Cordyceps in Oriental medicine is considered a rare and valuable medicine that can cure the disease, but besides the benefits there will also be cases that should not be used. Let's find out Some cases are not used cordyceps.

     Cordyceps is good for health but must know how to use the right case

Cordyceps good for human health like?

Cordyceps has the following main effects: Health promotion, disease prevention for the elderly. Cordyceps works very well as a health supplement and fighting disease because the elderly often have poor resistance, poor disease resistance.

Helps reduce tiredness helps to eat and sleep well because there are 17 amino acids in cordyceps. These are rare and valuable ingredients for the body. 

Cordyceps has a high effect in stabilizing the blood circulation system in the kidneys, increasing hormonal regulation and strengthening so that the functions of the kidneys are promoted, detoxified in the best way.

For cancer, cordyceps improves the regeneration of red blood cells, the reproduction of red blood cells, which makes new cancerous lymph nodes, such as increasing the ability to fight cancer. Restoring immune system of people with cancer.

Besides healing effects, cordyceps also has a beauty effect because in cordyceps contains up to 5/7 main ingredients for beauty have anti-aging and skin lightening effects. If you are entering an age when your skin is aging, you should use cordyceps to keep your skin looking youthful.

           Cordyceps has many benefits for human health

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Some cases are not used cordyceps

Cordyceps has many good benefits, but not all cases can be used. So let's go find out the following cases do not use cordyceps to pay attention to avoid acquiring.

Cordyceps is not suitable for children under 5 years of age: As we all know, a child's body is usually very hot. Especially children with fever. Therefore, you should not use cordyceps because warmth in the cordyceps not only does not cure the disease but also makes the child hotter than it will get worse.

For pregnant and lactating women: Currently, there is no research in the world that can confirm that cordyceps can be used for pregnant and lactating women. Therefore, to ensure safety and reliability, we should be careful when using the product.

Using cordyceps is more likely to cause kidney failure: As we all know books have two sides of it should know how to use moderation. Too much, too little is not good, so do not abuse too much will cause kidney failure and affect kidney function.

People with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis: If you encounter these conditions, you should not use cordyceps because the active ingredients contained in cordyceps can make the immune system work harder. Therefore, it will aggravate the symptoms of the disease.

People with coagulopathy: There are several components in cordyceps that slow blood clotting. Therefore, unfortunately people with this disease use Cordyceps Cordyceps It will increase the risk of bleeding, cases of blood clotting disorders should be noted.

People preparing to enter the surgery: Cordyceps should not be used before surgery because it will increase the risk of bleeding during our surgery. Stop using cordyceps before 2 weeks of surgery.

           Do not use cordyceps for people with kidney failure, blood clotting

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Thus, the above article has provided consumers with a useful new knowledge In those cases, Cordyceps is not allowed. Still know that cordyceps has a very good effect on human health, but we need to know the difference between good and bad to apply in life to avoid having unnecessary consequences.

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