Trademark Cordyceps Minh Duc currently occupies a high position in the list of the best quality medicinal mushroom suppliers. Why does Minh Duc Cordyceps receive positive reviews from customers? Things to know about Cordyceps Minh Duc brand will be shared by Linh Chi Nong Lam through the article below. Please take a few minutes to refer to the article to have more useful information.

Cordyceps is currently a very hot medicine
Cordyceps is currently a very hot medicine     

1. Introduction of Minh Duc brand name and cordyceps business

Minh Duc prides itself on being one of the pioneer and successful units in cordyceps cultivation in Vietnam.

The division of agricultural engineering, biotechnology at the Company spent many years researching and trying to find out the success of the first artificial cordyceps line. All cordyceps products have been successfully applied on starchy substrate substrate, without any growth stimulant added.

This is one of the new breakthroughs to create "quintessential products from heaven" with the most affordable price for users. Minh Duc cordyceps was taken from high-class Tibetan cordyceps. The process of meeting food safety standards. Customers can use high quality Vietnamese goods without worrying about price.

Minh Duc cordyceps meet quality standards of food hygiene and safety
Minh Duc cordyceps meet quality standards of food hygiene and safety

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2. Some outstanding features of the cordyceps with Minh Duc brand

Cordyceps Minh Duc is proud to be one of the leading units in the field of cordyceps cultivation, inheriting Korea's most advanced technology.

Minh Duc cordyceps products have the following characteristics:

  • Medicinal mushrooms are imported directly from Japan.
  • Culture system according to Korean technology with modern equipment.
  • No growth stimulants are used in the cordyceps culture process.
  • 100% cordyceps Minh Duc brand are all grown in an environment of organic compounds such as brown rice, bean sprouts, coconut water, silkworm pupae.
  • Products of Minh Duc cordyceps before appearing on the market must undergo a rigorous testing process on ensuring food hygiene and safety.
Cordyceps Minh Duc has a strict testing process before it is put on the market
Cordyceps Minh Duc has a strict testing process before it is put on the market

3. Cordyceps products with Minh Duc brand

Currently, on the market, cordyceps products of Minh Duc brand include 3 main types as follows:

  • Cordyceps dried fruit

This is a cordyceps product that is dried by sublimation method (refrigerated) to preserve it longer. The product has been tested for food safety and hygiene, retaining high pharmaceutical content.

Minh Duc dried cordyceps
Minh Duc dried cordyceps
  • Cordyceps fresh fruit

Minh Duc brand fresh cordyceps fruit product ensures to retain 100% content and pharmaceutical ingredients inside. The shelf life of the product is for 2 weeks in the refrigerator compartment.

Dong Minh Minh fruiting bodies
Dong Minh Minh fruiting bodies
  • Lyophilized fruit in small packages - Minh Duc brand paper box

Products are divided into small packages with reasonable doses. This is convenient for users because they are not afraid of using too many or too many duplicates in one go.

Minh Duc cordyceps in the form of a package
Minh Duc cordyceps in the form of a package

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4. How to use cordyceps under Minh Duc brand?

Cordyceps brand Minh Duc benign, contains no preservatives, no additives. Users can process cordyceps in many different ways, using daily without fear of leaving side effects.

The most common ways of processing Minh Duc cordyceps:

  • Stew soup, cook soup and other ingredients.
  • Cook congee with cordyceps.
  • Making cordyceps tea.
  • Soak cordyceps wine.
  • Boiling bird's nest with cordyceps.

However, in order to coincide with Cordyceps Minh Duc will promote its full effect. You need to be careful not to fight cordyceps at high temperatures for too long. Because cordyceps contains amino acids, nutrients are easily decomposed at high temperatures.

Cordyceps processing should pay attention to many issues
Cordyceps processing should pay attention to many issues

So if the user does not want to spend a lot of time or undergo complex processing. Users can soak Minh Duc cordyceps through hot water to clean dirt, bacteria. Then chew directly to absorb all nutrients in medicinal mushrooms. Although Minh Duc cordyceps is good and benign, you should not overdo it or use it freely.

Above is the information about the Cordyceps Minh Duc brand that we want to share with you. Hopefully with this information, you will understand more about the cordyceps product line of the brand.

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