From past to present, Cordyceps It is famous for being a rare herb thanks to its nourishing, nourishing and nourishing effects. Understanding the special benefits that ĐTHT brings, Tam Dao herbal company has successfully experimented with the method of culturing silkworm fungi and pupae to produce a product. Cordyceps Tam Tam brand. Please share with us what you need to know about this product in the article below!

What did you know about Tam Dao cordyceps?
What did you know about Tam Dao cordyceps?  

Introducing about the cordyceps brand in Tam Dao

Tam Dao Herbal Co., Ltd. is leading the field of researching and successfully cultivating Cordyceps mushrooms with silkworm pupae in the area of Tam Dao National Park. Scientists tested that the content of precious pharmaceutical substance inside the artificial high blood plant is equivalent to the content of pharmaceutical substance contained in the natural medicine system.

With the enthusiasm and rich knowledge from doctors, scientists, this company has been asserting its position in the market. Believe the products of cordyceps in this island will help you have a good health and love life more and more.

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The products of cordyceps Tam Tam brand

Fresh cordyceps products

This is an orange-like mycelium product and parasitic on fresh silkworm pupae. This cordyceps contains the main ingredients after adenosine, cordycepin, sugar, protein and many other amino acids and vitamins. Every day, people should use 3-5 grams and at least 3 weeks to see a clear effect.

Fresh cordyceps from the Tam Dao brand are described as orange-colored mycelium
Fresh cordyceps from the Tam Dao brand are described as orange-colored mycelium

You can brake tea, porridge, soak honey with DTHT fresh biomass to help you have a healthy body and enhance immunity. For the gentleman will show the class and maintain a strong long-lasting love fire.

Dried cordyceps products

With the cordyceps products of Tam Dao brand, the current market includes:

+ Cordyceps in dry island

+ Cordyceps Tam Tam dry biomass island

+ Cordyceps dry host

+ Cordyceps dry host whole host.

These are products that are described as orange-colored hyphae and have been dried by sublimation freeze-drying technology. The product is packaged in a sealed glass jar and is very popular with housewives.

Because they help you prevent aging and skin beauty effectively. At the same time, the product also contains 17 types of amino acids so it helps maintain the body's vital activities.

Dried cordyceps dried by sublimation freeze-drying technology
Dried cordyceps dried by sublimation freeze-drying technology

Cordyceps cordyceps products

Water-based products formulated from cordyceps Tam Tam brand is alcohol. This is a product that gentlemen love because it helps them strengthen their kidneys and improve their physiological efficiency. The product is a great combination of precious medicinal mushrooms and premium wine to help you master the love and become healthier.

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Uses of cordyceps Tam Dao brand

  • Help women beautify their skin and preserve their youthful beauty by slowing down the aging process of the skin.
  • Promote blood circulation to help women become healthier and have smoother skin.
  • With many nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals have helped people have a good health and full of energy. The product has a sedative effect for women to reduce all stress in life and happier.
  • The product helps improve physiology for both men and women. Thereby helping them increase desire and married life more sweet.
  • For those of you who are underweight, you should supplement this product to promote health.
  • The product also helps to keep the uterus warm and increase the ability to conceive for women with infertility.
Cordyceps brand tam island helps improve physiology for both men and women
Cordyceps brand tam island helps improve physiology for both men and women

Way use cordyceps Tam Dao brand

You can use the phone in one of the following 3 ways:

  • Soak 0.5g of raw cordyceps or 3g cordyceps in a cup of hot water. After that for 5 minutes then drink water and chew the whole thing to be able to absorb all the nutrients inside them.
  • Soak dried or fresh cordyceps with honey and after 7 days, you will take 1 spoon in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Take 10 dried or fresh cordyceps branches into steaming with rice or lean meat and serve hot.

Hope the above information helped you to better understand Cordyceps Tam Tam brand. Thereby, come with For advice from our staff on how to protect your health and choose the right e-smart product for your pocket!

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