Abdominal pain during menstruation significantly affects life and work of women. To reduce pain and limit negative influences Use Ganoderma Lucidum chosen by many people.

Obsessive menstrual abdominal pain of women

The condition of menstrual cramping occurs in the majority of women and greatly affects the work and life of each person. They become the monthly obsession of many people. This condition occurs because during menstruation, the uterus contracts too much and lasts for abdominal pain. In some special cases, women with abnormal uterus or congenital malformations with irregular blood supply, uterine hypoxia also cause menstrual cramps.

Dysmenorrhea is an obsession for many women

In addition, endometriosis, gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, fibroids, uterine cysts or prostaglandin (PG) content in menstrual and endometrial blood Increased womb is also the cause of dull or intense abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle, especially in the early days. Some other causes such as: strong exercise, environmental impact, due to eating a lot of cold foods, ... can also cause dysmenorrhea in women.

To reduce menstrual cramps, besides keeping the body warm, hygiene, eating nutritious, even taking painkillers, women can use Ganoderma herbal medicine also brings effects regulate menstruation and reduce menstrual pain significantly. It is also an herb with many uses for health as well as supporting the treatment of many diseases. In particular, they are 'elixir' for the beauty of the youth of women.

Reducing menstrual pain helps to avoid affecting work and life

+ Note: Preventing and Reducing the Harm caused by Radiation by Reishi Mushroom

Effects of regulating and reducing dysmenorrhea of Lingzhi mushrooms

Ganoderma has the scientific name Ganoderma lucidum, belongs to the Lim mushroom family. They are known as the "herbal king" with a range of uses for health. The fungus contains hundreds of active ingredients beneficial to human health. In particular, a number of special ingredients bring preventive and supportive treatment, improve the immune system of the body as well as a series of effects for health and beauty.

Using Ganoderma Lucidum is effective in reducing dysmenorrhea

Using Ganoderma also helps regulate menstruation in women. At the same time, they work to reduce abdominal pain during each menstrual cycle quite well. In the composition of Lingzhi also contains provailen, adenosine, ... has an effective analgesic effect. In addition, the organic Germanium in reishi mushroom helps increase oxygen in the blood system also has good effects for the body as well as helps improve health, limiting the effects of dysmenorrhea.

Using Ganoderma mushrooms helps reduce pain and eliminate the phobia of menstrual abdominal pain for women. This is also a good herb for the nervous system, respiratory, digestive, excreted, urinary, strengthening the immune system, supporting the treatment of many diseases. Especially, for women when using it also helps the skin more bright white, ruddy. Ganoderma also works in supporting anti-aging, skin beauty, weight loss as well as anti-obesity quite well. Women using Ganoderma not only regulate menstruation, reduce dysmenorrhea but also beautify the skin and slim.

Ganoderma also brings many uses for women

Instructions to use Ganoderma reduce menstrual pain

Using Ganoderma mushrooms to cook water or make tea and enjoy are ways to reduce dysmenorrhea as well as good for health. These are also the simplest ways and are applied by many people today. Using Ganoderma lucidum slices or grinding all bring effective effects.

How to use sliced Lingzhi (about 5-7g) to cook with about 1.5 liters of water and simmer for 20 minutes until they are gone and about 1 liter of water can be drained to drink gradually. . For Ganoderma powder grinding, just mix them in hot water and let it cool to use. Drinking reishi mushroom juice not only reduces abdominal pain but also helps women regulate menstruation as well as beautify the skin. Using Lingzhi residue to cook bath water or using mushroom powder to apply face also brings great beauty effect.

Use reishi water to reduce menstrual cramps

Using reishi mushroom juice brings many uses for women, but pay attention to using the right quality mushrooms. This is one of the issues that many people are concerned about today. On the market there are countless brands and locations to supply Lingzhi mushrooms, but where is the prestigious place? Whereby, Ganoderma - Former Member of Center for Incubation of Technology Enterprise University of Agriculture and Forestry with many prestigious achievements such as: International certificate of CCI 2015, certification of high quality Vietnamese goods, certification of food safety and hygiene, ... voted by many people. This is a brand that provides prestige and quality Linh Chi mushroom products, ensuring medicinal ingredients and content. Currently, Linh Chi Nong Lam mushroom brand is trusted and chosen by many people.

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