As one of the herbs that contains high levels of medicinal properties, Ganoderma has the effect of supporting the treatment of many diseases. In particular, using Ganoderma brings a lot used for patients in the treatment of hepatitis B.

What is hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is one of the most dangerous liver diseases that is attacked and caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). In the early stages, they do not show any signs, but chronic hepatitis B will progress silently over time, the virus causing liver damage, leading to serious complications like cirrhosis or liver cancer and affecting the human network. In addition, they can cause unpredictable complications. Therefore, treatment of hepatitis B is extremely important.

Hepatitis B is common today

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Ganoderma What is the effect of hepatitis B?

Summary of Lingzhi herbal medicine

In the book "The God of Manuscript", Lingzhi is classified as a super product, even more than ginseng. The fungus above is scientific name Ganoderma lucidum, belongs to the Lim mushroom family and has other names: longevity, fairy, perpetual velvet, ... This is one of the herbs that have many health benefits for children. people and increasingly popular applications.

Ganoderma includes many types of damage: red chi (red chi / lingzhi), chi chi, black chi, white chi, hoang chi, and chi chi In particular, red chi chi also known as Lingzhi contains the highest medicinal content and is commonly used. In Lingzhi mushrooms, there are hundreds of active ingredients including many healthy amino acids, fiber, protein, Ganoderic Acid Extract, Adenosine, many types of Triterpenoid, Polysaccharides, Organic Germanium, ... Besides a series of vitamins (B, C, ...) minerals and trace elements necessary for the body (Magnesium, Khaki, Iron, ...), ...

Ganoderma is a herb with many great effects

The presence of countless other active pharmaceutical ingredients helps Ganoderma have many effects on human health. Ganoderma is not only good for organ systems, improving the immune system, resistance, ... but also highlights the prevention effect and supports the treatment of many diseases. They are known as the "king of herbs" by a series of incredible uses for humans.

The effects of Ganoderma lucidum on hepatitis B

According to some studies, the composition of organic Germanium, vanadium, chromium ... polysaccharides and triterpenoids compounds in reishi mushrooms have the effect of strengthening the immune system as well as controlling the development of viruses - agents causing hepatitis B. In addition, the active pharmaceutical substance - Polysaccharides and triterpenes in Lingzhi prevent acute hepatitis.

Using Ganoderma Lucidum is effective for hepatitis B patients

According to some experiments, the study also showed that the medicinal ingredient of the herb has an effect in preventing liver disease caused by CCl4. At the same time, they supplement, improve plasma in biochemical parameters, protect the liver from being poisoned by CCL4. Using reishi mushroom stimulates the secretion of interferon, enhances the body's immunity, strengthens, enhances the regeneration of liver cells as well as promotes the recovery process of damaged liver cells.

Ganoderma lucidum has the effect of supporting the anti-virus, preventing, restraining the development of liver disease and effectively supporting the treatment of hepatitis B, reducing the risk of dangerous complications of the disease. Using Ganoderma herbal medicine helps treat disease as well as good for health, improves liver function as well as has many effects for the body's organ systems.

Use Ganoderma to protect and improve liver function

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Herbal remedies to help treat hepatitis B from Lingzhi mushrooms

Besides using Ganoderma mushrooms to cook water or making tea as usual, combining them with some other herbs will enhance the effect for patients with hepatitis B.

Preparation: Ganoderma 10g, Hoang 10g, Tiger truong 20g, Virgin 10g, Rhubarb 4g, Chich thug 10g, Dandelion 12g, Earth spirit 12g.


  • Take away all prepared medicine (Lingzhi does not wash but only slices).
  • Lust with about 1 liter of water on low heat, sharpness with a ceramic or earthenware pot is best.
  • Taking 1 day as above and 2 times in the morning and afternoon will help limit liver enzymes, inhibit the hepatitis B virus and improve the white blood cell count as well as support patients with hepatitis B in effective treatment.

Lingzhi juice and some herbs are good for liver and body

To promote the use of Ganoderma lucidum in supporting the treatment of hepatitis B and for good health, choosing quality Lingzhi is particularly important. Currently, Linh Chi Nong Lam - Former member of Technology University Incubation Center of Agriculture and Forestry University is a prestigious brand chosen by Vietnamese consumers. The brand is well-known for its quality products that have been granted CCI 2015 International Certificates, food safety and hygiene certificates, and certificates of high quality Vietnamese goods. Reishi mushroom products ensure quality, from ingredients to pharmacological content and promote their uses in supporting the treatment of diseases and good for human health.

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