Cordyceps is the only medicinal herbs in the world favored by nature for a unique combination between animals and plants. Currently, cordyceps are trusted by many people in protecting health, restoring and strengthening the body. It is known that cordyceps are very benign and do not cause side effects for users, suitable for many users. However, only children and pregnant women need to consider carefully before using cordyceps. Today, Ganoderma will share with you top 3 notes about using cordyceps for children. Do not rush through the article.

1. How old children are to use cordyceps

Most people over 18 can use cordyceps to nourish the body, treat illnesses. However, when using cordyceps in children under 16 years of age, many factors need to be considered.

According to the recommended information, children under 5 years old should not use cordyceps. Particularly for children over 5 years old to 12 years old who want to use cordyceps should consider combining between cordyceps and other medicines so that the medicinal properties of cordyceps do not affect too much on the child's body.

Children from 13 years old and above can use cordyceps
Children from 13 years old and above can use cordyceps 

Over 13 years of age, children can use pure cordyceps but about the dosage also need to consult with a doctor. In particular, the dosage of cordyceps for children also depends on the health status of children.

+ Note: Note To Know Cordyceps Guaranteed Authentic

2. The effects of cordyceps on children

  • Increasing resistance and immune system of children

Using cordyceps for children is a natural antibiotic supplement, helping children prevent many dangerous diseases.

The resistance and immune system of children will be improved, maintaining stability after a period of using cordyceps. For children who are malnourished, stunted, when using cordyceps will increase health, flexibility for muscles, help children have a healthy digestive system and better absorption of nutrients.

  • Provide plenty of nutrients for the body

Cordyceps is the only medicinal mushroom that contains many essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the body. The ingredients inside cordyceps help metabolic activities in the body of children take place more effectively.

  • Recovering and strengthening the respiratory system

The young body is susceptible to harmful elements from the external environment. Therefore, when the weather changes season, polluted environment makes children more susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system. Especially pneumonia, bronchitis.

Using cordyceps helps children recover and strengthen the respiratory system
Using cordyceps helps children recover and strengthen the respiratory system

The addition to the baby's menu of cordyceps nests, bird's nest, cordyceps soup. Respiratory diseases of the child will quickly disappear, the body is fully nourished.

  • Help brain development, enhance memory

The most prominent effect of cordyceps is to support sedation, improve memory and help keep the mind fresh and clear. When children use cordyceps, especially for children who often stay up all night to study, the learning environment is stressful. Using cordyceps is a way for children not to feel tired, highly stressed.

+ Note: Some Cases Do Not Use Cordyceps

3. Notes on using cordyceps for children

Cordyceps has a strong medicinal ingredient, does not cause side effects. Experts also confirmed that it is possible to use cordyceps for children. However, the dosage is required to consult a doctor.

3 notes when using cordyceps for children:

  • Consider carefully before using cordyceps for children under 13 years old. Because young children have hotter conditions than adults. If children use cordyceps will make their body hotter, heat shock. With children who are already ill can make the disease worse.
  • Absolutely do not use cordyceps for children under 5 years old.
  • Cordyceps has the effect of improving and stimulating sex hormones, sex.
Using cordyceps helps improve children's sex hormones
Using cordyceps helps improve children's sex hormones
  • Because the use of cordyceps can cause children to develop, early puberty.

4. Where to buy cordyceps good?

Not only need to pay attention to the usage, the source of cordyceps also determines its use. You can only get positive effects when using pure cordyceps, clear origin.

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