For the human body, resistance plays a very important role. Supplementing the body with essential nutrients will be the best way to prevent and fight the disease. Where is Food enhances resistance effective during the epidemic season? Let's follow the article below to find the answer to this problem.

Decreased resistance makes the body more susceptible to disease
Decreased resistance makes the body more susceptible to disease   
  1. The doctor says nothing about the diet every day

Nutrition experts have recommended to people about the issue of adequate nutrition for daily meals during the season. Each meal needs to balance the full range of essential substances such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber group + vitamins + minerals. Menu arrangements may change frequently.

Each body needs to be provided with a complete range of nutrients through balancing the amount of food intake in the body such as:

  • Balance food groups containing animal protein and vegetable protein.
  • Increase the recommended intake of double vegetables and vitamins.
  • Provides a small amount of good fats from nuts, vegetable oils.

Only when the body is fully loaded with nutrients can it be healthy, which also means improving the immune system and increasing resistance.

The diet needs to provide a full range of substances
The diet needs to provide a full range of substances

In particular, doctors also encourage people to use vitamin C-rich green vegetables and fruits to make the prevention mechanism work more effectively. Specifically, fruits such as strawberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, carrots ... At the same time, functional foods of natural origin are also the top priority in strengthening resistance.

+ Note: How To Increase Resistance, Anti Sickness, Protect The Body From Disease

  1. Using any herb enhances the resistance

To keep the body healthy, enhance organ function and combat Corona virus causing respiratory infections. The types of medicinal materials that enhance the resistance include: Hoang Ky, ginger, garlic, ginseng ... many people trust.

Ginger, garlic has the effect of increasing resistance as not yet the best
Ginger, garlic has the effect of increasing resistance as not yet the best

In particular, the type of medicinal plant that contains medicinal ingredients is high, safe and brings unexpected effects: Cordyceps.

In cordyceps, there are many groups of substances that bring direct effects on respiratory system problems. At the same time cordyceps mushroom This is also used to enhance lung function, increase immunity, fight inflammation. An outstanding advantage of cordyceps mushroom compared to other foods that enhance the resistance is: Being able to fight bacteria, prevent viruses.

The reason Cordyceps has a great effect In improving the immune system and strengthening, improving lung function is because:

  • In medicinal mushrooms, there are 17 different types of amino acids that metabolize and synthesize proteins for the body.
  • The amount of rare selenium is used to prevent cancer and enhance immunity.
  • In particular, pharmaceutical substance D-Manitol is used to restore damaged alveoli.
  • Cordyceps also contains many vitamins and minerals that support energy regeneration.
Cordyceps has anti-virus, bacteria and high resistance
Cordyceps has anti-virus, bacteria and high resistance
  1. What to do to strengthen the resistance

In addition to the diet, you need to pay special attention to your daily routines so that you do not reduce the resistance leading to the possibility of virus invasion.

You should drink 2 - 2.5 liters of water per day, water is involved in the metabolism of the body, and helps remove viruses, bacteria from the oral cavity and respiratory tract.

Not only that, physical activity through sports exercises is also an effective way to increase resistance. When active, the body will be enhanced oxygen, promote metabolism to enhance the immune system.

Exercise every day helps to strengthen the immune system
Exercise every day helps to strengthen the immune system

There is evidence that 10 people exercise regularly and 10 people do not exercise. After 6 weeks, 10 people who regularly exercised had a lower incidence of colds and sore throat than those who did not exercise.

In particular, you need to quit smoking habits, stay up late to internal organs under less pressure and thereby the body more healthy.

It can be said that the human body always needs to be fully supplemented with nutrition, enhance sport training to live happily and healthily. In particular, the physical activities and nutrition in this season are getting more and more attention. You can plan to create a menu for the family by week, by month to ensure providing adequate nutrients without feeling bored.

Hopefully, with the information we share, you will understand more about what diet is justified. Also know how to choose food strengthen resistance for yourself and your loved ones, especially during this epidemic phase.

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