Honey has been used by humans for medicine and food for a long time. The research work on honey of scientists is getting more and more thick but there are still many mysteries to solve.

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Honey, the other name is fine cypress, high cypress, sugar. Science name. Honey is a fresh product, not allowed to be processed or added anything (only allowed to remove water to ensure the safe humidity of honey: 15 - 18.5).

Nowadays, people use both forest honey and farmed honey. Scientists have known about 85 types of honey. Nepal is home to many of the world's most honey bee species.

Chemical composition: Honey has a very complex chemical composition, depending on the type of flower it takes. Therefore, honey has hundreds of different substances, substances that make up the specific flavor for each type of honey (flavor of longan, mint ...).

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 The main components:

  • - Carbohydrates: fructose 38,5, glucose 31, maltose 7,1, sucrose 5.
  • - Organic acids 0.45 include: acetic, butyric, citric, formic, lactic, malic, oxalic, tartric. 
  • - Protid 0.3 (notably protid defensin-1 works to treat burns and skin infections). Protid-rich honey is more dense than normal.
  • - Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6; beta carotene, E, K.    
  • - Minerals and trace elements necessary for the body 0.2: potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, Fe, Cu Al, Ag, Au, Ba, Bi, Bo, Cr, Co, Ir, Li, Mn . Mo, Si, Sn, Ti, Cl, I, P, S ...    
  • - Enzymes: amylase, galactase, invertase, lipase.
  • - Antioxidants: chrysin, pinobanksin, pem cembrin, vitamin C, catalase ... 

Honey is used as an additive for food processing, as a medicine, as a sweetener in lieu of sugar for cancer patients, and for cosmetics.

Making food processing additives:

  • Honey-fried chicken feet. Honey roasted duck ...


  • Coughing: Lime, lemon, lemon, soaked in 1 tablespoon of honey 2 hours after a cup of lemon, suck in water, continuously until the lemon is gone.


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  • - Treatment of children's tongue caused by Candida abicans: 1 drop of honey on the child's tongue, they will keep the tongue constantly cleaning the mushrooms.
  • - Treatment of gastric duodenal ulcer: mix 10ml of honey with 100ml of warm water and drink slowly in the morning continuously until recovered, or mix 12g of turmeric powder with 6ml of honey, eat continuously for 8-10 week. 
  • - Cure insomnia: drink milk mixed with 20ml of honey before going to bed.
  • - Prevent hypertension: 20ml honey mixed with 5ml of fresh ginger juice, drink 2 times in the morning and evening. 
  • - Treatment of ulcers for diabetic patients: According to Dr. Peter Molan of Waikato University of New Zealand, the bacteria causing strong resistance to ulcers, all antibiotics have no effect; Apply honey to the ulcer and bandage, after more than 1 month the ulcer disappears without scarring, causing little pain for the patient, extremely cheap cost.
  • - Weight gain for thin people: after each meal, drink 20ml of honey mixed with warm water.
  • - Weight loss for overweight people: get up early in the morning, drink 50ml of honey mixed with warm water. Dinner fast, instead of drinking 100ml of honey mixed with warm water. Honey will reduce gastric secretion, melt fat reserves silently and feel full (lasting for 3 consecutive days).
  • - Anti-hypoglycemic in those taking hypoglycemic drugs overdose or athletes exercising excessively: drinking 20ml of honey mixed with 100ml of warm water.
  • - Cure burns and wounds: Apply honey and cover it.
  • - Treatment of diabetes: many documents say: banning honey for people with diabetes. But Chinese scientists selectively selected among 50 traditional medicine remedies that regulate blood sugar levels. 35 found to lower the glycemic index at 10 compared to the initial value, of which 11 honey has a pronounced effect: honey, epidermal tang, tang tang, mourning, dong quai, pentatecum ... Honey has the effect of restoring and improving the activity capacity of pancreatic beta cells, which increases secretion. insulin and improve the sensitivity of cells to organizations with insulin.

Honey-flavored remedies for treating diabetes:

  • - Supplementing the qi center, helping with kidneys and kidneys: 30g royal jelly, 30g black beans. Rinse the imperial and black beans, soak 30 minutes in 1,500ml of water and boil, let simmer for 2 hours to grind. When cooled to 10g of honey, mix well. Divided into 2 times a day. 
  • - Heat sound, laxative only thirsty (thin people, high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis, constipation, or fever in the afternoon): peeled fresh pears 750g, 100g honey. Pears remove seeds, squeeze water, then mix with honey to drink (do not use this article for people with digestive disorders, chronic diarrhea). 
  • - Garlic soaked honey: Garlic peeled off 15g crushed for 15 minutes then soaked in 100ml of honey, after 3 weeks is used. Relieve stomach aches (peptic ulcer caused by HP) cough, flu. Drink 3 times a day 20ml honey - garlic juice until it is cured.

Make cosmetics:

  • - Remove wrinkles, anti-dry skin, melasma on the skin: 1 egg white egg mixture mixed with 10ml of honey. Apply a thin layer to the skin, 15 minutes after rinsing. Do 1 time per day
  • - Facial beauty: freshly squeezed lemon juice 10ml, mixed with 20ml of honey, apply 1 thin layer to face, 15 minutes after rinsing. Do 1 time per day

Honey can treat acne and make skin masks

Due date:

It was previously thought that honey never fails, for as long as possible, because the honey found in the Egyptian Pyramids is over 3,000 years old and still delicious. Now the research shows that newly harvested honey (by centrifuging to get honey, do not heat more than 60oC to reduce the amount of water) content of HMF is very small (1 - 5mg / kg). After 100 - 300 days of storage at 30 - 35oC, the temperature has increased to 40mg / kg. After a few years of storage at the above temperature, HMF has increased to 200 - 300mg / kg (HMF is a toxin that kills bees when the content is over 200mg / kg). Therefore, it is recommended not to use honey for more than 2 years.

Real fake distinction: There are many ways to try such as:

  • - Put honey in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for 24 hours, when taking out the honey is the same as the original (no freezing).
  • - Put 1 drop of honey on absorbent paper (paper towels, toilet paper) paper is not wet, honey droplets are round as the original.
  • - Use clear water: put 1 drop of honey into the cup of water, honey stays round when falling to the bottom of the cup.

Broken honey:  When you see honey has foam is yeast development, should not be used.


Physician's advice:
Cases where honey is not allowed:

  • - Children under 12 months of age, because the child's body does not have enough good bacteria to kill clostridiumbotulium spores that can be in honey (about 5 honey has this spore infection).
  • - People with weak digestive system (abdominal boil, diarrhea, bloating).
  • - Poor resistance.  
  • - People with varicose veins under the skin. 
  • - Cirrhosis.
  • - Pregnant woman.
  • Avoid eating honey along with: tofu, garlic, onions, chives, dill, carp, and rice (documents document steaming honey with chives to treat coughs).
  • When drinking honey: Should be diluted with cold or lukewarm water. Do not use water hotter than 50oC. Do not keep pure honey in the mouth, if drinking raw honey, swallow as soon as honey is put into the mouth, in case of having pure honey in the mouth for 5 minutes, then the palate of the mouth swells up, treat immediately 3 months can help 70.



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