Mistakes when using Ganoderma will lead to consequences for health? Ganoderma capital is considered a folk medicine. Because this mushroom has thousands of different uses. From fostering the body, improving resistance, to beauty and healing. However, Ganoderma can also become poison if we use it the wrong way.

Money lost - Disorder because mistake when using Ganoderma improperly

Recently, the 108 Central Military Hospital has received a serious case. Through examination, the doctor diagnoses patients with severe hepatic and renal impairment grade IV. This patient had to undergo emergency dialysis 2 times.

Through exploiting the medical history, the doctors know that the patient is 61 years old. Before the emergency, the patient was infected with hepatitis B, chronic kidney failure stage 3. With the desire to improve health, this man bought Ganoderma lucidum for 3 months.

Mistakes When Using Reishi Mushrooms Not Worth It

Say no to Ganoderma floating, poor quality that you have protected yourself

Unfortunately, due to the purchase of fake lingzhi, no quality assurance. The use of Ganoderma contains preservatives for a long time that makes the liver no longer functional enough to flush out toxins. All these causes have caused accumulation and impairment of liver function. The patient's skin is increasingly yellow, health declines.

Fortunately, the patient was rescued in time should keep his life.

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Why use Ganoderma regularly but not effective?

Many people have used Ganoderma lucidum and saw its effectiveness. However, there are also some people believe that Ganoderma is not "divine" as rumored.

Sharing on this issue, Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen, a member of the incubation center for technology enterprise in Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, said: “Ganoderma lucidum is used to preserve pharmaceuticals and maximize the necessary use. Must be used properly. Otherwise, you will make Ganoderma from panacea into poison.

Here are top 03 Mistakes when using Ganoderma most common

Mistake 1: Using Ganoderma mistaken object

If you use Ganoderma lucidum, you will be able to bring it to your body in the following situations:

- People preparing to perform surgery, procedures: Using Ganoderma before doing minor surgery will adversely affect the situation of formation of blood membranes. More dangerous is causing bleeding out of control.

- Allergic to mushrooms: If you have a history of allergy to mushrooms. Consider when using Ganoderma.

-People taking medicine to treat: The use of drugs may affect more or less the use of Ganoderma. Please consult a specialist before use.

Mistake Monday: Using Ganoderma floating, unknown origin

On the market there are many individuals and businesses promoting Ganoderma products. You can even buy things after just a few simple mouse clicks online. Goods will be delivered to your home at a reasonable cost.

However, because the immediate benefit is the cheap price that many consumers lose money and bring disability. Cheap reishi mushrooms cannot guarantee quality. If you have to buy fake mushrooms, termite fungi, fungi with preservative agents ... ... Patients can be life-threatening.

Share The Top Mistakes Using Ganoderma

Ganoderma lucidum promote maximum use if used properly

To avoid buying low-quality reishi mushrooms, consumers can choose the brand Lingzhi Nong Lam. The product has been approved by the Institute of Economic Research, Vietnam Consumer Research Center, Global Trade Associations - Global GTA, International Assessment and Certification Organization InterConformity (Germany - Europe). CCI 2015 Quality Safety certification.

Ganoderma agroforestry There are many diverse products and guaranteed quality, so it is always the choice of many customers.

Mistake number three: Using Ganoderma in the wrong dosage, the way

Ganoderma is an ancient Ganoderma, which has long been converted into wood, so it has no medicinal value. Therefore, if you finely blend Ganoderma into a powder and mix with drinking water will not work.

Some other people use reishi to boil drinking water. However, the amount of water is too much, enough for the whole family to drink but the amount of mushrooms is too little. This usage is also not effective.

Therefore, the use of Ganoderma is simple but most effective is the traditional way. You boil 20 grams of Ganoderma in the range of 20-60 minutes. Waiting until the water is concentrated into 1-2 cups is appropriate.

Note about the time to cook mushrooms. If only boiling Ganoderma in 5 minutes like boiling tea, the amount of active substance in mushrooms does not dissolve in water, accidentally causing waste.

How to use Ganoderma how is the right way

As mentioned above, Ganoderma is a valuable natural medicine if we know how to use it properly. But, how is the right way? Let's refer to some suggestions that Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen Member of incubation center of Agriculture and Forestry Technology Enterprise in Ho Chi Minh City shared:

About how to use:

+ You can use Ganoderma to chop small pieces cooked for water, braking as tea directly drink.

Ganoderma Use What Should Pay attention

Using Ganoderma mixed with drinking water is the way many people use it

+ The gentlemen can use Ganoderma soaked in wine and use 1-2 cups a day.

+ The housewives can use Ganoderma puree to cook soup or stew bone ... This is a very nutritious dish for all ages. Especially for the sick, the elderly, the carriers or in the process of radiation therapy for cancer.

About use time:

Ganoderma works best when used every morning or when hungry. Other times are still usable but the effect will be lower.

Regarding combined materials:

In the process of boiling, braking water Ganoderma. You can use a combination of licorice, jujube, artichoke, or stevia. These are herbs that both help reduce the bitter taste of Ganoderma, and help ease drinking without affecting the medicinal properties.

Hopefully the above-mentioned sharing has helped you to better understand how to use Ganoderma to avoid Mistakes when using Ganoderma not worth it. This information is easy to remember and implement. Please share a lot with your loved ones so that we can take care of our best health!

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