Summary of Tips for Using Cordyceps Cordyceps Highly Effective


Cordyceps is one of the rare natural herbs with many uses for health. However, Cordyceps really only works when it is used properly.

Instructions on how to use cordyceps by type

The uses of Cordyceps when used properly:

  • Supporting the treatment of physiological dysfunction, a decrease in libido, helping the kidneys grow positive.
  • Support in combating difficult-to-treat illnesses such as chronic hepatitis, chronic tracheitis, chronic asthma, people with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma
  • Support for treatment of cardiovascular disease: Helps regulate blood sugar, fight heart rhythm disorders, increase blood circulation, oxygen for body organs.
  • Cancer treatment support: Thanks to the Cordycepin ingredient found in cordyceps. This component helps to significantly reduce the size of the tumor, delay the spread of cancer cells and inhibit fission.
  • Application of preparation of medicines to prevent HIV / AIDS: Thanks to the presence of active substances HEAA (Hydroxy - Ethyl - Adenosine - Analogs).
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood, prevent the recurrence of some heart diseases.
  • Increasing endurance, combating fatigue, physical weakness, neurasthenia - good for frail older people, poor diet, or hard labor often tired, exhausted, and short of breath.
  • Slow down the aging process in the elderly.
  • Increasing flexibility for bones and joints.
  • Support beauty for women, darken, remove wrinkles.
  • Improve the immune system - Increases resistance for body: Specifically, when using cordyceps will enhance the activity of macrophages and NK cells, regulate the response of B lymphocytes, selectively enhance the activity of inhibited T cells. , increases the concentration of antibodies IgG, IgM in the serum.

Today, in this article Linh Chi Nong Lam will help you find out Using Cordyceps Cordyceps properly with high efficiency. The following will be useful and very interesting information for you!

How to use Cordyceps how to effectively get it right

1. How to use Cordyceps in each type

1.1 How to use Cordyceps Cordyceps

Cordyceps in the market today has mainly 3 types:

+ The first type: Cordyceps Militaris (this type of mushroom is a filament similar to bean sprouts that the southern people call the price but has an orange color, this type can be grown on the basis of rice, beans or on stalks but mainly on the market In Vietnam, there is a total of brown rice, beans, and this is what experts call Militaris cordyceps.

+ 2nd type: As cordyceps sinensic cordyceps, this species is only found in nature and the fruit grows on the substrate as a worm, so the shape of this type is like a worm, this is a rare type with many nutrients but very rare. and very high cost up to 1 billion / 1kg.

Due to the high price of this rare species, it is easy to fake or use a similarly shaped herb to deceive customers - people who do not know about the product say that this herb is identical. In order to deceive them to make a profit, today with fake technology, this type of sinensic is sold cheaply on the domestic and foreign market, to buy this type without being fake, the only way to buy it. directly from the harvesters looking for the fungus from Tibet while they are being harvested, only then can it be believed because the worm is so fake.

In addition, with advanced technology, this cordycep sinensis is artificially grown but only results in a biomass (i.e., only white fiber) but does not have the same results as the wild type. and the value of pharmaceutical substance when culturing biomass cannot be equal to 100% of natural collection, but has been used by pharmaceutical companies in the world to manufacture drugs because of its certain effectiveness in treating sick.

+ The third Cordyceps type: Popular in Vietnam market today is Cordyceps takaomontana, this type is often cultivated with strawberries, especially this kind of high nutritional value is very good for nourishing health and supporting the treatment of diseases and There are very few units of this type in Vietnam market, Linh Chi Nong Lam is one of the few manufacturers of Cordyceps Takaomontana products with the name Cordyceps Agriculture and Forestry.

The main ingredient in cordyceps
Common uses for cordyceps today are:
- Use Cordyceps to cook drinking water

Usage of Cordyceps Cordyceps (or non-seahorse but filamentous fruit of Militaris type) is considered to be simple and can retain many medicinal properties of the product. You can use Cordyceps to brake tea with ginseng.

The method is very simple, you only need to use Cordyceps, ginseng, each type about 2 - 3g into a teapot, rinse with boiling water 1 time and then pour boiling water to soak for 10 minutes to be used .

Only after a short time using cordyceps, depending on the location of each person, men will feel positive changes in physiological and physical health are enhanced, especially for people with nutritional depletion. or erectile dysfunction, ejaculation, premature ejaculation.

There are many ways to use cordyceps different depending on the type of whole or preparations (in pill form, liquid form)

Using Cordyceps to cook drinking water

- Using Cordyceps Cordyceps soak

In addition to whole Cordyceps (or strands) combined with ginseng to brake tea, you can also use to soak the wine. This wine is also a "savior" for people with physiological or malnutrition problems who need to improve their health.

Cordyceps soaked with Ginseng Ginseng, or velvet antler is also a perfect choice. Suitable users are those who need a positive kidney transplant, enhance health, improve weakness, strengthen the immune system of the body, good for all ages (children under 1 year of age to use mother repair No need to foster these herbs because mum repair is best for babies and young children)

The miraculous use of cordyceps is transmitted from one another to the past. It is inherently a rare and healthy herbCordyceps Wine

- Cordyceps in Dong Thap to cook porridge and soup

Cordyceps is not only a medicine, but it is also a spice to make the dish more delicious and nutritious. There are many ways of processing soup and porridge with Cordyceps in the whole. When cooking, you can add red apples, chicken, freshwater fish, rock sugar ...

In addition, users can also use Cordyceps Cordyceps to stew with meat as well as soups are very good for health.

Cordyceps Mushrooms cook soup, stew delicious soup great

- Cordyceps Cordyceps used directly

For some people, they choose to use Cordyceps Cordyceps (or fiber) that is eaten directly. This is a way to absorb the full nutritional value found in Cordyceps.

With this usage, you just need to wash Cordyceps, soak in warm water 30 degrees for about 10 minutes, then soak Cordyceps in warm water of about 70 degrees for another 5 minutes. Afterwards, users can chew Cordyceps and drink small sips of warm water.

1.2 How to use Cordyceps Cordyceps tablets

Vien-Nang-Dong-Trung-Ha-Thao-Nong-Lam-05.jpg (600 × 600)

For those who do not have time, they often choose to use Cordyceps Cordyceps tablets. This is a simple use and the body will still receive the pharmaceuticals contained in Cordyceps. People with lung, liver, physiological or debilitating illnesses who need to strengthen their body can use Cordyceps Cordyceps tablets.

1.3 How to use Cordyceps Cordyceps

Currently on the market, Cordyceps has 2 types of packaging and bottling. However, the dosage depends on the type of product and the user. Because cordyceps is a rare and valuable herb, it is necessary to choose a reputable manufacturer to buy this type because customers in fact cannot check the percentage of quantity that manufacturers put into the product, so choose A reputable manufacturer is very important when buying Cordyceps in the form of water or powder because it is easy to fake or not to put the product in.

Cordyceps (DTHT) has long been used as an herb in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Tibetan medicineCordyceps Water is convenient for use

2. Using Cordyceps for people who want to nourish the body

Subjects who want to improve their bodies and improve their health with Cordyceps are: Workers who are too tired, people with chronic physical weakness, newly ill people ...

In cordyceps there are many high value nutrients. Therefore, using Cordyceps Cordyceps processing into a food or drink will bring a nourishing effect to the body.

Newly ill people, need to recover the body after surgery, people with weakness, overworked when using Cordyceps will quickly regain health, improve the natural immune system.

For these subjects, the best way to use Cordyceps is:

2.1 Use Cordyceps to cook water

The body is tired, so eating whole Cordyceps will make people feel bored. Therefore, you can use 3-7g of Cordyceps per day with 200ml of water to cook into drinking water. Note should boil 10 minutes to cool and drink both water and the same as drinking tea.

How To Soak Cordyceps Cordyceps StandardBraking of Cordyceps Tea

2.2 Use Cordyceps in dishes

New people get up, body weakness, fatigue often taste quite picky eaters. Therefore, using Cordyceps in food processing is the best way to create a delicious, more intense feeling when eating. At the same time, the patient's body can also absorb all the nutrients. Can be added to the dish to add some herbs, soup, fish, meat, mushrooms ... to increase the flavor.

3. Use Cordyceps for people with tumors

For people with tumors, Cordyceps is an effective way to regulate the body's immune system. At the same time, Cordyceps also works to reduce the growth of tumor size, prevent metastasis, recurrence.

For patients with tumors, the most effective way to use Cordyceps is to cook drinking water. Every day, patients should use about 5-10g Cordyceps Decoction with 500ml of water, after boiling for 10 minutes to cool down and use throughout the day as cool water.

Cordyceps has great uses for health. So how to use to promote the use of this herbCordyceps Tea can be used for people with tumors

4. Using Cordyceps Cordyceps for the elderly

The body of the elderly begins to show signs of aging. Therefore, the use of Cordyceps will help the body dispel fatigue, restore health. To prepare Cordyceps for the elderly, you can:

- Use 5-10g Cordyceps in cooking to make porridge, soup, soup for the elderly to eat. When cooking, you should combine with other ingredients that have a tonic effect such as meat, fish, ...

- Use 5-10g Cordyceps to make tea, with this usage, older people can sip all day when resting, reading books ...

5. Using Cordyceps Cordyceps for people with memory impairment and stressful working

Subjects have to deal with computers a lot, the pressure of work is high or the concentration is high with the tasks that require thinking. They will most likely experience fatigue, headaches, memory loss or nervous tension.

The use of Cordyceps in these cases is a perfect choice. For busy people like this, making Cordyceps tea in a thermos bottle to enjoy is the most effective and quick way.

Users only need to put about 3 -5g Cordyceps in a thermos bottle after cleaning. Next, fill the kettle with boiling water and take it to work to enjoy. When the water is stopped for the first time, you can add warm water and continue drinking.

6. Using Cordyceps Cordyceps for men

In the male body, external influences or daily living habits are the causes of symptoms such as:

- Impaired physiological function, no longer desires.

- Tobacco, alcohol makes the body tired, depressed.

- Fatigue, irritability

To improve physiological health and body improvement, men should also use Cordyceps Cordyceps. The best way to use Cordyceps for men is:

- Soak Cordyceps wine with ginseng, deer velvet or three purple jacks.

- Cook Cordyceps water with ginseng.

- Using Cordyceps Cordyceps in processing dishes with goat meat, pork ribs ...

7. Using Cordyceps for women

For women, using Cordyceps Cordyceps is the best way to improve skin, reproductive health (menstrual disorders, menorrhagia, physiological decline).

- In beauty, you can use Cordyceps Cordyceps pulverized, mixed with natural ingredients such as: Chicken eggs, fresh milk, honey, lemon, ... to make a mask.

- To improve skin, physique or reproductive health, postpartum body recovery ... Women should cook Cordyceps water to drink. When drinking can add honey, royal jelly to increase the effectiveness.

Cordyceps helps to improve aging

Using Cordyceps Cordyceps best time?

No matter how good the medicine is, if you do not know how to use it, it will not bring any benefit, even "to" add disease to the person. Cordyceps, too, must be used at the right time to be effective.

In fact, depending on the purpose and object of use, the time to use Cordyceps is not the same

1. Using Cordyceps Cordyceps for people with respiratory and bronchial diseases

For patients with lung and respiratory diseases, it is very important to choose the time to use Cordyceps. This object, cooking Cordyceps porridge Cordyceps is best.

Because Cordyceps does not contain toxicity, patients can use before, during or after the course of treatment is over. The time to eat Cordyceps porridge and take Western medicine should be about 30 minutes apart.

2. For those who want to improve their immune system, maintain health

For patients with weakened immune systems, weakened bodies, and overworked people, it is best to use Cordyceps in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. The best way to use Cordyceps in this user group is to chew raw.

Cordyceps after washing, soak with hot water to soften. Then people directly chew Cordyceps to absorb all the ingredients in this food. If users use preparations of Cordyceps, it is recommended to use 2-3 tablets 1 day, 30 minutes after a meal.

3. For people treating sexual dysfunction and decline

With men with disorders and sexual dysfunction. Patients should start taking Cordyceps Cordules as soon as their disease is discovered or can be used previously as a dietary supplement to prevent disease.

For this user, Cordyceps can be used in the early morning or other times of the day. The most effective way to use it is to crush Cordyceps into powder to drink directly or brake Cordyceps with ginseng like tea to use.

Cordyceps is the "panacea" in the treatment of physiological impairment

In the case of people with physiological weakness before, the best way to use Cordyceps is best to soak wine. The best time to drink cordyceps is 30 minutes before going to bed, about 20ml a day.

4. Using Cordyceps with patients treated

Cordyceps is considered as one of the benign functional foods that support the treatment of diseases very effectively. Especially in the treatment of cancer, because Cordyceps helps prevent the growth of tumor size, limiting metastatic cancer cells.

Moreover, using Cordyceps Cordyceps also helps to increase the resistance, prevent the body from suffering from dangerous diseases. Reduce the side effects of medications or the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. In particular, using Cordyceps Cordyceps also works to protect the liver, lungs, kidneys, heart and blood pressure.

Patients should use Cordyceps in the morning, lunch or evening before going to bed, should be taken 30 minutes from time to take medication. Do not use Cordyceps soaked in alcohol, but also can process Cordyceps in many different ways.

Notes when using Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a very good medicine for health. However, not always how to use Cordyceps will bring about the same effect. Not to mention, in some cases, due to not paying attention to how to use Cordyceps Cordyceps leaves many unfortunate consequences. 

Therefore, when using Cordyceps you need to note:

1. Dosage of Cordyceps Cordyceps

Cordyceps is good for health, in treating illnesses but you still need to take it at a reasonable dosage. Dosage of Cordyceps depends on the subject, the health status of each person.

Overuse of Cordyceps will cause the body's immune system to be over-stimulated and cause adverse reactions. At that time, Cordyceps users may have nosebleeds, rashes, hives, weakness ...

2. How to process Cordyceps

The nutritional value of Cordyceps depends very much on the time and processing.

Do not use Cordyceps Cordyceps for too long because they will lose some nutrients when the temperature is too high, When Cordyceps Cordyceps should set low fire, when using must use both water and the female with fiber type, with Deep fruiting bodies can boil for longer time and can use water, but still encourage the use of both water and the female to get all the medicine.

3. Choose the right processing tool

When cooking Cordyceps, it is best to use a pot or earthenware pot, porcelain to ensure the flavor and nutrients inside.

4. Time to use Cordyceps

As we shared above, the time spent to use Cordyceps is crucial to its effect. Cordyceps should not be used immediately after a full meal, right before bed. For people with asthma, only Cordyceps should be used early in the morning.

The case should not use Cordyceps

- Young children are the object that need to be carefully considered before giving to Cordyceps. Under 1 year old should not use, children over 1 year old, depending on the site that should be used or not and should be consulted for the appropriate type, for example, cordycep type Takaomontana is suitable for children from 1 to 5 year old.

- Do not use Cordyceps in people with fever.

- For pregnant women should consult experts, breastfeeding women can be used to enhance nutrition.

- For subjects with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, multiple sclerosis ... The immune system can work more strongly when using Cordyceps Cordyceps. This may be the cause of more severe symptoms.

- People with blood clotting disorders when using Cordyceps Cord are at greater risk of bleeding. So this object should avoid using Cordyceps.

- For those cases prepared for surgery, do not use Cordyceps Cordyceps. Because the medicinal ingredients in Cordyceps may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery. Therefore, before 2 weeks of surgery should stop using Cordyceps Cordyceps.

Buy Cordyceps where good?

To buy Cordyceps Cordyceps best quality at an affordable price. You can contact Linh Chi Nong Lam. Our Cordyceps products have been tested by the Ministry of Health for quality and are committed to a policy of protecting the rights of users. Therefore, you absolutely can safely use.


How to use cordyceps to improve the immune system - Enhance resistance (especially in this corona flu season)

Speaking of natural herbs with many good ingredients for health, leading the list is always "Cordyceps". Perhaps the great combination of plants and animals, so cordyceps exists many rare substances that few herbs have.

Have you ever heard of the effect of cordyceps on the resistance, human immune system? How to make cordyceps promote the full use of the immune system?

Ganoderma Nong Lam invites you to find out 3 ways to use cordyceps improve the immune system through the article below.

Cordyceps has a great use with the immune system

  1. The immune system is important for health

The immune system is always an important issue that is closely related and directly related to human health. To the body, the immune system is like a "wall" that protects against external aggressors. Only when the immune system is healthy, bacteria, viruses, molds, parasites ... can not attack the human body and affect health.

The immune response is understood as follows:

  • A healthy immune system will create a "barrier" separating pathogens, removing foreign antigens from entering the body.
  • If strange foreign pathogens and antigens cross the "immune barrier". At this time, the immune system will produce white blood cells, proteins, chemicals to attack, destroy dangerous factors that harm the body. The immune system will use all possible methods to eliminate pathogenic antigens before they divide.
  • In the event that the immune system fails, the body's "defense" system will work harder to curb the development of pathogens. The body's immune system is capable of recognizing millions of different types of antigens.

A healthy immune system helps fight off external pathogens

  1. Mechanism to strengthen the immune system, resistance of cordyceps

Cordyceps contains many rare active substances that directly affect human health. According to research from experts, the ingredients inside cordyceps have the ability to promote and regulate the activity of the immune system. This prevents the invasion of bacteria, viruses and parasites that are harmful to the body.

Cordyceps stimulates the activity of the immune system through the production of white blood cells. Thereby supporting the body against infections caused by the body's lack of immunity. Such as diseases: HIV, hepatitis B, cancer, viral related diseases ...

Not only that, cordyceps has been studied and confirmed to increase the number of T-Helper cells, NK cells and macrophages.

Thanks to cordyceps, the functions of the immune system are enhanced, especially in identifying, processing and transmitting cells to antigens. It also helps regulate the immune system, enhance the activity of natural killer cells.

Cordyceps has a good medicinal ingredient for the body's immune health

It is these great uses for the immune system, helping to increase resistance without causing side effects. Cordyceps is currently used as a functional food to support health protection.

  1. 3 ways to use cordyceps improve the immune system
  • Stew soup, cook soup

You need to prepare 2-3 cordyceps, equivalent to about 5grams of cordyceps. After stewing soup, broth for Cordyceps in, wait about 2 minutes then turn off the fire. Or you can also prepare Cordyceps first, when you put the soup, soup into the bowl, then put the cordyceps on top.

This great dish is suitable for people with poor health, new surgery, new illness, the elderly ...

Cordyceps can be processed into many daily dishes

  • Braking the tea

You can use about 5 grams of cordyceps to brake tea drinking during the day. After preliminary processing of cordyceps, put in the teapot, boil the water, cover for 10 minutes to be used. When you finish the first round of water, you can prepare another 2-3 times more water to drink during the day, until the herbs are faint, eat the pulp.

  • Use directly

Chinese food after eating, eat directly, chew slowly and carefully, then drink more warm water to help the body absorb nutrients in cordyceps better. This is one of the best uses of cordyceps, absorbing all the precious nutrients in it.

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