Quality makes the brand, perhaps that's why Cordyceps Vietfuji is well known. Currently, there are many lines of cordyceps Vietfuji on the market and always the top position in the products trusted by many people. Today's post, Ganoderma will share with you these Things to know about cordyceps Vietfuji brand. Do not rush to ignore this information, it will bring you many useful things.

1. The origin of cordyceps Vietfuji brand

The source of quality seed to cultivate Vietfuji brand mushroom is from the Microbiological Bank of Japan. Once the source of quality seeds has been found, the help comes from the scientists. High-class cordyceps mushrooms were born under the brand name Vietfuji.

Vietfuji cordyceps is of stable quality, fully tested
Vietfuji cordyceps is of stable quality, fully tested    

Not stopping there, experts continue to research to give medicinal mushrooms the most favorable environment for growth and development. Vietfuji himself has researched and developed a cordyceps mushroom cultivation model based on high technology with a closed and local process.

Cordyceps mushrooms at Vietfuji are grown in a condition similar to the harsh natural environment in Tibet. Therefore, Vietfuji cordyceps products have medicinal ingredients with high content.

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Vietfuji cordyceps mushroom must go through the following process:

  • Control of raw materials: The origin of the mushroom culture material must be clear, strictly controlled to ensure quality.
  • Strictly control the process of cultivating, developing, harvesting and packaging, preserving cordyceps mushrooms. Cordyceps products from mushroom to complete packaging do not use any additives, colorings or preservatives. Mushrooms are guaranteed to grow in closed conditions and the purest.
  • Control the quality of the finished product according to the standard. All cordyceps products are strictly tested for quality by independent and reputable organizations.
Vietfuji cordyceps culture process is quality assurance and is strictly monitored
Vietfuji cordyceps culture process is quality assurance and is strictly monitored

2. Vietfuji cordyceps products are available on the market

  • Monolithic fresh cordyceps mushroom

Products' use:

+ Beauty skin, anti-aging for women, overcome and slow down symptoms of premenopause.

+ Support men to improve physiological issues of positive kidney, anti-premature ejaculation, treatment of impotence, erectile dysfunction.

+ Strengthen health, improve the body, regulate blood sugar, stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure ...

Raw monolithic cordyceps
Raw monolithic cordyceps
  • Fresh cordyceps mushroom

Fresh cordyceps fruit products still retain the nutrients inside. Guaranteed to bring many effects to the body.

Fresh cordyceps cord
Fresh cordyceps cord
  • Cordyceps cordyceps in the form of pure sublimated dried fruits (5g / bottle and 10g / bottle)

Sublimation drying is the most modern method of drying food, helping to retain nearly all the nutrients inside. Using freeze-dried cordyceps to ensure the content of nutrients inside, just helps preserve for a long time.

Cordyceps pure fruit drying sublimation results
Cordyceps pure fruit drying sublimation results
  • Cordyceps used to soak wine

Fresh cordyceps mushroom products have been pre-implanted into XO bottles to facilitate soaking. After purchasing, users only need to put the wine inside the bottle, cover tightly after 30 days to be able to use.

Fresh cordyceps products for wine soaking
Fresh cordyceps products for wine soaking

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3. The effect of cordyceps Vietfuji

The effects of Vietfuji cordyceps bring to health are:

  • Help the body improve the immune system, enhance resistance to prevent disease, maintain health and prevent symptoms of drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Supporting treatment of respiratory problems, especially diseases such as pneumonia, cough, sputum, bronchitis.
  • Support to reduce pain, fatigue after radiation, chemotherapy and prevention, support cancer treatment, reduce tumor size.
  • Improve blood circulation, help stabilize heart rate, reduce blood pressure, ...
  • Support to improve morale, reduce stress, combat aches and pains, back pain, insomnia.
  • Reduce atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction.

At present, Vietfuji cordyceps has a firm position in the market. Cordyceps products of this brand are appreciated by many people for their quality and price, suitable for a wide range of users.

Hopefully with information related to cordyceps with Vietfuji brand Ganoderma provided. You will learn more about this brand of cordyceps.

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