Once selected, carefully selected, the garlic will undergo a natural fermentation process using Japanese technology from 45 days in the highest food safety and hygiene condition, with a sweet pungent taste like fresh garlic. Garlic with an unpleasant odor is caused by sulfur compounds, to overcome this disadvantage, Linh Chi Nong Lam has applied a natural fermentation method that has no unpleasant odor, sweet taste and increases the anti-oxygen effect. Garlic turns up many times.

Why does garlic turn black when it is naturally fermented (without chemicals), please explain that garlic contains sugar and amino acids, after going through the fermentation process will produce melanoidin, a The substance is dark black.




In the process of fermentation, there will be a reaction to convert sulfur-containing compounds such as methionine, cysteine, methanethiol into new water-soluble sulfur compounds such as s-allyl-s-cysteine, alliin, isoalliin, methionine , cycloalliin, cysteine derivatives, tetrahydro-β-carboline derivatives. These are important compounds that enhance the effects of the obtained black garlic product.

A number of scientific studies of Japan and South Korea discovered more uses of black garlic such as inhibiting and destroying cancer cells, the extract from this product has a strong effect, against tumor cells. . The mechanism of action of black garlic is not by directly poisoning this cell but through the pathway of immune stimulation, eliminating the possibility of metastasis of tumor cells.


Ly Son garlic

Lonely garlic Ly Son - Quang Ngai

Organic sulfur compounds, derivatives of Tetrahydro-β-carboline have the effect of removing free radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Black garlic extract has a strong effect against tumor cells, preventing and supporting cancer treatment. S-allyl-l-cysteine reduces the incidence of colon tumors and unusual hidden spots.

Black Garlic rich in the active ingredient SAC content, which reduces the incidence of colon tumors and unusual hidden spots - the earliest clinical signs of colon cancer. After processing, the content of SAC 45 days is 8 times higher than regular garlic.

In addition to preventing cancer, black garlic also shows that, after fermentation, their chemical composition has changed significantly, especially those with strong antioxidant activity. The antioxidant effect has been shown to increase to 25 times compared to fresh garlic. This activity includes protecting DNA from the destruction of active oxygen forms, which are the main factors causing cancer.

They regulate blood sugar by a fairly complex mechanism, but do not affect normal blood sugar levels. The amino acids in black garlic also have an effect on blood sugar: hypoglycemic glycine, prevention and treatment of diabetes; Stimulate insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar.


The micronutrients and trace elements are essential for the body and help improve the functioning of the body Nong Lam Black Garlic also higher than regular garlic. Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, prevents cardiovascular collapse, inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, antioxidants, boosts immunity, regulates blood sugar, helps reduce fatigue, improves atherosclerosis arteries, improve the function of the digestive and intestinal system, cardiovascular, diabetes.

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