Among the precious medicinal herbs that are sought after by many people, Cordyceps Fresh always stands at the forefront. Fresh Cordyceps is known for its many great health benefits. However, for some people, information about fresh cordyceps is still quite vague. Today, this article Ganoderma will share with you Top things to know about fresh cordyceps. If you want to find out information about this rare medicine, do not hurry to skip the following article.

1. Characteristics of fresh cordyceps

In fact, fresh Cordyceps were formerly natural herbs that we humans found and exploited. Cordyceps is a form of herb with the parasitic nature of fungi (Ophiocodryceps sinensis) on the body of a butterfly larva (belongs to genus Thitarodes Viette).

When the weather turns to winter, the butterfly larvae will actively look for places with high moisture, loose soil under the ground to start hibernation. At this time, the Ophiocodryceps spores that have parasitized into the larvae have begun to receive nutrients from the mother's body (ie butterfly larva leaves). This is the time when they are in the same form.

Fresh cordyceps grow on the Tibetan plateau with an altitude of about 4,000 - 5,000m
Fresh cordyceps grow on the Tibetan plateau with an altitude of about 4,000 - 5,000m 

+ Note: Note To Buy Cheap Cordyceps

The weather began to turn warm, and in the summer when the "coincidence" began to appear, part of the plant grew in the deep head and emerged from the ground. When mushrooms sprout on the ground people call them "herbs". Because the nature of this herb is the same color, the summer is the herb, people have used the name "cordyceps" to talk about it.

Cordyceps often appear in the Tibetan, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan - China, Gansu plateau with elevations above 4,000 - 5,000m.

Because the natural conditions of cordyceps are quite special, they bring in many miraculous effects for health. So that people are willing to spend tens of millions to own 1kg of fresh cordyceps.

Due to the increasing demand for cordyceps in the world, it is easy to transport and preserve cordyceps in a long time. One has to process them into a dry form. Therefore, the current market is very scarce, fresh Cordyceps, their cost is therefore more expensive.

However, many countries around the world have successfully researched and cultivated cordyceps, including Vietnam. Cordyceps quality in our country is highly appreciated, not inferior to cordyceps in Tibet, China.

Many countries have successfully applied cordyceps planting technology
Many countries have successfully applied cordyceps planting technology

2. Fresh cordyceps - a panacea in the treatment of diseases

Fresh cordyceps herbs are quite a rare and valuable species, because it carries with it miraculous effects in treating diseases. People liken the fresh cordyceps to a "miraculous elixir" for the present life.

The effects of fresh cordyceps in the treatment of diseases

  • Support cancer treatment

Clinical studies show that cancer patients using 6 grams of fresh cordyceps per day along with radiation therapy and chemotherapy have reduced the size of the tumor. For patients treated with chemotherapy or radiation only, the tumor size decreases more slowly.

  • Support treatment of kidney disease

People with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, kidney damage, impaired renal function ... after using fresh cordyceps. More than 90% patients felt stable blood sugar, improved kidney function.

  • Support treatment of lung disease

People with lung disease who consistently persevered using fresh cordyceps have experienced significant improvements in respiratory ability. The symptoms of lung disease also improve.

  • Support for the treatment of heart-related diseases

In fresh cordyceps contains relatively high pharmaceutical content. So that it helps improve cardiovascular health, stabilize heart rhythm disturbances.

  • Treatment of liver diseases

Patients with liver diseases such as cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis B, C ... can also use fresh cordyceps for treatment.

  • Treatment of physiological health diseases

Using cordyceps helps people with physiological impairment, sexual dysfunction in both men and women improve the condition.

Cordyceps have great treatment effects
Cordyceps have great treatment effects

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3. Fresh Cordyceps - An excellent food in the body

For those who do not have the disease, but the body is weak, the use of fresh cordyceps daily will help the body get more nutrients. Fresh cordyceps can be processed into food items such as soup, soup, stew ... Users can make cordyceps tea, pickled cordyceps to improve health.

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