In addition to processing Ganoderma To make tea or to cook water, using them to soak alcohol also brings many health benefits. So alcohol Ganoderma can effect and how to soak?

Ganoderma alcohol has any effect?

Ganoderma is one of the natural herbs with many effects for health. This is also the current favorite herbs. If many people are familiar with Ganoderma tea or turn it into a dish, soaking alcohol can also have many great effects.

Ganoderma has many great effects for health

Lingzhi wine Has a protective effect as well as supports liver detoxification. From there, they work to limit the causes that can cause liver disease. The composition of Ganoderma contains high polysaccharides that stimulate the macrophages and increase the body's immunity, increase the ability to prevent many diseases, especially cancer.

Using Ganoderma alcohol helps with the nervous system, has a good effect on people with insomnia. They help increase appetite and deeper, more comfortable sleep. For people who often work with high intensity, stress, stress, they also work to relieve stress and reduce stress. At the same time, Lingzhi alcohol supports detoxification, diuretic, enhance the body's resistance as well as improve and improve health very well.

Reishi mushrooms soaked in alcohol have the effect of improving physiological function

In particular, the wine soaked from "miraculous" Linh Chi mushrooms has the effect of strengthening the vitality, improving the physiological function for men, helping the couple's life to be happier and more sublime. At the same time, Lingzhi helps women have pinky and youthful-looking skin, reducing wrinkles.

Using Lingzhi mushrooms to soak alcohol has many great effects for health as well as improving the function of some organ systems in the body. Therefore, using Lingzhi mushrooms soaked in wine is widely chosen and applied today.

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Instructions to soak Lingzhi wine properly

To maximize the benefits of Ganoderma, attention should be paid to soaking alcohol properly. Accordingly, there are many ways to soak Ganoderma wine combined with other raw materials and other herbs to bring many uses for health, typically:

Lingzhi alcohol soaked with some herbs helps increase the effects for health

Ganoderma soaked with glutinous rice with longan

Prepare: Ganoderma 100g, jujube 10g, red apple 20g, longan 100g, glutinous rice wine 1.5 liters, glass jar.


  • First, bring longan, jujube, red apple to wash, drain and put in a glass jar, for Ganoderma mushrooms.
  • Pour wine and cover tightly and leave to soak in a cool place, away from sunlight.
  • Soak for about 1 month onwards to be able to use.
  • Each day drink about 15-20ml divided into 2 times.

Ganoderma soaked with wine and ventricular ginseng

Prepare: Lingzhi sliced 30g, ginseng 15g, ventricular 10g, white wine 500ml, glass jar.


  • Put all of the above ingredients in a glass jar, pour in wine and seal the lid.
  • Soak for more than 15 days to be able to use, preferably 1 month.
  • Use them to drink every day about 15-20ml divided into 2 times.

Soak Ganoderma wine is also quite simple

Ganoderma soaked with wine with ginseng

Prepare: Ganoderma sliced 75g, ginseng 25g, glutinous rice 500ml, alum sugar 150g, glass jar.


  • Put all of the prepared ingredients in the jar, fill the bottle with wine, close the lid, store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Soak after about 1 month, you can use. Similar to Lingzhi mushrooms soaked with other herbs, using about 15-20ml per day and dividing into 2 times is best.

When Ganoderma wine is soaked, they have a pale color and then change color gradually. Soaking alcohol longer time on will be even better. Care should be taken before using the bottle to shake it more evenly and the dark colors on the bottom of the jar to mix.

The dosage used is generally as directed above but also depends on the individual's medical condition and appropriate adjustments. Besides, it should be noted in the selection of alcohol soaked around 40-50 degrees and the use of red Lingzhi is best. According to many studies have shown that Ganoderma Lucidum contains the highest pharmacological content and brings many great effects for health.

Pay attention to choose quality Lingzhi, ensure its ingredients and medicinal content

Choosing quality red Ganoderma at prestigious locations will ensure the best wine immersion. The current, Ganoderma - Former Member of Center for Business Incubation Technology, University of Agriculture and Forestry is a brand chosen by many people. You can also take a look Other effective ways to use Ganoderma here.

The brand is famous for its quality mushroom products, ensuring their medicinal properties and inherent uses. This brand is CCI 2015 International Certification, certification of food safety and hygiene, certification of high quality Vietnamese goods, ... Currently this mushroom brand is trusted and selected by many consumers to use. .

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