Ganoderma Effective for health as well as supporting the treatment of many diseases. However, if not properly stored and left for too long, they become moldy, weevil. So how to preserve it? The following article will answer.

Great effects of Lingzhi

Ganoderma has the scientific name Ganoderma lucidum, belongs to the Lim mushroom family. In the book "The God of the Manuscript", Linh Chi mushrooms are classified in high quality products as more than ginseng. This type of mushroom contains more than 200 healthy active ingredients. They have pharmacological components with: Germanium, ganoderic acid, oleic acid, ganodosteron, ganoderans, adenosine, Polysaccharides, Triterpenoid, beta-D-glucan, ... and hundreds of amino acids needed for the body, minerals Micronutrients, vitamins, ... are all good for the body.

Ganoderma is known as the "king of herbs".

With medicinal ingredients and many healthy active ingredients, Ganoderma helps strengthen the immune system, resistance of the body, good for the nervous system, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urological, excreted, cardiovascular, ... At the same time, they protect the liver, regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, have the effect of preventing and supporting the treatment of many diseases such as gout, cancer, diabetes, kidney, asthma, Osteoarthritis ... Ganoderma is good for pregnant women and postpartum as well as bringing many benefits to the elderly.

Using reishi mushrooms are good for health and support the treatment of many diseases

Besides being good for health and supporting the treatment of many diseases, Lingzhi also has great beauty effects. The ingredients of this herb help fight aging, beautify the skin, fade dark spots, freckles, ... At the same time, they are effective in weight loss and anti-obesity for beautiful physique.

How to preserve and choose quality Lingzhi

To avoid Lingzhi fungus should be preserved like? This is also a problem that many people are concerned about. Preserving properly will help Ganoderma keep the medicinal ingredients as well as promote the great use for health. Especially, preserving helps to avoid termites, mold mold.

Lingzhi is eaten by improper storage

Methods of preservation

In Ganoderma besides hundreds of healthy active ingredients, helps support the treatment of many diseases as well as strengthen the immune system of the body. Besides the above active ingredients, they also contain a lot of water. Therefore, if not well preserved, they will be prone to mold and termites. After harvesting, there are many ways to preserve Lingzhi, of which the 3 most common and simple ways include:

Note preserved Linh Chi best to avoid mold, termites

+ Drying by traditional methods

+ Drying by industrial methods

+ Grind Ganoderma into powder form

This is a way to preserve Lingzhi for a long time, however, it is important to pay attention to Lingzhi in a dry place or refrigerated storage is best to avoid mold, termites, losing nutritional value, The medicinal properties of this fungus as well as the risk of the fungus producing harm to the body.

Choose quality Lingzhi

Attention should be paid to selecting quality Lingzhi to make the preservation process easier. For poor quality products, no matter how well preserved, they quickly become termite and are not effective in supporting treatment as well as health care. So how to choose good quality Lingzhi, ensure their medicinal ingredients as well as their value and real use? Some of the following criteria that consumers need to pay attention to:

Attention to choose quality Ganoderma for effective use

+ Quality Ganoderma is usually hard, not porous, but Vietnamese mushrooms can bend because it is not hard

+ Has a pleasant characteristic aroma, when cooking water has a bitter taste (Vietnamese Ganoderma has almost no bitter taste)

+ The surface of the mushroom ears is dark red due to the spores with many, the underside is pale yellow or ivory

+ Pharmaceutical content is verified to meet standards

+ Quality mushrooms are certified the origin, licensed by the Ministry of Health, are periodically tested for quality, ...

To choose quality mushrooms, best consumers should look to reputable brands. In Vietnam, Linh Chi Nong Lam - Former member of Agroforestry Technology University Incubator was chosen by many people. This is a brand that achieved CCI 2015 International Certification, Food safety and hygiene certification, certification of high quality Vietnamese goods, ... Linh Chi mushroom products of the brand on quality assurance as well as pharmaceutical content. .

Ganoderma Ganoderma Packed, vacuumed, preserved according to the best standards, quality assurance products. This is a brand that many people trust and choose to use today.

Effect Of Mushrooms On Health

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