Use cordyceps China has long been viewed by many as a kind of "elixir" for health. However, the need to use cordyceps is more and more, so the market is increasingly complex. Today, Ganoderma will share to you 4 things to know about Chinese cordyceps. Surely the things you still have questions about this product will be answered below.

1. Why is Chinese cordyceps highly valued for quality?

Chinese cordyceps is another name for Tibetan cordyceps. Just listening to Tibetan cordyceps is almost anyone who is knowledgeable about this medicine are praiseworthy.

Many people spread the rumor that cordyceps in China is the medicine that can treat "panic". The reason this cordyceps is prized for quality is because:

The Tibetan region in China is the most ideal climatic place for cordyceps growth and development. Chinese cordyceps appears only in mountainous areas in China. Night time here is very short, snow cover all year round, between day and night there are significant differences.

China's Tibetan cordyceps are sought after by many
China's Tibetan cordyceps are sought after by many  

Because cordyceps only appear in such severe weather conditions. Pharmaceutical is like the "quintessence" of heaven and earth, carrying in itself many rare nutrients. The cost of Chinese cordyceps is more expensive than gold and gems.

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2. Harvesting time of Chinese cordyceps

Unlike other good pharmaceuticals, it can be harvested seasonally or year-round. Chinese cordyceps only appear when the Tibetan plateau begins to rain, and the soil is wet and porous. At this time, the larvae underground have been parasitic fungi before to have favorable conditions for the mushroom body to bud out of the ground.

Accordingly, the time to harvest Chinese cordyceps only lasts from the end of June until the end of July every year. Cordyceps harvest in the rugged terrain in this high mountain range is not easy. So people who go to harvest cordyceps must have experience, know how to get both the larvae and the mushrooms.

Harvesting cordyceps is quite difficult
Harvesting cordyceps is quite difficult

3. The effect of Chinese cordyceps

  • Support to improve the immune system

People with weakened immune systems or who want to protect the body from dangerous diseases. Using cordyceps is the perfect choice. Because this herb is like a natural antibiotic. It helps the body prevent intrusion from external influences.

  • Positive kidney enhancement

Men lose confidence due to physiological decline, kidney damage? Using Chinese cordyceps will completely improve the symptoms such as: decreased physiological function, decreased libido, mobility, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.

  • Support chronic removal

For patients with chronic hepatitis, chronic gastritis, chronic bronchitis can use Chinese cordyceps to support treatment.

  • Eliminates lung diseases

People with pneumonia, productive cough, and asthma all improve their condition after using cordyceps.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular problems

In cordyceps Tibet contains many nutrients to help protect the cardiovascular and circulatory system.

  • Against aging

Women using Tibetan cordyceps help extend the age of spring, limiting the appearance of signs of aging on the skin. For old people with poor health, aging on the body appears more should also use cordyceps to improve.

Chinese cordyceps have many health benefits
Chinese cordyceps have many health benefits

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4. Is Chinese cordyceps infected?

Chinese cordyceps is also the same quality Tibetan cordyceps in the world. Therefore, the cost of this cordyceps is not cheap at all. Currently, to own 1kg of dry Tibetan cordyceps then you need to pay from 1.5 to 2 billion. With fresh cordyceps, the price will be higher, about more than 2 billion.

Vietnam Cordyceps can replace the natural type of Tibet
Vietnam Cordyceps can replace the natural type of Tibet

However, do not rush to ignore this kind of panacea for this health, because Vietnamese cordyceps nowadays are much cheaper than Tibetan cordyceps and the quality is not inferior.

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