With a wide range of health effects, Ganoderma is like "elixir". But to enhance the effectiveness of prevention, support for disease treatment, it is possible to combine them with some other herbs. So which herbs should be used with Ganoderma lucidum?

These herbs can combine with Lingzhi

To increase effectiveness in prevention as well as support treatment of disease and good for health, the combination Use Ganoderma mushrooms along with a number of other herbs are being selected by many people. Ganoderma Lucidum contains hundreds of beneficial active ingredients for the body, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements. Especially, the medicinal ingredients, typical Polysaccharides, Essence of Ganoderic Acid, Adenosine, organic Germanium, Triterpenoid have brought great effects to this herb. In the book "Than Nong Manuscript" has ranked Linh Chi mushrooms in the highest rank.

Ganoderma can be combined with some natural herbs

Can Ganoderma mushrooms be used in combination with which herbs are still a common question of many people. Accordingly, users can combine the fungus with some familiar herbs such as: Sanqi, ginseng, licorice, milky fund, royal tree, jujube, virgin tree, bare skin, western ginseng, dong quai, hacienda, rhinoceros, nostalgic, ginseng, cypress, chicken gizzard , white atrium, through the frame, ...

The herbs mentioned above are quite familiar and used in Eastern medicine. They bring many uses for human health. When combining one or several herbs on the same Lingzhi with a certain content in specific remedies, it will promote countless amazing and amazing effects on human health. They do not lose the value of Ganoderma, but strengthen and supplement to support patients during the treatment process better. These are also herbal suggestions when using Lingzhi that users should pay attention.

Using herbal combination with Lingzhi enhances the effect for health

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Suggestions on how to use Lingzhi in combination with other herbs

How to use some of the above herbs combined with Lingzhi? This is also the common question of many people. Here are some suggestions for how to combine and process Ganoderma simply:

Instructions on how to make tea

  • Ganoderma lucidum combined: Crush the powder of both herbs and mix well together. Then use 15g Ganoderma and tamarind mushrooms with boiling water for about 20 minutes and then cool and drink.
  • Ganoderma lucidum combination: Similar to the above, crush the two herbs and then use 10g braking for about 20 minutes with boiling water and let it cool to drink.
  • Ganoderma with Ginseng combination: Cut the 2 ingredients above and use 10g of Ganoderma, 5g of sliced ginseng with boiling water and cover for 30 minutes. Then enjoy this tea.
  • Ganoderma with licorice combination: Use a few slices of Ganoderma and licorice to brake with boiling water and cover for about 30 minutes. Then can enjoy this tea. Note that you can use the residue to mix with 3-4 times more water!

Making tea with Ganoderma and other herbs is simple

Instructions on how to drink water

  • Exercise 1: Using Lingzhi mushroom 15g, virgin 12g, chicken gizzard 9g bring water color with low heat for about 60 minutes and then cool and drink 2 times / day in the morning and afternoon. This medicine supports the treatment of liver and kidney disease quite well.
  • Exercise 2: Using Ganoderma mushrooms 10g, isochan 5g, dong quai 5g, 3g field, cross frame 5 bring excellent drinking water. This is a kidney tonic, reduce fatigue, enhance physiological function, ...
  • Exercise 3: Preparing Ganoderma 10g, 10g cypress, ceiling packaging 8g bring excellent drinking water during the day will work well for patients with bronchitis and asthma.
  • Exercise 4: Combining Lingzhi mushroom 30g, western ginseng 30g, jelly extract 30g, 30g nostalgic paint, white wood ear 30g, 30g shiitake mushroom pulverized into powder and mixed together. Then, use about 2-3g braking with boiling water and drink 2 times / day. This is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic as well as an effective treatment for cancer patients.

Lingzhi and ventricular water colors are good for health

Using Ganoderma with herbs brings great benefits for health. However, attention should be paid to choosing mushrooms that ensure the quality, composition as well as medicinal content according to regulations. In Viet Nam, Ganoderma - Former Member of Center for Business Incubation Technology, University of Agriculture and Forestry is a prestigious address trusted by many people. The above brand is honored to receive the certification “Quality Safety CCI 2015” by Economic Research Institute, Vietnam Consumer Research Center, Global Trade Associations - Global GTA, International Assessment and Certification Organization InterConformity (Germany) - Europe) assess and recognize for manufacturing and trading of health food.

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