Cordyceps is a rare herb with high value for human health. This is also considered a kind of "miracle" gifted by nature. So how is it used? What diseases can help? Let's Ganoderma research Top things to know about Tibetan cordyceps through the article below!

1. What is Cordyceps?

It is no coincidence that this drug is called "cordyceps". Only those who know them well know the exact time of growth and harvest of this medicinal herb. This herb is a strange yet perfect combination between the Cordyceps sinensis bag mushroom and the moth larva of an insect of the genus Hepialus.

In the winter, the larvae that live in the ground are parasitized by spores. In the summer, Cordyceps sinensis grows by absorbing the larvae 'nutrients and sprouting mushroom bodies that rise from the ground. Because they are grown from the winter (larvae) to the summer as herbs, they are called cordyceps. These are the hallmarks of this rare and precious cordyceps. 

Tibetan cordyceps is a rare herb
Tibetan cordyceps is a rare herb 

The reason they become rare is because they only grow in high mountainous areas and have harsh weather such as Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu ... The weather begins to summer is the time of Tibetans. busy searching for cordyceps in the mountains.

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2. What is the effect of different cordyceps compared to other types of cordyceps?

There are more than 350 different species of cordyceps mushrooms. But until now, most studies have been done on Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. The genus Cordyceps sinensis is subspecies in the cordyceps of Tibet, and the Cordyceps militaris is being researched and cultivated by a number of countries around the world.

Tibetan Cordyceps works both in Eastern and Western medicine
Tibetan Cordyceps works both in Eastern and Western medicine

These are two rare species of cordyceps and are said to have the highest pharmaceutical content, they both have the same effect in both Eastern and Western medicine. This is a very valuable health tonic, can treat diseases such as impotence, sperm, improve physiology, enhance immunity, treat kidney diseases, back pain and knee pain. and works for children growing up. Not only that, the pharmaceuticals contained in cordyceps also prevent some cancers and inhibit many types of bacteria. Besides, some studies show that cordyceps has no side effects for both humans and animals.

3. Is it possible to buy cordyceps sinensis?

At present, we can buy whole Tibetan cordyceps in Vietnam without going through other countries. However, the price is quite high and it is also difficult to find. There are many types of cordyceps exported to Vietnam: unrefined whole, refined powder and water; however, good grades are few and many are of poor quality. According to the Analytical Testing Institute, if choosing low-quality products, not only does not work, but it is harmful to health.

Cordyceps is being tested for aquaculture in many countries
Cordyceps is being tested for aquaculture in many countries

Why is Tibetan cordyceps so scarce? Partly due to the large Chinese population, many people prefer this type of panacea. So the amount of this product is already rare and valuable, because it must be reserved for domestic supply, the amount of cordyceps exported to abroad is very low.

Therefore, in Vietnam, having money does not necessarily buy a more valuable medicine than this gold. But let us not despair, as many countries have recently conducted experimental aquaculture studies and have succeeded such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and China. Vietnam is also one of the successful pilot farming countries. Thanks to this success, it has helped ensure the supply of cordyceps in healing and improving health, reducing the cost but not reducing the quality of this rare herb.

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4. Address selling reputable and quality cordyceps in Vietnam

Currently, we can easily buy Cordyceps in Vietnam but the quality is not inferior to Tibetan Cordyceps. With a team of well-trained engineers, experienced in Cordyceps cultivation. Linh Chi Nong Lam has been tested and licensed by the Ministry of Health to meet the quality standards. Cordyceps we plant themselves, grow, harvest and preliminary processing, packaging. Products without intermediaries, so the price is quite attractive.

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