One of the brands Cordyceps Currently being most interested by many people is Yen Viet. It is known that in the current cordyceps market, Yen Viet products always have their own strong position and are chosen by many customers. What is the reason why cordyceps sinensis brand is so famous? Please join us Ganoderma find out these Things to know about Yen Viet brand cordyceps through the article below.

1. Brand of Yen Viet cordyceps

Yen Viet Joint Stock Company has been very successful in the field of raising, manufacturing and trading oats in Vietnam. The company has made great achievements and produced many nutritious products from the top quality bird's nest, which are supported by a large number of customers.

By 2018, Yen Viet has officially invested and had 51% shares for VietFuji Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. The field in which Yen Viet holds the majority of this share is to research, develop, cultivate, produce and trade in cordyceps mushroom products and preparations of this rare cordyceps.

The company has a complete system of modern cultivation and production of cordyceps mushrooms
The company has a complete system of modern cultivation and production of cordyceps mushrooms   

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2. Yen Viet cordyceps products

  • Cordyceps Yen Viet is available

Ready-made Cordyceps Cordyceps branded Yen Viet includes ingredients: fresh Cordyceps, alum sugar ...

The main use of this product is to nourish the body, restore and enhance health. Helps slow down the aging process for a younger, younger complexion. Symptomatic treatment of physiological impairment in men, especially those with semen, erectile dysfunction.

The product has been prepared, can be used immediately after opening. In particular, prepared Cordyceps will taste better when cold drink.

Cordyceps cordyceps are prepared with delicious flavor
Cordyceps cordyceps are prepared with delicious flavor
  • Cordyceps honey pure forest brand Yen Viet

Present, Cordyceps products pickled with honey Yen Viet's supply has 3 specifications: 45g, 200g, 400g.

The ingredient in this product is fresh cordyceps and pure forest honey.

Cordyceps pure forest honey is used to help the skin more smooth, prevent aging, remove freckles, ... Especially the product also helps to increase resistance, good night, enhance strength. resistance to the body. Products to support the liver, kidneys, treat stomach diseases, inhibit bacteria.

To use cordyceps soaked in forest honey, you just need to use a few cordyceps and 1 teaspoon of honey to mix with warm water. For best results, you should use it when you wake up or before going to bed.

Cordyceps soaked in honey brings many health benefits
Cordyceps soaked in honey brings many health benefits
  • Cordyceps fox Yen Viet

On the market today, cordyceps porridge is packed in instant packaging is a very new product. However, this is a product that Yen Viet has put a lot of enthusiasm in and ensures to bring users many utilities when used, high nutritional value.

The composition of the porridge includes premium fragrant glutinous rice. Seasoning package includes salt, sugar, pure pork flour, whole chicken meat powder, seasoning powder (onion, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, dried green onion), vitamins ... In the oil package are: Essential vegetable oil tempered, onion, synthetic flavor.

The most special in the porridge package must include the package of cordyceps, soy protein, carrots, all of which are sublimated to ensure the nutrients inside.

Using cordyceps porridge is very simple, you just need to embryo porridge and other spices in the bowl. Then add boiling water and stir. After 3 minutes of tightly closed lid, you can enjoy.

Yen Viet cordyceps congee with delicious flavor
Yen Viet cordyceps congee with delicious flavor
  • Yen Viet cordyceps juice in the form of cans

Ingredients inside the product of cordyceps essence, rock sugar, chrysanthemum extract, black tea extract.

The product is not only a beverage, but also a functional food to help clear the heat, detoxify and improve health.

Products can be chilled to drink, more delicious when cold drink.  

Cordyceps soft drinks taste delicious
Cordyceps soft drinks taste delicious

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3. How to use Vietnamese Yen Vietnamese cordyceps

Yen Viet Cordyceps has undergone rigorous testing process for quality before being put on the market. Especially, cordyceps products are benign, do not cause side effects.

There are clear instructions for use on each product, so you can rely on it to use. However, Yen Viet cordyceps products are not suitable for children under 12 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.

Hopefully the above information will help you understand more about cordyceps products of Yen Viet brand. Thank you for taking the time to follow this article.

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