What are the uses of red lingzhi? Recipes distinguish real red lingzhi - fake, quality - how not quality, .... And why red Ganoderma is so popular and among the top most popular today? According to many scientific studies have shown, red Lingzhi has the highest medicinal component of the current popular Lingzhi mushrooms. This is also a mushroom with many outstanding effects and is popular today.

Ganoderma red uses what?

Ganoderma includes types: Hoang Chi (yellow), Thanh Chi (green), Hac Chi (black), Bach Chi (white), Tu Chi (purple red), Xich Chi (aka Hong Chi - Linh Chi red). Among the above types, reishi mushroom has the strongest medicinal properties. They contain more than 400 active ingredients with different medicinal properties that help to treat many diseases and good for the body.

Ganoderma Red What Uses

Red Lucid Ganoderma has the highest pharmacological content among the reishi mushrooms

Similar to other Lingzhi mushrooms, they all contain 5 extremely important ingredients, making great use of Lingzhi including: Polysaccharides, Organic Germanium, Adenosine, Triterpenoid, Ganoderic Acid essence. In particular, the active ingredient content The Germanium in Lingzhi is much higher than other mushrooms, so it has a prominent effect in job Strengthen the immune system, improve health, prevent signs of aging. At the same time, ingredients Polysaccharide and Triterpenoid are prized for their health benefits.

Similar to other Lingzhi mushrooms Red Lingzhi mushroom Good for digestive, respiratory, circulatory, neurological, cardiovascular, excreted, urinary, etc. These fungi prevent and support the treatment of diabetes, protect the liver, good for bones and joints , people with gout, anti-allergy, insomnia, sedation, support for treatment of diseases related to stomach, ear - nose - throat, ...

How To Differentiate Quality Red Lingzhi

Using Ganoderma mushrooms helps prevent, support and treat many diseases and good for health

Besides, they also have a positive effect for pregnant women, postpartum, have a beautiful effect on the skin, anti-aging, weight loss and obesity prevention. In particular, Ganoderma is a "panacea" in the room and supports effective cancer treatment.

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Types Of Ganoderma You already know

Instructions on how to distinguish real and fake Red Lingzhi

On the market today, there are many Lingzhi mushrooms grown in Vietnam and imported from some countries such as Korea, Japan, and China. In general, the medicinal composition of Linh Chi in the countries is similar but the content is different. In addition, the environment and the incubation process are different, so the value of the medicinal ingredients is also different, the shape and taste are also different.

Whether imported or imported Lingzhi, they have certain values and uses. However, on the market today with a series of business addresses with real goods - fake confusion confused consumers. Several criteria to distinguish Ganoderma red real or fake below may help:

Distinguish red Ganoderma through appearance

  • Ganoderma is really red: Dark red on the upper surface due to the many spores, the underside is lemon yellow or ivory-white, termite-free.
  • Fake Lingzhi: There are few spores on the top, so the color is not dark red, the bottom is dark yellow like turmeric, and if you look closely you can see the round holes due to termites, borer, create a feeling of rough and not glossy.

Address Sell Red Lingzhi TPCHM

Fake Lingzhi has termites and real mushrooms do not

Distinguish red lingzhi through a unique taste

  • Reishi red mushrooms: Vietnamese mushrooms are less bitter, have a pleasant aroma and are not sour while Lingzhi mushrooms are more bitter, pleasant aromas and are not sour.
  • Fake Lingzhi: Has an unusually bitter taste, unpleasant dark odor or no smell, may have a sour taste.

Ganoderma Red Is It Good?

It is possible to distinguish real or fake Red Lingzhi through a distinctive flavor

Distinguish through origin, price

  • Reishi mushrooms are red: There are papers proving the origin, origin, products are quality-tested. Average price from 1.4 to 4 million depending on the type.
  • Fake Lingzhi: There is no clear origin, not tested, the price is cheaper than real mushrooms, ranging from 500 thousand - 1 million VND.

Distinguished through the content of medicinal properties, growth chemicals

  • Real Ganoderma: The pharmaceutical content meets the standards of the Ministry of Health and does not use chemicals or growth drugs.
  • Fake Lingzhi: The pharmacological content is absent or extremely low, using chemicals and growth drugs.

Distinguish through red Ganoderma location

One of the important criteria that consumers can easily choose high quality Red Lingzhi instead of buying the wrong products is the location of the brand and the brand.

Premium Ganoderma Website

Need to choose reputable and quality Linh Chi mushroom sale address

  • Ganoderma is really red: Sold by a reputable brand, with a clear location, licensed and qualified for quality products.
  • Fake Lingzhi: Strange brand, no address, no license, ...

On the market today, among thousands of sales locations, the brand Ganoderma Ganoderma is a leading manufacturing and distribution unit highly rated and voted on by consumers. quality. The brand has achieved many honors and certificates such as: CCI International Certificate 2015, certification of high quality Vietnamese goods, certification of food hygiene and safety standards, ...

In addition, the product announcements and consumer appreciation over the years have made the brand reputation. Present, Ganoderma Ganoderma being conquered the faith and the choice of many people.

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Effect Of Mushrooms On Health

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