Agroforestry is a brand name Ganoderma is a special red Lucid Ganoderma belonging to the Lingzhi family that lives on the substrate of green Lim tree, the product has two lines: Natural Green Lim Mushrooms and Green Lim Mushroom successfully propagated at the Business Incubation Center University of Agriculture and Forestry, Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Lim Mushroom Nong Lam is a rare and very effective herb in supporting cancer treatment, tumor prevention, regulating blood pressure, enhancing function. liver function.

Products Green Mushrooms Agroforestry should be used in combination with Ganoderma Ganoderma Lucids to have the most effective and cost-saving treatment because when using a combination of two product lines Agroforestry Agroforestry and Ganoderma Ganoderma Lam will support reciprocity to help the treatment process be effective when using Green Lim Mushroom to treat.

For rare pharmaceuticals, it is easy to buy low-quality counterfeit products, so users are often interested in the origin, where is the best place to buy Green Lim Mushrooms Most trusted and trusted? Linh Chi Agroforestry belongs to the brand of Linh Chi Nong Lam is the direct supplier of the most reputable and quality guaranteed Green Lim Mushroom that helps support the most effective treatment for the best price of Green Lim Mushroom The most reasonable, most reasonable and guaranteed quality.

Green Lim Mushroom - Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. HCM

Natural Green Lim Mushrooms

Origin of Agroforestry Lim Mushroom?

Ganoderma Luc is under the brand name of Linh Chi Nong Lam was incubated at the Incubator of Technology Enterprise - University of Agriculture and Forestry of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City aims to apply research and technology results into production practice to bring consumers Vietnamese quality products. Linh Chi Nong Lam is a reliable address for consumers who want to use quality products and individuals, units and organizations wishing to grow Ganoderma as well as other commercial mushrooms.

With the effectiveness that has been affirmed for thousands of years on the use of Green Lim Mushrooms as well as the effects of Ganoderma, Green Agarwood Mushrooms bring many nutrients that support many effective healing functions, excellent effects of Green Lim Mushroom and Ganoderma Ganoderma are used in combination to enhance health, strengthen the tendons, prevent and destroy cancer cells, reduce aging ... Ganoderma grows on Green Lim, also known as Green Lim Mushroom or Truong Tho mushroom, today with advanced scientific techniques, Green Lim Mushroom has been researched and propagated successfully with medicinal quality and therapeutic use of Growing Green Lim Mushrooms are not inferior to Natural Mushrooms.

University of Agriculture and Forestry is the first school in Vietnam to apply high technology in breeding and transplanting rare and precious plant varieties, organisms, and plants to meet the demands of using and preparing medicine for health care. strong. Through the process of focusing on research, constantly learning, innovating & developing technology, we have provided quality Vietnamese branded products. Technical staff of Ganoderma always contacting and cultivating new technologies, especially studying and practicing internally in countries with strengths in producing and cultivating Green Lim Mushrooms, Ganoderma such as Japan, Korea ... We always approach the latest technology trends, meeting all the stringent requirements of quality standards of high quality pharmaceuticals Ganoderma, Green Lim Mushrooms, Thuong Hoang Mushrooms, Cordyceps first-class, most prestigious.

Linh Chi Nong Lam is the place to sell and distribute the most reputable quality Lim Lime products in Ho Chi Minh City and provinces across the country. Customers who have not found a reliable and reputable supply of natural Green Lim Mushrooms, the Nong Lam Lim Green Mushroom under Linh Chi Nong Lam brand is a reliable address to sell and distribute the Green Lim Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms Workshop quality assurance reputation and also a place to supply medicinal mushroom products such as Ganoderma Mushroom, Green Lim Mushroom, Thuong Hoang Mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, Green Lim Mushroom, Honey, Brand Linh Chi Nong Lam has been voted as a high quality Vietnamese brand by consumers.

Individuals wishing to purchase and use the products or distribution of Agroforestry Green Forest contact for instructions

Products of good quality Green Lim Agri

Products Green Mushrooms Agroforestry

What are the uses of Green Lim Mushrooms? Can Lim Lime cure cancer?

There are articles that Green Limel and Ganoderma have no therapeutic effect as the article does not offer arguments and authentic evidence, has not been proven and has practical research, The world has Many scientific research projects of famous universities on researching the effect of Green Lim and Ganoderma mushrooms in the treatment of cancer and enhancing liver function (You can read the research documents) The research is published in the journal Cancer Research UK (the famous British magazine that publishes on scientific researches on cancer) of the University of Strathclyde entitled: Medicinalmushrooms: their therapeutic properties and current medical usage with specialemphasis on cancer treatments (their therapeutic properties and their application in modern medicine with special importance in the treatment of cancer).

It is not unwarranted for scientists to classify Green Lim Mushroom, Lingzhi, and Thuong Hoang Mushrooms as medicinal mushrooms and classify them into superior medicine, due to the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms, Lim Green, Linh Chi, Thuong Hoang should have many pharmaceutical companies of Vietnam and the world use Green Lim Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms and Ganoderma, Thuong Hoang Mushrooms to make medicines, so it says Blue Lim Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms and Reishi mushroom has no therapeutic effect is not scientific, but the article only tells the positive of the problem is that the price of Lim Xanh mushroom, cordyceps mushroom is too high compared to the therapeutic value of If it does not find the right reliable address, the price is too high, making it impossible for consumers to use this medicine. Nowadays, Green Lim Mushrooms and Cordyceps Mushrooms have been cultured successfully at a more suitable price, the use of Green Lim Mushrooms, Nam Linh Chi, Cordyceps to treat and nourish the body is essential. Because the dosage for this kind of high medicine is low, the price of Ganoderma Lucidum, Lim Mushroom is not expensive as people think.

What are the common benefits and benefits of Green Lime Mushroom? How does green lim mushroom work for cancer, boost liver function and reduce blood fat? The most effective effect of Green Lime Mushroom is a health-enhancing drug that boosts the immune system, so people without the disease should take it as well, the second effect of Green Lim Mushroom is to help prevent and kill cancer cells very effectively and the third effect is to reduce the aging process of the body, in addition as well as the use of Ganoderma Lucidum, Green Lim Mushrooms help regulate blood pressure, prevent hardening of the arteries. vascular, anti-inflammatory, anti-stroke, good for diabetics and people with chronic liver disease. It is also used to increase the supply and transfer of oxygen, increase blood circulation, enhance the ability to absorb nutrients of cells, decompose, neutralize waste and toxins in the body, maintain Maintain a healthy body environment, prevent aging, prolong life.

With the positive effects for many aforementioned diseases, Green limestone and lingzhi, royal mushroom, cordyceps are considered as precious and rare herbs, thus finding a place to sell mushrooms. Lim Green reputation quality is very essential and important to consumers. Linh Chi Nong Lam is a reputable brand that provides quality distribution of Green Lim Mushrooms as a reliable address to help customers feel secure to buy quality Green Lim Mushrooms.


FARMING AFFILIATES is a reliable address of consumers, is the supplier that sells the most reputable and quality Lim Mushrooms, Linh Chi mushrooms, customers do not know where to buy Lim Green Mushrooms, Linh Chi Mushrooms, Cordyceps Where quality guaranteed the most prestigious, Linh Chi Nong Lam is the place to produce and cultivate Lingzhi, Lim Limi, Cordyceps truly and prestige, with a clear source of origin to help customers feel secure when Use to no longer worry about health protection.

Currently, Linh Chi Agroforestry is recruiting a Distributor selling Lim Lim Mushrooms, Cordyceps, Lingzhi nationwide, Units and individuals wishing to become Distributors selling Lim Lim Mushrooms, Winter Cordyceps, Red Ganoderma mushrooms, please contact 028. 7107 6668 - 0938 877 743, Agents sell and distribute Green Lim Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Ganoderma Ganoderma will be trained on basic knowledge about Green Limestone Mushrooms, Ganoderma Lucidum and best cordyceps helps advise customers. effectiveness on the scientific knowledge of the effects of Green Lime Mushrooms, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Ganoderma as well as the most effective uses of Lime Green Mushrooms. To know the effects of Green Lim Mushrooms as well as how to use Best Red Mushroom, please contact Linh Chi Agriculture and Forestry Consultant or visit the website.

Note: In order to avoid buying the wrong quality Red Lime Mushrooms, Red Lingzhi Mushrooms, Low-quality Cordyceps Mushrooms, or the wrong season, we only buy the products of Red Lim-Lions, Lingzhi, and Middle-Aged Mushrooms. The official listing is on the list of agents of Linh Chi Nong Lam at the website

Number 14, Street N1, Kp. 6, P. Linh Trung, Q. Thủ Đức, Tp. Ho Chi Minh
(Inside Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry)

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