You may not know, UBB is one of the famous brands operating in many countries around the world with functional foods for health. In particular, cordyceps products under this brand are also appreciated for reputation and quality in the market. What did you know about UBB? Cordyceps brand UBB? Join us to find out more through the article below.

Is cordyceps UBB brand good?
Is cordyceps UBB brand good?  

A brief introduction of UBB brand

UBB Vitamins is a brand established in 1996. In 2001, UBB officially upgraded to Baxco Pharmatceutical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.

Nearly 10 years of operation in the market, Baxco company has constantly developed and expanded operations in many countries in the world such as the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Vietnam.

Up to now, UBB has become one of the famous brands in the market and more and more customers are known for its reputation and high quality.

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Learn tablets Cordyceps Workshop UBB Cordyceps +3

  1. Ingredient

Cordyceps +3 cordyceps cordyceps pills are perfect results from a breakthrough combination of Eastern and Western medicine ingredients. Under modern production lines and standard packing specifications, products are selected by many customers.

UBB Cordyceps +3 capsules extracted from 100% Cordyceps are not mixed. Besides, there are also other beneficial ingredients such as GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid), Perilla Leaf Extract, Valerian Root Extract, vitamins C and E.


- GLA (fully written as Gamma Linolenic Acid): is one of the essential fatty acids (EFA) in Omega-6 group that the body cannot synthesize itself. The main function is to participate in the process of synthesis of the body. Good for the growth of bones, skin, hair and the whole body, regulating nutrition, maintaining reproduction

- Perilla Frutescens is the scientific name of perilla herb with a spicy, warmth properties. The main effect is to clear body heat, sweating, prevent colds, support digestive system function

- Valerian or Valeriania is the name of valerian, a precious herb native to Europe. Ceramic chemical composition has from 0.5-1% essential oil, 5-10% inorganic substances, Glucid, Organic Acid, Sterol, Plastic, A little Tarin, Protid, Amino Acid, Enzyme, ... Effects of this plant Mainly support nervous system function, reduce fatigue, stress, help eat well, sleep well

- Ingredients of vitamins C and E are both natural extracts that work against aging, beautify the skin and increase body resistance, fight disease

Cordyceps + cordyceps cordyceps pills +3 contains many precious ingredients
Cordyceps + cordyceps cordyceps pills +3 contains many precious ingredients
  1. Product Description

Cordyceps + Cordyceps cordyceps pills +3 have mild medicinal properties, do not cause side effects to the body. The product is suitable for all ages from adolescent men and women to middle-aged and elderly people.

Some of the subjects that are most recommended are those who often suffer from physical weakness, new people need to recover physically. Also men with physiological disorders or premenopausal women can use to improve the condition.

Do not use for children under 12 years of age and women who are pregnant or nursing.

Use UBB Cordyceps +3 as instructed to get the best effect
Use UBB Cordyceps +3 as instructed to get the best effect
  1. Uses cordyceps

Contains many precious natural ingredients, effects Cordyceps oral tablets UBB Cordyceps +3 brings many miraculous effects to human health:

  • Improve kidney, lung function, prevention of cardiovascular diseases at all ages
  • Strengthen the immune system, helping the body fight a variety of bacterial and viral diseases
  • Participate in metabolism, help the body absorb essential nutrients better, restore physical strength, reduce stress, fatigue
  • Has a positive effect, improves weak conditions or physiological disorders in men
  • Increases blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, prolongs life
  • Anti-aging skin in middle-aged women
  • Stimulate delicious food, deep sleep

For best results, users should take 1-2 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time. More assured, you can consult a doctor or read the instructions carefully before use.

UBB Cordyceps +3 should be purchased at reputable addresses to ensure quality
UBB Cordyceps +3 should be purchased at reputable addresses to ensure quality

+ Note: TWhy Cordyceps Are High Price

Buy quality cordyceps pills UBB Cordyceps +3 where quality?

Cordyceps UBB Cordyceps +3 is now one of the functional foods that many people choose. The selling price from the manufacturer is nearly VND 500,000 for a box of 60 soft capsules.

To ensure genuine high quality products, customers should choose to buy products at reputable addresses in the market.

What do you think when this Tet holiday, prepare a few boxes of UBB Cordyceps +3 pills as gifts for family members? Accompany with products for health to celebrate a happy, healthy Tet!

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