In process Use Ganoderma, the body will react with 119 substances in the mushroom. Based on these reactions, you can soon detect and monitor your health status. As well as know which organs in the body are injured or infected to treat effectively.

Ganoderma is considered a panacea in herbs. If persistent use, Ganoderma has a very good preventive and therapeutic effect.

According to the sharing of Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen Member of the technology incubation center of Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City. The reaction of the body when taking Ganoderma can help us to monitor and detect the damage in the body early. More health advice articles can be found at Health blog of Linh Chi Nong Lam.

1. Reaction in the eyes when taking Ganoderma

The reaction of the eye when taking Ganoderma is a warning sign that Gan is being injured.

- Red eyes on one side or both sides: The liver is seriously poisoned. Ganoderma is helping the body eliminate toxins in the liver.

- Eyes look dimmer in the early morning: The liver's signs of self-regulation stabilize after using Ganoderma.

Red eye is one of the reactions that the liver is poisoning

- Lots of tears: The liver is not functioning properly as assigned, causing the body to have excess acid.

- High tears: The nervous system is disturbed, making the patient always in a state of sadness, boredom, anxiety.

- Strain in the eyes or eyelids: Stress extends, causing liver damage

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2. Reaction in the nose when taking Ganoderma

In spite of Uses of Ganoderma Also improve the respiratory system, improve health but for those who have been sick before, when using Ganoderma lucidum will have sensitive manifestations, but do not worry, and therefore should use reishi mushroom read more often. The nose is a part closely related to the throat and lungs. If one of these 3 parts goes wrong, Ganoderma drink will have the following reaction:

- Nasal discharge that flows a lot and is continuous: That is, the amount of acid in the body is too high or the body temperature is too high. Ganoderma is helping the lungs to detox better.

A runny nose when taking Ganoderma is a sign that the lungs are detoxifying

- Sneezing, runny nose: The lungs are detoxifying and are stable again.

- Nasal congestion: Warning signs of toxins in the lungs are high. However, thanks to Ganoderma, the allergic reaction in the nose is being stabilized.

3. Reaction in throat when taking reishi mushroom

- Coughing a lot, coughing up thick sputum: Be wary because your lungs are highly toxic. Ganoderma is helping you gradually eliminate toxins from the body

A sore throat when drinking Ganoderma is a sign of liver and lung toxicity

- Itchy throat, coughing much: Signs that Ganoderma is helping the lungs to detox. People who work, live in polluted environments or smokers often experience this symptom.

- Dry throat: Signs of lack of water in the body. Please add water to the liver, kidneys flush out toxins better.

4. Reaction in the lips when taking Ganoderma

The lips are often related to the digestive system. Therefore, based on lip reactions, we can predict the state of the digestive system.

If digestive system is poisoned, Ganoderma will cause dry, pale, cracked lips

- Lips receding: Chances are, your digestive system is weakening leading to failure to function properly.

- Dry and chapped lips: This is a sign that your stomach contains too many toxins and is excess acid. Limit acidic foods to improve.

5. Reaction in mouth and tongue when taking Ganoderma

The mouth and tongue are two parts that are closely related to the blood circulation.

Ganoderma found the instability of the blood circulation system through the mouth and tongue

- Swelling in the tongue or gums: The body is telling you that the function of the heart valve is having problems. Seek timely medical attention to limit the risk of heart failure, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction ...

- Sores in the tongue or mouth: This is a very dangerous case that the amount of acid in the blood is exceeding the allowed level.

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6. Reaction in the ear when taking Ganoderma

The ear is an organ that is closely related to the kidneys.

- Tinnitus, congestion: Warning signs kidney is containing too much poison

- The ear is stiff with soles of the feet: The kidneys are weakened

7. Skin reaction when taking Ganoderma

- Unusual pimple skin: The body is poisoned. Ganoderma is helping the body eliminate the insoluble toxins from the outside.

- Itching and pimples: Usually occur in people using too much medicine. At this time, Ganoderma helps the body eliminate toxins through the skin.

Pay attention to the skin's reaction when taking Ganoderma to catch its disease

- Blistered, blistered skin: Under the influence of Ganoderma, the body is detoxifying the skin

- Sweat more salty and smell hard to smell: Signs that the amount of uric acid in the body is exceeding the allowed level. Thanks to Ganoderma, the amount of uric acid is released through sweat

- Heavy hair loss: If you see a lot of hair loss during Ganoderma use. Please pay attention, most likely kidneys are weakened. Be patient with mushrooms so your hair will grow back faster.

8. Reaction in joints, hands and feet when taking Ganoderma

- Pain in hands and feet: Signs that you are at risk of arthritis or gout.

- Pain in the shoulder: Warning blood vessels are sclerotic and are imbalanced in metabolic function.

- Numbness in the palm of the hand: The upper body has irregular blood circulation.

- Numbness in the left hand and arm: The function of the heart is gradually weakening. Without examination and treatment, the heart may be in danger.

- Foot numbness: The lower body circulates poorly, unevenly.

- Numbness in the soles of the feet: Signs of a weakened kidney. Often occur in people who exercise, sedentary, maintain a posture long.

- Numbness in the heel: indication of impaired kidney (usually physiologically weak)

Above are 8 external reactions when Ganoderma drink warns the body is carrying the disease. If you pay close attention it will be very easy to identify. Please take the initiative to examine and treat as soon as you detect the above signs to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.

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