The more social development, the more people pay more attention to their health care. Many people choose medicinal mushrooms Cordyceps has a natural origin for healthy care, treatment of disease. The special thing that many people are interested in is how to buy good quality cordyceps with the cheapest price. To understand more about this issue, do not rush to ignore it Top 3 note to buy good cheap cordyceps through the article below.

1. What types of cordyceps include?

Reportedly, cordyceps in nature has always brought many effects on the health of users. Cordyceps now appears and grows in a completely natural environment found only in the Tibetan Plateau, the majestic Himalayas.

This herb is caused by a special fungus parasitic on the worm stem that hibernates underground. Fungal spores take up the nutrition of young caterpillar to grow. In the summer, when the weather is warmer, new mushrooms emerge from the ground. People will be next to the best mushroom bud time to the ground, rich in nutrients to harvest.

Tibetan cordyceps are very rare
Tibetan cordyceps are very rare  

Harvesting cordyceps in Tibet requires effort and experience. Because people who want to get cordyceps need to cross the rugged mountain range, the weather is cold. If the time is wrong, the medicinal mushrooms will cease to function, even if they are no longer available for harvest.

For that reason, the price of Tibetan cordyceps is always at VND 1.5 billion or more. Even the source of goods is so scarce, it is difficult to find Tibetan cordyceps to buy.

Fortunately, many countries have grown from natural cordyceps to Tibet to propagate and cultivate cordyceps in a man-made model.

Countries have successfully researched and applied artificial cordyceps farming
Countries have successfully researched and applied artificial cordyceps farming

According to the research and evaluation of the scientists. The nutrient content of cordyceps in artificial culture is the same as the Tibetan cordyceps. This is one of the great successes of the nations. Because users do not need to spend too much money and still own the quality medicinal mushrooms to improve health, treat incurable diseases.

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2. What is a good cordyceps?

In terms of cordyceps cultivation according to artificial models in greenhouses. Good cordyceps need to meet the following criteria:

  • Cordyceps varieties must have clear origin, standard varieties.
  • Cordyceps culture materials must be quality, free of impurities and impurities.
  • From the place of tissue transplantation, cordyceps greenhouses must have the most modern and advanced design with standard quality.
  • Precious cordyceps culture and cultivation process, ensuring careful care of medicinal mushrooms, eliminating pests and diseases during cultivation.
  • Harvest Cordyceps in time, in accordance with techniques.
  • Make sure the process of preliminary processing and cleaning of cordyceps takes place as required.
  • For dried cordyceps, it should be dried by cold drying method (sublimation drying) to ensure the amount of nutrients.
  • Sturdy packaging, beautiful packaging and certificates of food hygiene and safety, business license.
There are many criteria to evaluate the quality of cordyceps
There are many criteria to evaluate the quality of cordyceps

3. Can good cordyceps be bought cheaply?

Currently, Vietnamese cordyceps are sold in the market with prices from 60 to 120 million VND / kg depending on the type. Compared with the natural cordyceps of Tibet, the price was much cheaper. However, many users still want to buy cheaper products.

The price is always associated with quality, can buy cheap Cordyceps cheap with good quality or not? Or is that the advertising information just a trick of the "wicked" business unit to deceive the psychology of customers? Certainly looking to buy cordyceps under the criteria of cheap goods will be the first reason that customers fall into the state of "loss of money".

However, you can still buy good cheap cordyceps if you find the right supplier. Cordyceps cheap prices but does not mean cheap to make users skeptical. Cordyceps good prices, no matter how cheap, cannot be unbelievably cheap, much lower than the general price of the market.

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4. Note to buy cheap cordyceps

  • Find the right supplier.
  • Understand the common origin and price of cordyceps in the market.
  • Request a certificate of product quality inspection before purchasing.
Ganoderma lucidum provides good cordyceps at low prices
Ganoderma lucidum provides good cordyceps at low prices

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