Besides a variety of uses for the circulatory system, respiratory, digestive, ... the Lingzhi also has a special effect on musculoskeletal. Typically, this herb has many benefits for patients with a herniated disc.

Learn about herniated disc

What is a herniated disk?

Disc herniation is one of the most common musculoskeletal diseases today. The disease on encountered in both men and women but concentrated most in the age group 30-60 years old. In fact, this is the phenomenon of fibrous wrapping on the outside of the disc degenerating or suffering negative effects from the outside, leading to tearing, causing the mucous mass following the cracks of the fiber ring to escape its normal position. They press on the spinal canal, nerve roots causing pain as well as affecting the movement and living of the patient.

The disease has 4 stages including: disc aneurysm, bulging disc, actual herniation and herniation with fragment and need to be detected early, treated to avoid unpredictable effects and complications.

Spinal disc herniation is a common disease today

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Causes and complications of herniated disc

Spinal disc herniation can be caused by many causes, such as genetics, occupational characteristics, sitting in the wrong position for long periods of time, regimen, unscientific exercise, or biological degeneration. impact injuries, etc. The most obvious manifestation of the disease is pain at the site of herniation, spinal stiffness, pinched nerves, etc. However, whatever the cause, they make the patient feel pain. pain and difficulty in moving, operating, affecting work, life.

Spinal disc herniation can cause many potentially dangerous complications such as sensory disorders, urination disorders, disorders and movement restrictions, difficulty in walking, and can lead to atrophic complications. muscle, paralysis and unable to move, ... Therefore, early detection and treatment is extremely important. Besides the treatment, the use of Lingzhi herbal medicine is the secret to supporting the treatment as well as helping to improve the condition to be better.

Spinal disc herniation affects the life and life of the patient

Effects of Lingzhi with herniated disc

In Ganoderma Contains hundreds of active ingredients that are beneficial to human health. Some studies have shown that Provailen ingredients work to reduce pain as well as reduce dryness, increase Flexibilty to help patients feel comfortable, comfortable as well as easier to walk. At the same time, Germanium active ingredient in Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms also works to relieve pain and limit the effects of herniated pain on patients. In addition, the active ingredient ftriturpi - noids in Ganoderma lucidum has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects that are quite good.

Ganoderma has the effect of supporting the effective treatment of herniated disc

In addition, Lingzhi contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the body to reduce the problems caused by herniated disc. They help support the treatment of neurasthenia, help patients relieve pain and limit smooth muscle contractions, reduce fatigue, anti-inflammatory, reduce headaches as well as eat well and get deeper sleep. Using Lingzhi mushrooms helps the disc herniation process be more effective.

At the same time, using Lingzhi also works to strengthen the immune system, resistance, good for many other organ systems such as digestive, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, ... Herbs Pharmacopoeia is the leading ingredient in liver cancer prevention and prevention. The fungus is not only good for patients with a herniated disc, but it also promotes health and has a beautiful effect on the skin, preventing hair loss, weight loss, obesity, etc. as well as supporting physiological enhancement. for men.

Using Ganoderma mushrooms has many effects for health

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How to use reishi mushroom to support the treatment of herniated disc?

To use Lingzhi mushroom to promote the treatment of herniated disc as well as for health, using them to make tea or cook water is the way many people are applying today. Cooking Ganoderma water is also quite simple, use about 5-7g to boil with 1.5 liters of water on low heat for about 20 minutes, until they are gone and about 1 liter of water, squeeze out the water to cool and drink . In addition, using Ganoderma mushrooms to grind and dissolve with boiling water and let cool and drink is also a simple way for busy people. Using Ganoderma mushrooms combined with diet, scientific activities and medical methods will help treat herniated disc effectively.

Using Ganoderma to cook drinking water helps support treatment

Patients should look for the best quality red reishi mushroom. The current, Ganoderma - Former Member of Agriculture and Forestry University Technology Business Incubation Center is a popular brand. The above brand was granted the International Certificate of CCI 2015, certified for food safety and hygiene, certified Vietnamese high quality products, ... With guaranteed quality products, Linh Chi Nong Lam mushroom is being trusted by consumers. think and choose to use.

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