Cordyceps Phuong Nam is one of the brands of cordyceps that many Vietnamese customers choose to use. Have you ever used products of Phuong Nam Company? Stay tuned for the following article, we will share with you the Things to know about the cordyceps brand Phuong Nam. Do not hurry to skip this article, because it gives you quite a lot of useful information there!

Phuong Nam cordyceps brand is preferred by many customers
Phuong Nam cordyceps brand is preferred by many customers     

1. About Phuong Nam Herbal Company

Phuong Nam Food Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd. was established in January 2018. Although it was just established, the company has created a lot of trust from customers.

Phuong Nam Company always sets strict standards on food hygiene and safety, along with professional investment in production management as well as high-end equipment. To achieve the set criteria: Health, customer benefits first.

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2. Cordyceps product lines of Phuong Nam brand

Phuong Nam Cordyceps Company is not only highly appreciated for the specialization in each department, the high sense of responsibility puts consumers' health at the highest level for each production step, even the smallest, must not occur. What error. Currently, Phuong Nam Company specializes in manufacturing products of Cordyceps:

  • Cordyceps honey

Cordyceps honey Phuong Nam
Cordyceps honey Phuong Nam
  • Cordyceps in wine (cordyceps)

Duplicate brand Phuong Nam
Duplicate brand Phuong Nam
  • Cordyceps honey nan tablet type

Cordyceps honey nan
Cordyceps honey nan
  • Dried cordyceps

Phuong Nam dried cordyceps
Phuong Nam dried cordyceps
  • Fresh cordyceps

Fresh Southern cordyceps
Fresh Southern cordyceps
  • Cordyceps tea bag

Packaged form of Phuong Nam Cordyceps
Packaged form of Phuong Nam Cordyceps

With the motto of Phuong Nam Company is "healthier every day" always wants to bring customers joy in all aspects. Besides, products of Cordyceps have been tested and verified by HCMC Department of Science and Technology.

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3. The use of cordyceps Phuong Nam

The above pharmaceutical ingredients in Phuong Nam Cordyceps have been researched and tested for quality, ensuring safety, benignness and supporting the body's best restoring and treating diseases. The ancients often said, prevention is better than cure. With the wonderful uses of Phuong Nam Cordyceps will be the best plan for the health of you and your family.

4. Policies of Phuong Nam cordyceps brand

To bring customers absolute satisfaction about products and quality of service. Phuong Nam Company has issued all policies such as:

  • Purchase policy

+ Customers can buy cordyceps online on the website: Just order customers, the company will have a consulting team to contact you.

+ In addition, you can also proceed to order via Email:

+ Customers order via Chat online.

+ Customers buy cordyceps directly by phone via hotline: 0888335511

  • Payment policy

+ Customers can choose to pay by cash on delivery.

+ Make direct payment at the Company.

+ Payment by interbank transfer.

  • Warranty Policy

+ With the warranty policy, the Company accepts warranty depending on the product selected by the customer. Conditions to get warranty policy:

+ Products and services have the same warranty period as on the packaging.

+ Faulty products, quality damage due to the fault of the Company.

  • Return policy

Phuong Nam Company provides customers with return and exchange policy in the following cases:

+ Accept change delivery when customers check not delivered the right model, not the right amount of product when ordering.

+ Products with technical errors from the Company, expired, products lost stamps or not intact when received.

+ Products received must still have all the accompanying documents.

Phuong Nam Company will not accept the case of return and exchange if:

+ The goods are lost or torn.

+ Customers do not preserve the product well, resulting in damage.

+ Customers have received goods, tested and confirmed satisfactory. Customers change their mind about choosing other products

  • Shipping policy and information security

Currently, to facilitate the transportation, Phuong Nam Company applies a free shipping policy within 15-25km. In other cases of delivery, the Company will charge, shipping rates will be notified to customers. Usually, the delivery time is from 1 to 5 days depending on the shipping distance.

The company will be committed to protecting customer information. Therefore, all information related to you will be kept confidential by Phuong Nam Company, only taking information to take care of customers, transporting cordyceps.

Hope the above information will help you understand more Cordyceps brand Phuong Nam. Thank you for your interest in tracking posts.

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