From centuries ago, Ganoderma has been considered the "king" of herbs. Ganoderma lucidum can treat many diseases in humans without causing side effects, can be used continuously for a long time. Royal Ganoderma is currently one of the brands of mushrooms that many people believe in. What information do you know about this brand of reishi mushroom? The following article will share with you Top things to know about Royal Ganoderma lucidum. Do not rush to skip the interesting information below.

1. Overview of Royal Ganoderma

Royal Ganoderma lucidum Originally derived from natural Ganoderma, there are many rare medicinal ingredients.

Ganoderma Royal is a functional food with more than 200 healthy active ingredients. The use of Royal Ganoderma Lucidum is:

  • Blood pressure stable.
  • Improve resistance to prevent dangerous diseases.
  • Supporting the treatment of diabetes, regulating blood sugar in the body.
  • Support cancer treatment.
  • Menstrual conditioning.
  • Liver detoxification, treatment of liver diseases.
  • Prevent and slow down the aging process of the body.
  • Limit accumulation of excess fat in the body, prevent obesity.
  • Improve the function of the digestive system.
  • Strengthen the circulatory system.
Royal Reishi is known for many wonderful uses for health
Royal Reishi is known for many wonderful uses for health  

There are many studies showing that Ganoderma Lucidum also has the effect of preventing and controlling the formation and development of tumor size. So this fungus is also used in the support of treatment in cancer patients.

Ganoderma Royal has been born has brought quality Ganoderma for all types of users.

Royal reishi mushroom is taken from natural mushrooms with many nutrients, cultured in artificial environment to ensure technical requirements. The cost of Ganoderma Royal is not too high, pharmaceutical ingredients are not inferior to natural mushrooms, so it is safe for users.

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2. Product information of Royal Ganoderma

Hoang Gia Ganoderma products are grown at Hoang Gia mushroom farm in Binh Duong. All processes of propagation, transplanting, cultivating and harvesting are based on closed lines, modern technology with a team of highly skilled technical engineers.

The Hoang Gia mushroom farm meets the quality requirements in Ganoderma cultivation
The Hoang Gia mushroom farm meets the quality requirements in Ganoderma cultivation

Royal reishi mushroom is applied with advanced technology drying line, aseptic environment with maximum moisture of 12%. The product is packaged in PA vacuum packaging so it can be stored longer than the mushrooms in the outside environment.

Ganoderma packaging Hoang Gia is beautifully designed, luxurious and very suitable for gifts and gifts.

Users can be assured of the quality of Royal Ganoderma. Products before being sold to the market have been tested and certified by the Ministry of Health.

Ganoderma Hoang Gia is cultivated in a variety of varieties and packing specifications. Ganoderma is affordable, suitable for many users, can give priority to using Ganoderma for a long time to support treatment.

Ganoderma Royal has a team of consultants, dedicated customer care and thoughtful. In particular, customers will always receive free advice and promotions, attractive warranties from the company.

Ganoderma Royal is always committed to quality and price
Ganoderma Royal is always committed to quality and price

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3. The uses of Royal Ganoderma Lucidum

  • Method 1

To use Royal Ganoderma, you use about 20g sliced mushrooms to boil with 2 liters of water. When the water boils, reduce the heat to low to within 3 minutes to turn off the heat. Depending on the user's preferences, you can add Ganoderma honey, artichokes, licorice, etc. Ganoderma residue can be used to cook 1-2 times more water.

  • Method 2

You sliced Royal Ganoderma into slices in a thermos or thermos flask, then boiled water for 1 hour to drink.

This Ganoderma processing method takes less time and is convenient for busy people
This Ganoderma processing method takes less time and is convenient for busy people
  • Method 3

Royal reishi mushroom is used to cook soup with meat or to distill, stew to nourish the body.

  • Method 4

Royal Ganoderma powder, after being ground into powder, will put into braking with boiling water for about 5 minutes, when eating, you need to eat the pulp. This method is considered to be the best although it is somewhat difficult to drink.

Note, Ganoderma will have a characteristic aroma and bitterness. If you are not used to pure, you can add a little sugar, licorice or honey for easy drinking.

Hope the information that we share will help you better understand the use and How to use Royal Ganoderma Lucidum.

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