Selenium is the name of a nutrient that is very beneficial to the body. Ability health promotion and support for disease treatment very good. This substance cannot be produced by the body, so we can only provide it from the outside through the diet.

Learn more to know better What is Selenium? as well as the healing effects of selenium. All of us will be detailed in this article shortly

Selenium has a very effective healing effect

The information you need to know about Selenium

Leading experts say Selenium is a precious trace mineral. Can help people prevent cancer. Because there have been many cases of cancer that have been proven to be caused by a lack of selenium in the body.

Every day the body needs to be supplied with 0.05mg - 0.10mg so that the internal organs maintain a stable operation. If the body lacks selenium for longer, it is more susceptible to many diseases such as arthritis, cataracts, cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney failure ... 

What foods can we find selenium? Selenium supplies need to know in what foods they exist. Selenium content in garlic, asparagus, mushrooms is a good source of selenium for the body. Selenium is also quite rich in some marine species such as clams, shellfish, snails, mussels, big fish…. Whole grains are also the ideal food to provide selenium. 

Cordyceps mushrooms are considered to contain the highest Selenium content of all the above mentioned types. Cordyceps is a rare fungus known as the elixir of panacea. Not only does it provide selenium, it also provides many other great nutrients. Help the body to enjoy many valuable resources for health.

Selenium helps the body prevent cancer
Selenium helps the body prevent cancer

+ Note: Cordyceps Is Really Anti-Fatigue, Depression

Is Selen's effect just a rumor?

Selen's effect is not entirely rumor. It is proved by scientists and completely grounded. Let's see what is Selenium effect:

  • The first use will probably be most interested by many women. Selenium has extremely good beauty and anti-aging effects. Helping women preserve beauty and effectively repel aging.
  • Enhances the ability of the heart to function, helps the heart to stabilize its beat. Protect the heart from dangerous diseases such as heart valve obstruction, atherosclerosis ...
  • Minimize the risk of some cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer ...
  • Liver failure, kidney failure are also consequences of selenium deficiency for too long. Therefore, selenium plays an important role in preventing liver and kidney failure effectively.
  • Selenium helps the body regulate sugar levels in balance, preventing diabetes.
  • One of the causes of infertility disease is due to the body's inadequate supply of selenium needed. Impaired sperm quality, impaired access and fertilization of eggs. Causing infertility in couples.
  • Strengthening the body's immune system thanks to the action of selenium has been moderated by experts.
  • Selenium is extremely important for children in the role of helping their bodies develop comprehensively. 
  • For patients with chronic asthma, selenium can be considered as the perfect drug for effective disease improvement.
  • If your hair turns gray early or you are experiencing dandruff, it is advisable to supply selenium immediately to help you regain healthy hair quickly.
  • Every day our bodies have to tolerate large amounts of toxins from food and the outside environment though undesirable. Selenium is a mineral that is extremely effective in detoxifying the body. Help eliminate toxins from the body, keep the body healthy.
  • In addition to its therapeutic uses, selenium is also an essential nutrient for the body every day. Therefore, the need to provide adequate selenium to the body is extremely important.

Selenium, like any other nutrient, should not be added too much. At the same time, it should be noted that when you want to provide selenium, using raw, unprocessed foods will bring more efficiency.

Selenium has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body

+ Note: Some Cases Do Not Use Cordyceps

Through the article shows, to add selenium to the body, cordyceps is the most ideal source. For those who have heard of cordyceps will surely no doubt about the use of this panacea. 

Natural cordyceps originated from Tibet, have a very high price. However, the supply is not enough when this cordyceps is extremely rare. The exploitation of cordyceps is faced with numerous difficulties and dangers when they only appear in the rugged high mountains. 

Artificial cordyceps has been present in Vietnam with a modern scientific farming model. Artificial cordyceps are evaluated by nutritionists to have a nutrient content similar to natural cordyceps. The price is much cheaper. So to use cordyceps you just need to Nong Lam Linh Chi to buy quality artificial cordyceps while preserving the rare nutrient content inside.

Cordyceps contains abundant selenium

Health always needs to be preserved and improved every day. Using cordyceps to provide Selenium is a way to help the body stay healthy, prevent disease. Besides, we still need to regularly exercise, train the body for endurance.

For the health of yourself and your family, for a peaceful and happy life is the message that we want to send to all customers.

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