Journalist Ngan Phuong: The rate of people with cancer caused directly from eating has been alarmed for a long time, but this situation not only does not go away but also increases alarmingly. Straight view invites Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan - Deputy Director of the Central Institute of K - Director of the Institute of Cancer Prevention Research to discuss more about this issue. 
Journalist Ngan Phuong:Sir, could you please analyze specifically the situation of cancer in the world and in Vietnam today?
Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan: According to statistics, globally there are about 14.1 million new cases every year and about 8.2 million people die each year from the disease. Of these, two-thirds are in low- and middle-income countries, including Vietnam.
In our country, according to statistics of the cancer industry and the Ministry of Health, each year we have about 150,000 new cases and over 75,000 deaths from cancer. That is, the death toll is 7 times higher than traffic accident deaths.
The current trend, according to the Ministry of Health, besides infectious diseases such as cholera and smallpox has gradually been repulsed, in Vietnam, non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are in progress. The increasing trend is similar to the model of developed countries.
Journalist Ngan Phuong: Sir, what causes cancer to grow? Especially, are the causes of Vietnamese people's daily eating habits leading to increased cancer?
Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan: Through scientific evidence has proved, there are more than 80 causes of cancer are due to the external environment including: tobacco - tobacco is the cause of more than 30 of the total types of cancers including lung cancer. There are more than 90 tobacco-related lung cancers. Besides, other types of cancer such as oral cavity, esophagus, esophageal throat, even, breast cancer, cervical cancer in women are also related to tobacco.
The second is the unreasonable diet, which means that in our diet there is too much protein, fat, especially animal fat, less fruits and vegetables and do we use foods clearly identify the origin, especially food preservatives. And the evidence shows that there are many types of cancer related to diet that have increased in recent years in Vietnam. For example, colorectal cancer in men in 2000, we estimated that about 11.4 / 100 thousand people are men, by 2010, it reached 19.9 / 100 thousand people. Similarly, for female breast cancer in 2000 was only about 17.4 / 100 thousand people, by 2010 has reached 30/100 thousand people. That is almost double after 10 years.
Next we can mention a number of other reasons, for example, infection, hepatitis B virus infection will lead to hepatitis, liver cancer. Infection with HPV will cause cervical cancer, infection with HB will cause stomach cancer. In addition, a small percentage, with about 5 -10 cancers related to genetic factors.
Besides, working in a toxic environment, for example, working in an environment with pesticides, herbicides, radioactive environment ... is also a factor and risk of cancer.
Journalist Ngan Phuong: Sir, at present, the alarming situation is that the use of stimulants, weight gainers, pesticides has exceeded the prescribed amount, what does this have to do with the increased incidence of cancer in Vietnam today?
Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan: As I have just analyzed, food itself does not cause cancer, but if we use the wrong ratio, it is the cause of cancer. Especially when we use foods of unknown origin, especially food preservatives that cause a lot of cancer. For example, substances in moldy rice, pickled vegetables cause cancer of the throat, liver cancer and many other cancers with factors from improper diet.
Journalist Ngan Phuong:Sir, with the current food market situation and the environment, the pressure of work, do you have any advice to the people to minimize the risk of cancer?
Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan: Before such situation, we have some tips as follows:
Firstly, we should give up smoking, because tobacco affects not only smokers but also those around them that are the cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease and some other diseases.
Secondly, we should have proper nutrition. In the diet with moderate protein content, increase fruits and vegetables, use foods of clear origin
Thirdly, we should vaccinate the designated cases. For example, the hepatitis B vaccination prevents hepatitis, thereby preventing liver cancer. Vaccination against HP to prevent cervical cancer in women.
Fourthly, you should combine with a regular exercise regime to keep the standard body index. Because excess is needed obesity is also a factor causing cancer. And the most important thing is to have regular check-ups so that if you have cancer, you will be detected early. If detected early, we can completely cure cancer.
Journalist Ngan Phuong: So what is the current cure rate for cancer in Vietnam?
Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan: In developed countries, people can cure over 80 cancers. In Vietnam, this rate is lower because there are up to 70 cancer patients in Vietnam who are examined and found at a later stage.
Journalist Ngan Phuong: Thank you, Assoc. Dr. Tran Van Thuan on the discussion was very useful. Hello and see you again.
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