Heard to Cordyceps So much, do you know JP Militaris cordyceps? This type of cordyceps like? How is it used? Linh Chi Nong Lam invite you to follow the article below to understand 4 things to know about JP Militaris cordyceps Please.

1. What is Cordyceps JP Militaris?

JP Militaris fully translated means: JaPan Cordyceps Militaris. The reason it is called cordyceps JP Militaris because: Pharmaceutical is cultivated in Vietnam on the purebred strain Cordyceps Militaris (breed from Japan). Therefore, if called by the trade name in Vietnam, JP Militaris cordyceps means artificial cordyceps.

Artificial cordyceps have a pure breed from Japan
Artificial cordyceps have a pure breed from Japan  

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2. The use of Cordyceps JP Militaris

Vietnam is a country with favorable conditions and cordyceps farming techniques are highly appreciated. In our country, there have been many facilities testing and successfully applying the cordyceps farming model of JP Militaris.

In fact, the JP Militaris cordyceps is similar to the Tibetan cordyceps. The effects of JP Militaris cordyceps are no different from the natural cordyceps originating from the Tibetan plateau.

Currently, JP Militaris cordyceps is used to improve health, support the treatment of diseases of: Kidney, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, liver, lungs, impaired physiological function ...

3. Notes when using Cordyceps JP Militaris

In fact, JP Militaris cordyceps has many uses for health. Clinical tests have confirmed that the use of cordyceps does not cause irritation, side effects. However, in the process of using this herb the patient still needs to adhere to certain principles.

Cordyceps area should note important issues
Cordyceps area should note important issues
  • Cook longer as you lose quality

If the other drugs, when the color of the drug you have to simmer for hours to release the substance from the water. For example, cook 1000ml of water with tobacco leaves and then keep it on low heat until the water concentrates to 200ml.

The decoction or cooking dishes from cordyceps should not be left too long on the kitchen. Cordyceps when under pyrolysis will lose most of the important substances. So:

+ Colors of cordyceps should not last longer than 60 minutes.

+ Cook stew dishes with cordyceps, can stew other ingredients first. Finally, for Cordyceps to cook, Cordyceps should cook for about 15 -60 minutes depending on the dish.

  • Do not use metal materials to process cordyceps

As you know, metals (aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, steel) can react when there is water, temperature. The use of pots and pots to cook cordyceps will inadvertently cause metals to interact with each other, to work with temperatures, to interact with substances in processed materials and to produce toxins. For processing cordyceps, it is best to use earthenware pot, porcelain pot.

  • Improperly preserved cordyceps

One of the mistakes of cordyceps users is improper storage of medicinal herbs. You should note that fresh cordyceps can be stored in the refrigerator cooler for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the cordyceps will no longer work, may be moldy, produce toxins.

For dried cordyceps, stored in a vacuum bag, glass jar with desiccant pack has a shelf life of 1 year.

When you see cordyceps that show signs of mold and smell, it is best to avoid using them. Because at this time, the cordyceps has expired, may backfire.

You need to preserve cordyceps properly if you want to use them for a long time
You need to preserve cordyceps properly if you want to use them for a long time
  • Cordyceps cordyceps, abusive

Cordyceps is a valuable medicinal herb, which is considered a "panacea" medicine. However, many people think that because of good medicinal herbs, they can be used as much as anyone can.

We would like to confirm once again, cordyceps are very good but not everyone can use. Especially not just use it will bring more health benefits.

Cordyceps dosage should be appropriate for the health condition, the disease requiring treatment. For pregnant women, children under 13 years old should not use cordyceps.

It should be noted not to use indiscriminately cordyceps
It should be noted not to use indiscriminately cordyceps

+ Note: Cordyceps Extremely Effective Cardiovascular Protection

4. Where to buy JP Militaris Cordyceps?

If you want to buy JP Militaris with good quality, reasonable price, don't forget to contact Ganoderma.

All products that we provide have been tested by the Ministry of Health for quality. Therefore, you can safely use without worrying about the issue of counterfeit and poor quality goods. For more information about the product, you can visit the website linhchinonglam.com To be consulted directly by our staff.

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