To help consumers better understand the uses of Red Lingzhi, how to distinguish fake Lingzhi, the best way to use Red Lingzhi, which type of Ganoderma is best? and what exactly Ganoderma can cure? We would like to introduce the article of Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu - Vice Dean - Faculty of Science University of Agriculture and Forestry, In charge of Ganoderma Ganoderma Brand ( in the program "Real Value of Ganoderma" and Ganoderma planting model of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry by HTV 7 was implemented at 16h30 on 27/10/2013. Dr. Hieu said that buying Lingzhi and using Ganoderma lucidum should understand the following issues:

The unique structure of Japanese Ganoderma is a trace mineral composition of all kinds (119 substances), of which some minerals such as organic Germanium, vanadium, chrome ... or polysaccharides and triterpenoids ... have been affirming that an important supportive factor is a tonic for cancer patients, good for allergies, aging, atherosclerosis, intravascular coagulation, helping to regulate nerve conduction, protect structure architecture of the cell nucleus. Are there any diseases now free from the effects of these pathological factors? Contrary to the function of providing nutrients in the "lack of supplement" style of common tonic, Ganoderma lucidum is useful for the body by choosing a way that operates more skillfully and more flexibly via leverage. It on the one hand purifies the body comprehensively and synchronously through diuretic and biliary effects, on the one hand stimulates many biochemical reactions in the body thanks to the catalytic role of trace minerals. Ganoderma cleverly awakens the body's resistance, thereby correcting functional disorders, healing organ damage, restoring the immune system. Once the three conditions mentioned above are met, the body is very difficult to get sick, people are slow to grow old. The ancients did not have too much words when they classified Ganoderma group into the herbal medicine group. Using Ganoderma to help young people not getting old, but using Ganoderma to slow down the aging process is completely scientific basis.


Complete reverb great use of Ganoderma

Ganoderma helps to slow down the aging process is real


Effects of Ganoderma?

Currently, not only Vietnam but all countries in the world recognize that Red Reishi Mushroom supports the treatment and prevention of many effective diseases. The use of Ganoderma supports effective treatment of ailments such as gout, cerebral insufficiency, Ganoderma is very good for blood pressure and anti-fat. Ganoderma is also good for neurasthenia and liver disease, kidney disease, Ganoderma can reduce the aging process of the body against aging, Ganoderma is also effective arthritis against pain in people with age, Red Lingzhi helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, Ganoderma is good for people with diabetes, boosts the immune system, supports the body's condition, especially the polysarccharides in Ganoderma Restricting the growth of abnormal cells (carcinogens, oncology), Ganoderma is also used as a very good adjunct to cancer, oncology and supportive patients. After chemotherapy, radiation should also use Ganoderma Lucidum.


Ganoderma is very good for health

Ganoderma is good for the overall health of humans

So there are many questions, such as Ganoderma can cure cancer or not? Ganoderma can cure panacea or not? Ganoderma What treatment? Does Ganoderma drink have side effects? Or the problem of explanation for many articles that said that Ganoderma lucidum has a cooling effect and the article that says Ganoderma Lucidum has no cure effect has been solved. Here it should be remembered that Ganoderma is not only treating Reishi mushrooms as the only cancer-fighting special medicine. Reishi mushroom is recognized as a functional food to support the treatment of diseases and according to research surveys, reishi does not have side effects when used. However, due to the fact that a few people initially have some mild reactions such as nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea .... when using Ganoderma is there but this condition is rare and will take after about 3 day. To handle this situation initially use Lingzhi in small doses (5-10g), then gradually increase the dose from 30g to 40g / 1 day. We often hear the saying "prevention is better than cure", Ganoderma is not a panacea so don't wait for serious illness before using it because preventing and treating the disease in the early stages will be effective. higher. If patients with end-stage Ganoderma is effective or not depends on the type of disease and whether the site is adaptable or not?


Consulting knowledge when using Ganoderma

I often get asked a lot of questions when using Red Lucid Ganoderma Using Ganoderma red for how long will be effective? Using Ganoderma red will cure cancer? Red reishi mushroom is effective for people with diabetes and liver disease? Ganoderma red prevent and treat gi? Is Vietnamese red Lingzhi good or not? How to distinguish fake Lingzhi how? Buy Ganoderma red where best? How to distinguish Ganoderma Korea and China? Is Ganoderma ancient good? Effects of red Ganoderma? Where is the best Red Lingzhi? Is Green Lim Mushroom better than Ganoderma? What kind of Ganoderma is best? How to use red Ganoderma most effectively? How to preserve Ganoderma like ?.... I will give specific answers to readers to understand the true value of Ganoderma and show the best way to use Ganoderma Lucidum.

Great use of red Lingzhi


In the above questions, some of the questions have been answered above, some of which I will answer one by one and also some of which cannot be answered correctly. For example, sentences How long do Ganoderma be effective? This depends on many diseases and depending on the location of each person, the survey showed that the same disease but the time used for the effectiveness of each person is different due to the location and the level of adaptation. Each person's not the same. There are those who drink Ganoderma, the tumor decreases but some others are less effective, this in folk we say na is "drug resistant" so it is impossible to answer this question correctly but there are The answer is that red Lucid Ganoderma will be effective. Ganoderma has many types, in which Thuong Hoang Mushroom has the highest effective rate of tumor suppression inhibition but this is a rare and precious mushroom with a long farming time, so the price is very high. Ganoderma and Ganoderma are similar to Ganoderma, only differing in pharmacological indexes, with average economists we can use Vietnamese Red Lingzhi also works well, Red Lucid Ganoderma Also suitable for people with average conditions who want to use to protect their health or more conditionally we use Ganoderma like Japanese, not necessarily use Lingzhi Ganoderma very high price, with 1 kg Ganoderma has It can be used for 3 to 4 months, so the cost of drinking reishi mushroom to protect health is not as high as people often think.


Green and Agarwood Mushroom 100

Drink Green Lim Mushrooms to protect health


About the question Is Green Lim Mushroom more effective than red Lingzhi? Green Lim Mushroom is also a red Lingzhi that grows naturally in the forest, this type grows on green lim tree so it is also known as Green Lim Mushroom, Ganoderma grows in forests also has many categories, to know the medicinal value the only way to analyze is not able to answer exactly which is better and how much is the pharmacological index, but to be safe and effective, you only choose to buy Green Lim Mushrooms where reputable techniques can be distinguished. What kind of Ganoderma is valuable, not all Ganoderma is good and valuable. Vietnamese reishi mushrooms are proven not to be inferior to any imported mushrooms, but it is important to choose Vietnamese reishi mushrooms at reputable establishments with good origins and selected good varieties that have been analyzed and tested. experience. The key question is "Where to buy Red Lingzhi, the best quality reputation?" In Vietnam, it is not easy to find Ganoderma at cheap prices, to ensure the quality of the people, you can buy Red Lingzhi at the nearest Provincial Agricultural Extension Center facilities if available, or buy Mushrooms Ganoderma of the University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh City, Buy Red Lingzhi at An Thanh Mushroom Farm in Cu Chi is also a prestigious breeding facility with valuable tested strains. To distinguish between Korean and Chinese Ganoderma we see the underside of Mushroom, Chinese Ganoderma on the lower yellow turmeric and Korean Ganoderma lemon yellow while Vietnamese Red Lingzhi is opaque white, Korean Ganoderma is very thick and hardest then Chinese Ganoderma is less thick and softer and Vietnamese Lingzhi is the softest and most porous that can be broken in half. Because of its light porous structure, the medicinal ingredients in Ganoderma Việt Nam are also more than 1 kg of Korean Mushrooms. It is very difficult to distinguish fake Ganoderma because it is very easy to fake and can extract nutrients that the eye cannot distinguish. Therefore, buying quality reishi mushrooms from reputable establishments is the only way to minimize the risk of avoiding mistakenly buying reishi mushrooms with unqualified quality like reishi extracted nutrients, reishi mushrooms also young, Lingzhi is termite ..


Can Lingzhi cure cancer?

Reishi Mushrooms


About the question: "Is ancient Lingzhi worth healing?" I would like to answer that I should not choose to buy ancient Lingzhi because Ganoderma lived for many years in wood is no longer worth the treatment anymore. Ganoderma is as hard as wood, there are many species without testing analysis, so Ganoderma Stock quality is not guaranteed. On the market, Ganoderma prices differ, there are many causes, firstly, it is possible that Ganoderma fake or depleted nutrients will be very cheap, secondly if Ganoderma is real but cheap is due to they have not applied the correct process of producing and collecting Young Mushrooms to lower the price of the product, with this kind we look the same but the quality is not guaranteed, for example, mushroom growing substrate with high sawdust However, rubber made from new basalt soil gives the best medicinal value.


Mushroom farm linh chi nông lâm

Spores (brown chalk layer) are released when the fungus matures


An important component is the Spore of Lingzhi (a dust-like brown chalk on the mushroom's ear). Buy Ganoderma red must choose the type of fungus also spores layer on the ears of the mushroom, this is an essential part of red Lingzhi should not be removed because of the higher pharmacological content than Lingzhi. 

Some articles say Ganoderma lucidum is not effective in treating the disease is a contrary conclusion with science, as analyzed Ganoderma is most effective against many diseases so asking "Ganoderma is good for health or not? " is the question that has the answer. I also read an article about a facility selling Ganoderma Lucidum Ganoderma, Ganoderma Lucidum, saying that Ganoderma Lucidum is only processed and with traditional remedies that results in an "art" saying, using Red Ganoderma spores breaking the open wall have a healing effect, which is also an "art" way of saying that because Linh Chi Ganoderma itself and red Lucid Ganoderma itself do not need to be processed. If there is a combination of other remedies is good, do not combine using only Ganoderma red is still good as usual.


Instructions for using linh chi nông lâm mushrooms

Easily processed with Ganoderma products


The most effective way to use Ganoderma is to grind Ganoderma into powder and cook with water and drink as tea instead of water daily, when used can add sweet grass to taste better. The best way to preserve Red Ganoderma is Ganoderma after buying should keep in a dry and enclosed place, can be kept in the cooler of the refrigerator to preserve Ganoderma longer.


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