Currently, the number of people infected with gout is increasing, the diet is unbalanced, unscientific, especially beer and alcohol abuse, so more and more people suffer from gout, the patients will be miserable every time. the weather changes.

Gout is a disorder of the metabolism of purines, characterized by hyperuricemia, which causes deposits of urate crystals in tissues, when blood uric acid levels exceed the maximum solubility limit. of urate in plasma, specifically over 420 olmol / l for men, over 360 µmol / for women. Since then, gout has caused a lot of dangerous complications such as disfigured joints, chronic kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and can die if not treated early and promptly.

Green lim mushroom supports gout treatment for everyone

Green lim mushroom supports the treatment of GOUT

How do you know the signs of gout?

- From mild to severe pain, sparse to less frequent, unable to walk, swollen joints, redness, edema, congestion ... decrease in health and daily activities.

- Not only obese but even thin people can have this disease.

- Gout is common in middle-aged men, but there is a growing trend of rejuvenating the patient's age and increasing in number.

Gout is divided into 3 main groups:

Primary gout: often has a family factor, usually caused by eating too much food containing purines and often accompanied by excessive drinking. Commonly found in middle-aged men and a few in women after menopause.

Secondary gout: As a result of hyperuricemia due to excessive cell destruction (chronic myeloid leukemia, hemolytic anemia, extensive psoriasis ...) or renal failure.

Gout due to enzyme abnormality: Due to a complete or partial deficiency of HGPRT, an enzyme involved in uric acid metabolism, causing early onset Gout in children (very severe and rare).

The pharmaceutical ingredients Sterois, Letinan, Germanium, Beta-D-glucan are in Green lim mushroom impact on patients with Gout mechanism such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, aches, swelling in the joints ...

Through the mechanism of purifying the toxins of the body, neutralizing uric acid in the blood helps gout sufferers prevent silent progression of gout, reorganize the body's functions to eliminate disease mechanisms. Depending on the physical location of each person, absorption and recovery time vary.

Ganoderma special gout treatment, gout had Ganoderma quality

Quality reishi mushroom special gout treatment

 Living diet:

Avoid alcohol and stimulants such as chili, coffee and pepper.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially alkaline mineral water, to increase uric acid excretion in the urine.

Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits like lettuce, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, melon, potatoes, tomatoes ...

For overweight and obese patients, it is necessary to apply a diet that reduces energy and fat. Protein-reducing diets, especially those that contain high purines such as animal viscera (pig's intestines, liver, kidneys, brains, stomach, tongue), etc. should be limited. seafood type.

Moderation activities, avoiding mental and physical fatigue, exercising appropriately and maintaining exercise ...

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