The composition of Ganoderma contains up to 119 pharmaceutical substances. However, not everyone can take advantage of all that substance. This is why we need to pay more attention to the time of Ganoderma use. Let's listen to the sharing of experts to understand, Ganoderma juice is best when you are offline!

Money lost the disability because Ganoderma drink wrong way

Ganoderma is an herb containing many important substances. Includes vitamins, antioxidants and essential amino acids for the body. These drugs when taken into the body will enhance resistance, improve health. At the same time, prevention and effective treatment support.

Ganoderma lucidum only brings the best effect if used at the right time

With the above uses, many people mistakenly believe that Ganoderma can drink instead of filtered water at any time. Even during the meal. However, it is these misconceptions that make the use of Ganoderma become useless.

The reason is explained by the use of Ganoderma at the wrong time, especially during meals, which will make the digestive system disturbed. The intestinal tract has to be both digested and absorbed nutrients from food and from reishi mushrooms. Over time, due to the digestive system as well as the liver, kidneys ... always have to work overload leading to serious injuries.

Ganoderma should be taken at any time of the day is the best - Morning

According to the sharing of Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen Member of the technology incubation center of Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City. The best time to use Ganoderma is in the morning, right after waking up.

The effects Ganoderma Morning use is:

- Clean the stomach, stimulate the digestive system: Ganoderma juice will help the body to consume excess food, greasy and indigestible food from the previous night. Help the digestive system to be cleansed and work better.

- Eliminate toxins and help diuretics: Antioxidants in Ganoderma help activate enzymes in the liver. Since then, promote the operation of the liver, helping the liver detoxify better. When the toxins in the body are pushed out through the urinary tract is also when the urinary tract is clean and healthier.

Ganoderma can prevent and support the treatment of many diseases

- Strengthen the immune system: After a long night of rest, the stomach has started to empty. Drinking Ganoderma at the time of an empty stomach will help the body absorb iron, vitamins, minerals ... into the blood faster. Since then enhance immunity.

- Improve respiratory diseases: Ganoderma juice helps kill bacteria effectively. As a result, improve the dry cough, productive cough, pneumonia, whooping cough, asthma ...

- Reduce Cholesterol: The active ingredient of lanosterol oxygen in Ganoderma helps the body "inhibit" the synthesis of cholesterol by preventing the liver from producing.

- Beauty and anti-aging: Polysaccharide, phenolic, peptides are very strong antioxidants. They will help a lot in weight loss, anti-aging, skin beauty.

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Outside of the morning, when can you take Ganoderma?

As mentioned above, the morning is the best time to drink Ganoderma. So what about other times. Outside of the morning, when can you take Ganoderma? These are issues that many people are interested in.

According to the sharing of Linh Chi Nong Lam - Nguyen Member of the technology incubation center of Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City. Outside of the morning, you can use Ganoderma at the following times:

- 30 minutes before meals: Helping the stomach prevent the ability of acid secretion. As a result, the body absorbs nutrients better.

Ganoderma promote the best use is in the morning

- 1 to 2 hours after a meal: Stimulates gastrointestinal activity, minimizes bloating, indigestion, and heartburn.

- 30 minutes before bed: Help the nervous system relax, sedate, reduce stress. Support osteoarthritis pain, limit insomnia

Note: Do not drink Ganoderma while eating rice or on an empty stomach. Because the ability to absorb the ingredients in Ganoderma is less.

The knowledge shared above probably helped you understand when to drink Ganoderma juice best. From now on, please adjust the time spent using Ganoderma so as not to waste the benefits that mushrooms bring offline.

To find out more information or get answers to questions about reishi mushrooms. Readers can access the website: or Hotline 028.7107.6668 – 0938.877.743 for more specific advice.

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