV, Hepatitis B, Strengthen and support the regulation of internal activities of the body. .

+ Enhance the absorption of nutrients as well as metabolism good for children with rickets, malnutrition, growth retardation, developmental delay.

+ Helps reduce the skin aging process, beautify the skin to help brighten the skin, balance female hormones.

+ Improve physiological functions for both men and women, support the treatment of infertility and infertility.

Great product for both men and women 

+ Strengthen the body's resistance, fight fatigue and weakness, eat well and sleep better in sick people

Using cordyceps for people or sick how effective?

Cordyceps stewed chicken soup delicious

As many of you know, there are many methods of processing from cordyceps to bring effectiveness such as brake tea, soaking honey, wine, meat stew, porridge ... Cordyceps Congee with chicken

Porridge is a light, easy to eat dish, very suitable for people who are sick, helps the body absorb nutrients, the digestive system is stable and enhances the body's resistance. 

Ingredients include: sufficient rice, lean chicken 400g, cordyceps 10g, spices, pepper, scallions.

The processing of porridge: boiled chicken, let it cool, remove internal organs. First, you need to choose good rice, cook porridge. Stew until medium congee porridge, we add chicken and cordyceps at the same time. Then add the seasonings to fit your mouth, cook another 10-15 minutes for ingredients and spices soak off the heat. Enjoy it later, so eat it while it's still hot.

+ Note: 3 ways to use cordyceps improve the immune system

Delicious cordyceps tea

Tea Cordyceps also helps you feel relaxed, optimistic, reduce stress, tired 

Material: glass kettle, 3-5 heads Dried pineapple or use 3 - 5 mushrooms of cordyceps biomass (~ 1gr), some slices of ginseng, passion, licorice ...

How to: Put cordyceps and ginseng in a prepared glass kettle, pour hot water to blanch, then continue pouring enough hot water into the kettle. Wait for 5-10 minutes for infuse tea to enjoy cordyceps tea.

Cordyceps tea standard, delicious or not is to look at tea. If the tea is bright yellow-brown, eye-catching, it is quality cordyceps. When drinking, we can feel the rich, delicious taste and taste remaining in the mouth after drinking.

So we have learned about the composition and great uses of cordyceps for people who are often sick. If you want to buy yourself, your family and friends a reputable, affordable product, then choose Linh Chi Nong Lam. Cordyceps of Linh Chi Nong Lam Food safety and hygiene is certified by the Ministry of Health.

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