Finding quality cordyceps is the best way for users to protect their health. Currently on the Vietnamese market, there are many famous cordyceps brands, including Phuc Thanh An. Ganoderma Today will share to you Things to know about Cordyceps Phuc Thanh An brand. You can follow our article to update yourself more useful information about the products of cordyceps in the market.

1. About the brand Phuc Thanh An

Phuc Thanh An Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has many years of operation in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Cordyceps Phuc Thanh An brand on the market is highly appreciated in form and quality.

Phuc Thanh An is a high quality cordyceps brand of Vietnam
Phuc Thanh An is a high quality cordyceps brand of Vietnam 

Phuc Thanh An chooses cordyceps mushrooms in Tibet to ensure the highest medicinal ingredient. The company has chosen Da Lat - Lam Dong as a place to cultivate artificial cordyceps seeds. Because the soil condition of Da Lat is relatively similar to the buried Tibetan mountains - The place has the world's top quality cordyceps quality.

Phuc Thanh Anh strictly follows the processes of cordyceps farming, so that nothing is wrong. Cordyceps mushroom is cultivated, tended and produced in an artificial environment with all the same natural elements as the outside.

It is known that, according to the scientists' research, Phuc Thanh An brand cordyceps has a more stable quality than the natural Tibetan Cordyceps. Cordyceps Phuc Thanh An brand was granted a certificate of food hygiene and safety by the Department of Food Safety.

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2. Herbal products of Phuc Thanh An brand

Currently, Phuc Thanh An provides a full range of cordyceps products to users such as: Dry, fresh cordyceps and refined products from cordyceps for convenient use such as: Tablet type, type flour, liquid ...

Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps has many different forms
Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps has many different forms

3. The use of cordyceps Phuc Thanh An

According to research, cordyceps products of Phuc Thanh An contain essential pharmaceutical ingredients for the body. So when using it will bring users benefits such as:

  • Improve the immune system

Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps contains many vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Therefore, the product helps to strengthen the immune system, improve resistance. Thus, the body can prevent many dangerous pathogens.

  • Protect the heart

Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps helps improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to that, the body can prevent atherosclerosis and stabilize the heartbeat.

  • Supporting the treatment of chronic diseases

Phuc Thanh An cordyceps products are known to have many rare pharmaceutical ingredients. Consistent users will be able to shorten the treatment time for chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, stomach, and lungs.

  • Improve physiological function

Men and women suffer from problems with impaired physiological function, spermatozoa, erectile dysfunction, sweating, hot flashes, and frequent irritability. The use of Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps will help users to improve the symptoms of physiological impairment.

  • Against aging

Ingredients inside cordyceps have many active ingredients that help prevent oxidation slowing the aging process

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4. How to use cordyceps Phuc Thanh An

Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps is of good quality and benign. However, if cordyceps are not used properly, it can make you more sick.

To use Phuc Thanh An cordyceps, you can make it into soups, soups or distillers with bird's nest. In addition, users can also soak cordyceps with honey, alcohol and can combine with other medicines.

Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps is quite benign
Phuc Thanh An Cordyceps is quite benign

No matter how you process cordyceps, you should pay attention to:

  • Do not let cordyceps on a large fire for more than 2 hours. Because the nutrient content inside cordyceps may disappear.
  • Do not use pots, kettles with metal materials to cook cordyceps.
  • Do not abuse cordyceps because you want to recover quickly, because speaking can cause medicinal mushrooms to backfire.

Above is the information related to cordyceps Phuc Thanh An brand that Linh Chi Nong Lam wants to share with you. Hope you understand more about cordyceps from this brand. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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