Ganoderma benefits for health is how people know? Not only being read through books and newspapers, listening to the radio, Ganoderma benefits have been written in the book The Nong Nong Ban Thao of Ly Thoi Tran, Ganoderma is described as a superior "panacea". With a range of health benefits, Ganoderma is increasingly being hunted and used commonly.

Learn about Linh Chi mushrooms

Ganoderma is a familiar herb whose scientific name is Ganoderma Lucidum, belongs to the mushroom family Lim (Ganodermataceae). Besides, they are also known with many other names such as Van Nien mushroom, Truong Tho mushroom, Tien Thao, ...

This is one of the herbs with medicinal uses as well as good for health, which has been researched and recognized by scientists. Even this mushroom is rated higher than ginseng.

Ganoderma benefits for health

The main benefit Ganoderma for health that is known as the "panacea" for health

In the composition of Lingzhi contains hundreds of beneficial active ingredients. Typically, the above mushroom contains 110 essential amino acids that are good for the body, 137 types of Triterpenes and Triterpenoids, 21 trace elements that are extremely important and necessary for the metabolism and operation of the body including: Copper , zinc, iron, kalium, magnesium, natrium, calcium, ...

Besides, Lingzhi also contains many vitamins (B, C, ..) and a series of minerals and other active substances that are beneficial to the body. In which Polysaccharides, Organic Germanium, Adenosine, Triterpenoid, Ganoderic Acid essences are the 5 most important components that make the incredible effects of this mushroom called "king of medicine".

After an overview of what is Ganoderma, then you wonder how many types of Ganoderma? Your answer is answered here

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Take attendance for the health benefits of Ganoderma

Prevention and support of cancer treatment

This is the one Ganoderma effect in the most prominent form. As many scientific studies have shown, in the composition of reishi mushrooms have many active ingredients that help prevent metastasis of cancer cells. At the same time, they work to inhibit the formation of blood vessels that provide nutrition to the tumor and inhibit the spread of cancer cells. In addition, they have the ability to promote the self-destruction process of tumor cells.

Ganoderma What are the benefits and uses

Ganoderma lucidum is beneficial in preventing and supporting cancer treatment

Using Ganoderma lucidum helps to increase the production of natural antibodies, control pain, prevent arteries inside the arteries, enhance the ability to recover and prolong the life of patients. Cancer prevention and treatment is one of the uses, Ganoderma benefits unsurpassed by many people who care and love.

Improve the digestive system

Some components in reishi mushrooms have a positive effect on the digestive system. They not only help clean the intestines but also prevent chronic constipation and promote the best functioning of the digestive system, improving many other digestive problems.

Good for immune system

It is impossible not to mention the uses and benefits of Lingzhi for the immune system. The presence of organic active polysaccharides and germanium both work very well in strengthening the body's immune system. An enhanced immune system makes it easier for the body to fight off certain types of bacteria and viruses. Many studies also show that patients who are undergoing tumor treatment, newly operated or undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. will recover faster if using Lingzhi mushrooms.

Urinary tract support

You may not know it yet Reishi mushroom benefits inhibits 5-alpha reductase - an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone to help reduce prostate swelling. At the same time, urine flow improves and other associated bad problems. Urinary tract support is also one of the typical uses of Lingzhi.

List of good effects of Ganoderma

Using reishi mushroom has a positive effect on the urinary tract

Support treatment and good for the cardiovascular system

Using Ganoderma mushrooms to be good for the heart is not too strange for many people. They work to promote blood circulation and reduce the consumption of oxygen in the heart muscle. Besides, the use of Ganoderma lucidum helps to regulate the heart, thereby reducing coronary artery spasm significantly and reducing heart attacks.

Support effect to protect the liver

In the composition of Lingzhi contains steroids. They have a great effect on detoxifying the liver as well as stopping the synthesis of bad cholesterol. Using Ganoderma mushrooms helps inhibit many viruses and bacteria affecting the liver and reduces the risk of diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, ...

Ganoderma and its excellent benefits

Using reishi mushroom benefits in helping detoxify and good for the liver

Ganoderma benefits in preventing and supporting the treatment of gout

Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood cause gout. Ganoderma contains the ingredient Triterpenes has the effect of increasing the excretion of uric acid in the blood, so it has a preventive effect as well as supporting patients who are effectively treating gout.

Good for bones and joints

Ganoderma has anti-inflammatory effects as well as improves the status of osteoarthritis pain, especially in the elderly. This is also one of the typical uses of the fungus that many people do not know about.

Good for the circulatory system, respiratory

Adenosine in Lingzhi has a good effect on the circulatory system, preventing atherosclerosis. Besides, they also work to increase blood circulation and improve some problems of the circulatory system. Not only that, Ganoderma also improves respiratory problems and is good for lung cancer patients.

Effects on the nervous system

Using Ganoderma lucidum helps to sedate, relieve stress, stress, nervous breakdown. At the same time, they work to improve sleep, support headaches as well as improve and good for the nervous system.

Ganoderma and ganoderma benefits

Great effect and benefits of reishi mushroom on the nervous system

Good for the excretory system

Ganoderma is also good for the excretory system thanks to its protective effects on liver and the mechanism of stopping the synthesis of cholesterol, resistance to some bacteria and beneficial to the body's excretory system.

Prevention and support treatment of diabetes

For diabetics, using Lingzhi has many positive effects. They work effectively to reduce blood sugar in diabetics.

Good for pregnant and postpartum women

Using reishi mushrooms helps pregnant women eat better, sleep more quality. At the same time, this mushroom also enhances immunity, fights against some viruses and bacteria that cause illness, helping mothers become more supple and healthier. After giving birth, using Lingzhi helps women quickly recover and regain their physique as well as beautiful skin.

Share the benefits of Ganoderma with pregnant women

Ganoderma is good for pregnant and postpartum women

With countless uses for health and many other beauty uses, reishi mushrooms are popular today. There are many places selling mushrooms on the market but not everywhere are reputable. In a series of addresses Ganoderma Ganoderma The brand is currently preferred.

Ganoderma Lucidum is incubated at the University of Agriculture and Technology Enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. The brand has achieved the certificate of "CCI 2015 Quality Safety", the certificate of TPS standard safety, the certification of high quality Vietnamese goods, products voted by consumers, ... With scientific production processes and high quality mushrooms, Linh Chi Nong Lam is currently the brand of choice for consumers today.

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