Enjoy a Lingzhi tea, which not only nourishes the body, but also helps to clear and detoxify However, the technique of making delicious tea is still something that many people do not know.

Lingzhi tea with many uses for health

Ganoderma with a range of medicinal ingredients brings support for prevention, treatment of many diseases as well as health promotion. Reishi mushrooms have typical uses such as good for digestive, respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, excreted, urinary, nervous, ... supporting the prevention and treatment of diabetes, gout, blood fat, stabilize blood pressure, prevent liver diseases, strengthen the immune system of the body, good for pregnant women and postpartum, ... Especially, Lingzhi has the effect of preventing and supporting treatment. effective cancer. At the same time they also have the effect of beautifying the skin, anti-aging as well as weight loss, anti-obesity.

Ganoderma has many uses for health

Currently, reishi mushrooms are more and more popular and used in different ways. In particular, making Lingzhi tea and enjoying the delicious, nutritious flavor of this mushroom is a simple and popular method. Besides the common uses, Lingzhi tea has a typical effect in clearing heat, detoxifying the liver, fighting inflammation.

In addition, Lingzhi tea also has the ability to antioxidant body and prevent cancer quite well. Regular drinking Lingzhi tea will reduce cholesterol, avoid the risk of steatosis, diabetes and arteriosclerosis, reducing respiratory symptoms. In particular, enjoying a cool aromatic tea also helps people reduce stress, stress, relaxation and youthful spirit.

Lingzhi tea helps clear, detox and good for the body

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Instructions on how to make delicious Lingzhi tea are hard to resist

Making reishi mushroom tea can be done in many ways, even if combined with some other ingredients will wake up the aroma as well as the irresistible taste of this nutritious tea. Here are some simple instructions:

Making pure Linh Chi mushroom tea

Genuine Lingzhi tea brings a light fragrance and many uses for health. This is also the simplest way that many people are applying.


  • Lingzhi sliced about 6-10g
  • Hot water
  • Teapot
  • Add a bit of rock sugar or licorice to make it easier to drink.


  • First, put Ganoderma in a tea pot with a little licorice (if available) and pour boiling water (Depending on the size of the tea, you can mix the appropriate amount of Lingzhi).
  • Pour tea water first and add boiling water to fill the teapot and cover tightly.
  • Wait about 30 minutes for the nutrients to fade into the water to enjoy Ganoderma tea.

Tpure reishi mushroom extract is simply prepared

Making Ganoderma tea with honey and mint


  • Ganoderma amount just enough depending on how many people mix (about 6g)
  • Several fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tablespoons pure honey
  • 2 drops menthol
  • Country
  • Pot and teapot


  • After washing the ingredients, put Linh Chi in a pot for about 15 minutes.
  • Next pour them into the tea pot and put fresh mint leaves, menthol, honey and stir well, cover tightly.
  • After a few minutes can enjoy Ganoderma tea flavor attractive and good for health.

Ganoderma with honey and mint make a particularly delicious tea

The combination of Lingzhi with honey and mint retains its medicinal value as well as its use.

Lingzhi combined ventricular tubers

Cooking Ganoderma juice and ventricular tubers bring many uses and typically are thermal, detoxifying the body.


  • About 9g of Lingzhi
  • 6 hours ventricular
  • Clean water
  • Pot


  • Use Lingzhi mushrooms with ventricular water to bring normal color.
  • Then enjoy them as a tea with a refreshing bitterness.

This is also one of the teas that sweet drinkers love.

Reishi mushroom tea should be taken in the morning and an empty stomach is best for the body

Note that Ganoderma tea should be taken every morning and on an empty stomach is best. This is the time to increase the ability of the mushroom to detoxify as well as other nourishing effects on the body. If you urinate more often than usual, it shows that detoxification effect of this fungus is very good. In addition, according to some scientists recommend combining vitamin C when taking Lingzhi because it will increase the absorption of pharmaceutical ingredients in mushrooms and enhance the body's use.

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